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Chapter 85: Species Mutation, Proud Mo Xie (2)


The hurricane’s eruption continuously spurred within the surroundings!

In an abrupt moment, a ball of faint demonic fire rose into the air from the terrifyingly, all-encompassing, demonic aura whirlpool. Another transformation appeared on Mo Xie’s tail which had split into two and astonishingly, her tail changed into three long tails full of a bewitching aura. Together with the vagrant ball of fire, it became a triangle that ignited in the air around Mo Xie’s body!

“This… this is…” Yang Zhide was a bit stupefied as he watched this scene. An incomparably weak Moonlight Fox unexpectedly released such a powerful demonic aura. This demonic aura could rival many Warrior Rank demonic beasts, and was perhaps even stronger!

Mo Xie’s tails continued to proliferate and with each additional tail, Mo Xie’s demonic aura increased again. When Mo Xie reached the fifth tail, Yang Zhide’s fourth phase Bloodthirsty Beast unexpectedly revealed an expression of panic!

Five balls of faint, demonic fire silently burned. Quiet, demonic light slowly blossomed, causing the silver furred Mo Xie to become more charmingly demonic.

Yang Zhide’s Bloodthirsty Beast was already in the Bloodthirst State. Under this state, the effect of mental techniques and imposing auras would normally be weakened.

However, when Mo Xie’s tails became six, the Bloodthirsty Beast simply didn’t dare to approach Mo Xie at all. The powerful demonic aura caused the enormous Bloodthirsty Beast to slowly retreat!

Seeing Mo Xie’s current transformation, Chu Mu was even more stunned.

Chu Mu trained Mo Xie with the hope of Mo Xie heading towards the Ninetails mutation. However, Chu Mu knew that Mo Xie mutating into a Ninetailed Demon Fox in one go was practically impossible.This was because before the Ninetails, there was still the Threetails Demon Fox and the Sixtails Demon Fox. It required a slow upgrading process.

Nevertheless, Mo Xie’s tails had presently already reached six tails. This signified that Mo Xie had completely skipped the Threetails Demon Fox, and directly entered a stronger state- the Sixtails Demon Fox!

Six imperious tails filled with an unruly aura caused the gradually growing Mo Xie to seem even more arrogant and noble. Simultaneously, it increased her demonically nefarious spirit like a powerful being’s imposing aura!


A long, resounding howl rang out and six demonic flames began to rotate before slowly descending. The sort of strange and terrifying flame quickly began to rotate around Mo Xie’s four limbs, unexpectedly transforming into paws of flame that burned under her four limbs!

Mo Xie’s body was still growing bigger. Her body was now slender and had particular curves, but seemingly possessed an unruly feeling of strength. Her four limbs, torso, waist and head were all currently transforming!!

“This… this is a mutation!” Yang Zhide was already completely stupefied! Species mutations were an extremely rare phenomenon. Yang Zhide had only heard of them, but had never witnessed one before. Especially the case of an incomparably weak Moonlight Fox instantly transforming into an eminently powerful demon and beast type combination- the Sixtail Demon Fox!

As the species mutation happened to Mo Xie’s body, she herself also transformed, and she began to transform into a third phase Sixtail Demon Fox!

When Mo Xie had transformed into the Sixtail Demon Fox, she was only at the second phase ninth stage. This aura was already able to force back the Bloodthirsty Beast. After reaching the third phase, her demonic aura would become even more terrifying. Even Yang Zhide, who was standing in the distance, could feel the frighteningly cold demonic aura. It unexpectedly made it eminently hard for his body to move.

Mo Xie’s body was now twice as large as before. Additionally, her gorgeous but maverick-like six tails were twice as long as her body. Occasionally, they would stand up like steel ropes while other times they would take on the form of a spiralling silk string that danced in the air.


Mo Xie’s pupils were completely focused on the Bloodthirsty Beast. However, one could see two balls of demonic flames burning within her two silver pupils.

The complete reveal of a savage blade. In this moment, the only thing in Mo Xie’s eyes was this enemy and an inexhaustible battle rage!!


The four demonic flame paws transformed into ignition. In the next instant, they left four quietly burning flames in their original position as the silver-white colored body of Mo Xie had already rushed in front of the Bloodthirsty Beast!!

The pursuing Mo Xie didn’t use Dark Assault, but her speed was twice as fast than when she used Dark Assault previously.

Evil Flame Claw!!

There wasn’t a sharp edge of a blade or a bloody red light. This time, Mo Xie’s claws astonishingly had a layer of demonic demon flames attached. This demon flame burned on top of Mo Xie’s eminently sharp claws. It didn't have any heat, but made Mo Xie’s claws even more imposing!

The Bloodthirsty Beast’s skin had already reached the early third stage of defense. However, it was still incapable of resisting the Evil Flame Claw’s laceration and burn!


Blood red skin was instantly torn apart without any resistance, pierced to the bone!

Meanwhile, the demon flame frantically spread on the Bloodthirsty Beast’s agape body. Unexpectedly, it began to eat away at a large chunk of the living Bloodthirsty’s Beast’s flesh and internal organs!!

Mo Xie’s Evil Flame Claws began to rip open the Bloodthirsty’s Beast’s shoulder area, and the demonic flame started to burn its torso from its shoulder. Its burning speed was extremely quick, almost as if everything was being instantly devoured!!

Her four limbs gracefully moving, Mo Xie swept through the air like she was using a momentary levitation ability. Her flame paws lightly touched down in the air, before actually jumping again. She didn’t need to turn around to look at the Bloodthirsty Beast with half-burnt innards. Incomparably arrogant, she swept past the beast and her gaze was like a sword that pierced into Yang Zhide’s heart.

Having witnessed this terrifying scene, Yang Zhide felt the imminence of his death. Facing this cold Evil Flamed Six-tailed Demon Fox, the only thing he could do in this crazily flustered state was to use Wind Bind. He wanted to use this method to blow Mo Xie away.

However, why would Mo Xie, who underwent a mutation and transformation, bother with such an insignificant Wind Bind technique? Her six gorgeous and long tails seemed to be transformed into six living spirits. As she ran, her tails swung abou, extraordinarily interweaved with each other!

Following the six tails’ astonishing dance, a demonic fire suddenly ignited on Mo Xie’s silver fur. The demon fire didn’t have any temperature, but as it swallowed Yang Zhide’s Wind Bind, it also trapped Yang Zhide within it!

Opposing someone whose soul had been heavily wounded twice in a row, Mo Xie didn’t even need to use Evil Flame Claw. Her claws quickly struck across Yang Zhide’s arms, and his arms immediately separated from his body!!!


A mournful scream suddenly reverberated throughout the jungle. This scream was extremely excruciating as he was hurt to the extreme!

Mo Xie could have easily killed Yang Zhide in one strike, but misgivings still rested in Chu Mu’s heart. Why would he let Yang Zhide die painlessly ?


Yang Zhide covered his flesh exposed arm and painfully lay on the ground. Mo Xie arrogantly stomped on this fellow’s body and her six tails spread open like a peacock. Suddenly, a powerful demon aura was thrown at Yang Zhide, stunning him!

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