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Chapter 94: Old Injury, Defecting Soul Pet

“Ning, Ice Sword!”

The Ice Air Fairy’s ability to control ice type abilities far surpassed that of other soul pets. Even if there was a thirty meter gap, the condensed Ice Sword still managed to strike at Yang Jinglian’s head!

Under the assault of such a ruthless attack, Yang Jinglian finally became aware of the danger. Some sort of natural instinct caused him to tumble to the side as he very frightenedly dodged the fatal Ice Sword attack.

“Ning, keep going!”

A frosty, cold Ice Sword appeared once more above Yang Jinglian’s head. This time, there were three consecutive Ice Swords that descended one after the other.

Yang Jinglian perspired cold sweat as he continued to roll forwards. Simultaneously, he ordered his Wind Fairy to use Wind Bind.

The three Ice Swords were immediately shattered under the effects of Wind Bind. However, the instant the Ice Swords were shattered, a new ice type technique appeared once more.

Ice Blade Roar!

Chaotic Ice Blades rapidly appeared in the crevice that Yang Jinglian was in. They wantonly revolved around and produced a terrifying roar like a wild beast!

In such a narrow space, Yang Jinglian couldn’t dodge, and was even unable to summon his other soul pet. He could only frightenedly retreat!

Wind type techniques didn’t have very strong defensive capabilities. Under Ice Blade Roar, wind type techniques could only change the direction of the attack. Unfortunately though, this was a narrow space, and not only was changing the direction hard, but completely evading the Ice Blade Roar was nearly impossible.

Yang Jinglian made the Wind Fairy stand in front of him to block. He quickly chanted an incantation and his skin was wrapped by a thick layer of stone!

Final stage Stone Skin. Its defensive capabilities could rival a soul pet’s third stage skin.

When Chu Mu saw that Yang Jinglian had already completed his defense, a smile surprisingly appeared on his face and he began to quietly chant an incantation.

“Wind Dragon Bind!”

Chu Mu quickly finished the incantation, but the Wind Dragon Bind wasn’t used on him. Instead, he used it on Yang Jinglian’s body.

A rotating stream of air appeared under Yang Jinglian’s feet before rapidly ascending up. Immediately, Yang Jinglian’s body was engulfed by it.

Wind Dragon Bind was much stronger than Wind Bind. This strong gust of Dragon Wind immediately affected the mountain walls when coiling up.

A strong wind whirled around in the narrow space, and the flow of air became eminently chaotic. Even though Yang Jinglian’s body was covered by a thick layer of rock, his body was still swaying in the chaotic streams of air. Once again he retreated...

“Despicable, who is this trash?!!”

Yang Jinglian instantly located Chu Mu, who was producing the Wing Dragon Bind. His gaze was indignant as he stared at Chu Mu, who stood hidden above the mountain valley.

Their gazes met and a cold intent seeped into his body. Yang Jinglian was stunned and had a familiar feeling; however, this ice cold gaze was also extremely unfamiliar.

“Who are you!!” Yang Jinglian angrily said.

“You’re already dead. There’s no need to know.” Chu Mu indifferently replied.

Chu Mu’s words seemed to immediately wake up Yang Jinglian and he abruptly looked down!

The instant he looked down, Yang Jinglian suddenly discovered that the Wind Dragon Bind had already moved him to a place the Multi Colored Devil Tiger could reach!!

Yang Jinglian’s face instantly turned pale. A cold feeling engulfed his entire body, and he couldn’t help but shiver from head to toe!!

Shattering Claw!!

Like a bolt of lightning, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger appeared, and its savage claws directly struck through the obstructing stone and also struck through the layer of stone covering Yang Jinglian’s body- right through his heart!!

The third stage defensive skin was like tissue to the Multi Colored Devil Tiger. It couldn’t even withstand one strike!


The Multi Colored Devil Tiger violently retracted its claws, and let out an angry roar towards Yang Jinglian. Lying underneath the roar, the hole at the bottom of Yang Jinglian’s stomach suddenly expanded. Around his stomach, a plethora of cracks appeared before rapidly expanding!


Fresh blood exploded forth, and flesh splattered everywhere. Yang Jinglian’s body had exploded under the angry roar. Immediately, a thick stench of blood pervaded the surrounding air!!

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger indifferently stepped on the blood spilling from just inside the crevice. It slowly turned around and turned its head so that it was facing Chu Mu who was hiding high above; it let out a roar!!

“I’ve already said that if you stay here, you will eventually be besieged by a group of humans.” Chu Mu said to the Multi Colored Devil Tiger.

Yang Jingli stood at the entrance of the mountain rampart crevice and through the Ice Wall, he could see his brother’s miserable dead body. His face had already warped to the extreme!

“Who is it? Get out here!!” Yang Jinglian was seething in anger, and had already summoned his two soul pets.

“A malicious ghost killed by your Yang Family.” Chu Mu’s voice eventually rang out from within the crevice and suddenly, the Ice Wall inside the crevice exploded.

Chu Mu slowly walked out from the crevice and stared at Yang Jingli standing guard on the outside.

Yang Jingli also looked at Chu Mu. As Chu Mu was walking out, he had already planned on ordering his soul pets to attack, but when he clearly saw Chu Mu’s face, his expression became completely dumbstruck!

The only reason why Chu Mu had such an impression towards this fellow was because of what happened between the two during the last festival.

However, Yang Jingli was different. He had already known Chu Mu for a while. Amongst Wangluo City’s clans, they had always been competing with each other. The animosity between the clans had thus already risen to an extremely high level, and Chu Mu had the desire to kill him for a while.

“It’s you! Aren’t you already…” Yang Jingli stared at Chu Mu who was slowly growing closer. The terrified expression on his face grew even more extreme!

To Yang Jingli, Chu Mu was only a familiar figure. Perhaps it could be said that amongst the population of Wangluo City, everyone knew that the Chu Family had a bitter joke. The leading figure in this joke was Chu Mu!

“You didn’t expect to meet me, this dead person, here did you? When Yang Zhide saw me, his expression was the same as yours.” A cold smile appeared on Chu Mu’s face.

“Yang Jingli’s face changed as he said: “You were the one who killed him!”

“Before long the other members of your Yang Family will encounter me. When I mention Yang Jingli, they will also have your surprise and anger and say “You were the one who killed him.” said Chu Mu.

“Ridiculous. You don’t have the basis! Someone who almost didn’t become a soul pet trainer. An idiot who messed up two of his remembrances and one of his souls. Such a trash dares to speak of killing me?” said Yang Jingli.

In the entire Wangluo city, everyone knew that when the eldest son’s eldest son Chu Mu became a fourth remembrance spirit disciple, he had made a soul pact with a high species rank soul pet. Not only did he destroy the first and second soul pacts that he made at the spirit disciple level, but the last soul pet also defected!

When a soul pet defected, this soul pet would always stay in a summoned state. This meant that one of the soul pet trainer’s souls would always be occupied by this soul pet.

Thus, Chu Mu’s first soul was continuously occupied by this maverick soul pet. This was also the reason why he could only summon one soul pet at the Soul Soldier level.

Anyone with common sense would know that, at the early levels, he or she should absolutely not sign a soul pact with an overly strong soul pet. This applied even more to a large clan, whereby they should have been even more cautious towards this affair. However, this event still ended up happening in the Chu Family of the Four Great Families.

Therefore, Chu Mu’s affair became an unexpected mishap in Wangluo City. It also became an absurd joke.

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