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Chapter 97: Wide Disparity

“Blade Wing Demon, Blade Wave!

Yang Jingli loudly shouted and directly ordered his Blade Wing Demon to attack the Ice Air Fairy.

High above, the Blade Wing Demon sharply cried and a few rays of cold light instantly began twinkling in the sky. The eminently sharp wing blades descended from the sky, ruthlessly targeting the Ice Air Fairy’s location. Immediately, several cavities on the ground were created by the penetration.

“Ding ding ding”

The Blade Wave struck the Ice Air Fairy’s body, causing a channeling sound. A plethora of wounds instantly appeared on its body.

Still, the Wind Blade Demon’s attack was unable to break apart the Ice Air Fairy’s defense. However, Yang Jingli very clearly didn’t make the Wind Blade Demon actually attack; instead, it was to render the Ice Air Fairy, under the barrage of Blade Wave, unable to move or dodge.

“Hmph, Chu Mu, look on hopelessly at the death of you soul pet!” A cold glint flashed through Yang Jingli’s eyes.

Soul remembrance was released, and the Swallowing Star Wolf, which was full of malevolent aura, rose steeply from the ground. It abruptly pounced forth and a strange twinkling appeared on the star-like dark blue spots on its body!!

Swallowing Star!!

The ferocious mouth of the Swallowing Star Wolf suddenly opened. A demonic air was stunningly released and like the purgation of howling wind and torrential rain, it caused people to tremble with fear.

Its large mouth was filled with fierce teeth that seemed to instantly swallow everything. Everything visible was transformed into an abyss of darkness as if everything had been submerged into a creature’s massive throat!

Chu Mu had never seen this technique before. He could only make the Ice Air Fairy adopt a defensive stance while he began to chant an incantation, putting Ice Armor onto his body!

“Ao Wu!!”

The sound of a wolf’s howl masked the Ice Air Fairy’s painful groan. Like a swallowing star, the Swallowing Star Wolf had already flashed past the Ice Air Fairy when a demonic afterimage suddenly disappeared. However, in the Swallowing Star Wolf’s mouth was astonishingly an icy snow arm!


The Ice Air Fairy immediately let out a painful sound, and had already curled up on the ground. It incessantly rolled about. Clearly, losing its arm was a pain that the Ice Air Fairy found hard to deal with.

“Haha, what a surprise, it’s acting like a spoiled child throwing a fit. Chu Mu, Chu Mu, your soul pets are all truly of the highest quality. Haha, what a joke!” Yang Jingli instantly began to heartily laugh.

Elemental Kingdom soul pets didn’t have blood or meridians. Normally when they were wounded, the pain that they endured was much less than that of normal soul pets. Seeing that Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy was rolling about on the ground after receiving an injury, Yang JIngli naturally felt that it was preposterously funny.

Chu Mu’s expression didn’t change as he already had chanted the recall incantation. The Ice Air Fairy was used to being pampered and spoiled. Although its innate talent was exceptional, it rarely ever battled. Chu Mu didn’t find it strange that such a scenario occurred. In the future when it fought, it wouldn’t be so squeamish.

“Let me see what other trash soul pets you have.” Yang Jingli’s entire face was riddled with mockery. However, he didn’t directly order his Blade Wing Demon to attack Chu Mu.

In reality, Chu Mu had already used Chong Mei to use Ice Armor, so even if the Blade Wing Demon attacked, it wouldn’t be able to stop Chu Mu’s summon.


The cry of a fox rang out the moment Chu Mu finished his incantation. This shout, however, was Mo Xie consoling the injured Ice Air Fairy.

“Ling” The Ice Air Fairy let out a bitter sound.

“Don’t worry Ning, he and his soul pets will all die!” said Chu Mu.

From within the blue radiance appeared a sliver of silver coloring. The soul pact halo between Chu Mu and Mo Xie had undergone a transformation ever since Mo Xie’s species evolution. This caused the time that Chu Mu needed to summon Mo Xie to be reduced; a unique and tacit understanding had been established between the two of them.

“A Fox…. Moon… Moonlight Fox…. Hahahaha, hahaha, Chu Mu, Chu Mu, you truly are worthy of being the number one joke of our Wangluo City. In this world, there probably isn’t anybody with a more incurable stupidity than you.” Yang Jingli abruptly erupted into big laughter.

Any soul pet trainer with a third phase Swallowing Star Wolf would find it hard not to look with contempt if they were facing even a sixth phase Moonlight Fox.

Negligence was often the most important cause of death for a soul pet trainer when fighting in the wild. The number of soul pets in this world were innumerable. They were fantastic oddities of every description, and there were many soul pets with the most docile and cute appearance, but once approached, would become the nightmare of countless powerful soul pets.

It was clear that Yang Jingli’s experience was insufficient, and he was deceived by Mo Xie’s appearance!

“Eat that small thing in one bite.” Facing such an opponent, Yang Jingli didn’t feel like ordering his Swallowing Star Wolf to use a powerful technique.

Seeing Yang Jingli’s contempt, a cold smile appeared on Chu Mu’s face: “I’ll show you whose soul pet is trash!!”

“Mo Xie, Demonic Flame Claw!”


The unmoving and silent Mo Xie lifted her head and let out a howl.

Just as the Swallowing Star Wolf came within five meters, the silver fur on Mo Xie’s body automatically began to fly in the windless air. Instantly, an enormous demonic aura was released!!

Her fluffy tail quickly split apart, and six steel, chain-like glorified wolf tails insolently flew about!!

Six balls of Demon Fire Devil Flame floated towards Mo Xie’s four limbs, turning them into mighty flaming paws!!

Yang Jingli was overwhelmed by this scene. He stared on in eminent shock at the Six Tailed Demon Fox that had suddenly appeared. He wanted to stop his Swallowing Star Wolf’s attack, but found that the Six Tail Demonic Fox with an imposing demonic aura had already launched itself at the Swallowing Star Wolf!

“Adhering Flame!”

When Yang Jingli was still laughing in contempt, Chu Mu had already finished mouthing the incantation. Just as Mo Xie pounced, the flame ability quickly adhered to Mo Xie’s body!

Mo Xie’s Evil Flame Claws were able to break apart any defense under the fourth stage. The use of Adhering Flame allowed the attack to exhibit its pinnacle power!


For a moment he was stunned beyond belief. A gorgeous Demon Fire Evil Flamed sharp blade swept across the Swallowing Star Wolf’s head. The equivalently careless Swallowing Star Wolf wasn’t able to mount any reaction, and a scarlet bloody line instantly appeared on its forehead!


The Demon Fire Evil Flame rapidly proliferated when the Evil Flame abruptly spilled into the bloody line. The Evil Flame directly entered the Swallowing Star Wolf’s brain and quickly burned everything in its brain to ashes!

There wasn’t even enough time to let out a miserable scream. The third phase Swallowing Star Wolf’s head combusted and, a moment later, the headless corpse fell at Mo Xie’s feet!

“How… How is this possible?!!!” Yang Jingli’s two eyes instantly went completely bloodshot. The family clan had spent 30,000 gold coins to buy him a Swallowing Star Wolf, which had been killed in one strike by a Six Tailed Demon Fox!

They were both of the third phase and High Class Warrior Rank. Despite underestimating the enemy, the disparity in their strengths was still so much!!

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