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Chapter 86: Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox

Blood continued to flow from Yang Zhide’s shoulder. Because of the pain, his facial features were wrought together. The tears and snot made him seem more ugly.

“Don’t… don’t kill me. What do you want to know… I, I’ll tell you everything as long as you don’t kill me…” Yang Zhide’s voice trembled as he spoke.

Chu Mu walked up in front of Yang Zhide. Seeing Yang Zhide’s despicable face currently begging for his life like a dog, a smile couldn’t help but surface onto his face. Yet, this smile only made Yang Zhide feel more terrified.


In the jungle, Chu Mu raised a dagger with one hand and fiercely stabbed it towards Yang Zhide’s forehead!!

After pulling out the dagger, a sinister bloody hole instantly appeared on Yang Zhide’s forehead. Yang Zhide still had that expression of fear, and his eyes were bulging out. He opened his mouth and his head gradually fell backwards. Perhaps Yang Zhide didn’t believe at all that he would perish under Chu Mu’s dagger!


After the battle had ended, Mo Xie’s two eyes gradually turned soft, and the evil flames on her body slowly dispersed. The silver white hair covering her entire body proceeded to flutter about in the jungle, lightly dancing about.

Chu Mu looked at the mutated Six Tails Mo Xie. A rather gratified expression appeared on his face and he used his hand to stroke Mo Xie’s small head. He said: “You’ve become strong.”

“Wuwu.” Mo Xie’s squinted her beautiful eyes and rested against Chu Mu’s body, enjoying the feeling.

Evolving from a Moonlight Fox to a Six Tails Demon Fox, Mo Xie clearly had the ability to skip stages. A Moonlight Fox was a small house pet that many females liked. It had a gorgeous appearance, but its fighting ability was negligible.

On the other hand, although the Six Tails Demon Fox also possessed elegance, beauty and arrogance, its fighting ability was publicly renowned as the strongest amongst its rank. It could even be considered the perfect combination of the demon type and beast type!

After plundering all the items from Yang Zhide’s body, Chu Mu decided to leave this area and find somewhere to hide. He somewhat impatiently opened the <> in order to find out what abilities Mo Xie, who had transformed into the Six Tails Demon Fox, now possessed.

After finding the Demon Fox Race, Chu Mu discovered that even amongst the Six Tails Demon Fox sub-race, there was were still a few subdivisions.

Ordinary Six Tails Demon Foxes, Flame Six Tails Demon Foxes, and Evil Flame Six Tails Demon Foxes.

These three Six Tails Demon Foxes belonged to the same species and could reproduce with each other. The difference between them lay in their blood lineage and innate talent.

Even if they were all Six Tails Demon Foxes, their innate differences would always appear at birth. There were a few Six Tails Demon Foxes who didn’t have the demon fire or evil flames on their bodies when born. It wouldn’t be until the second or third phase before they could control the demon fire or evil flame.

However, there were a few Six Tails Demon Foxes that possessed this ability shortly after birth. These Six Tails Demon Fox’s often had an abnormal aptitude compared to others of the same species.

“Wuwuw” Chu Mu was in the midst pondering what Six Tails Demon Fox subspecies that Mo Xie belonged to when Mo Xie extended one tail and pointed at the Evil Flame Six Tails Demon Fox.

Evil Flame Six Tails Demon Fox: Demon Beast Kingdom - Demon Type (Beast Type) - Demon Fox Race - Six Tails Demon Fox Subrace - Evil Flame Six Tails Demon Fox - High Class Warrior Rank

The Evil Flame Six Tails Demon Foxes were the imperial family of the Six Tails Demon Foxes. Their innate talent was exceptional, and even if they were categorized as the High Class Warrior Rank, their fighting ability against similar and lower phase and stage soul pets wouldn’t be inferior to a commander rank soul pet. They were one of the perfect combination soul pets of their respective type in the warrior rank class.

The Evil Flame Six Tails Foxes had six extremely beautiful tails. It was said that each one of the Demon Fox’s six tails represented a characteristic. The six characteristics were: Docility, grace, arrogance, coldness, violence, and a love for slaughter.

The fur of the six tails were white, and they controlled the demon fire evil flame. The effect of the demon fire evil flame could cause the power of any fire attribute technique to increase by one fold. However, the burning duration wouldn’t persist, and would be cut down to the shortest amount of time.

Species Technique: Demon Fire Evil Flame

Basic Techniques: Shadow Claw, Death Assault, Sinister Glare, Blink, Demonic Scare

Primary Techniques: Evil Flame Claw, Ignite, Flame Dance, and Six-tailed Lock

High Level Techniques: Illusion, Fire Rain, Molten Fury

After Chu Mu’s gaze swept through the Evil Flame Six Tails Demon Fox’s techniques, his eyes lit up. A  high class soul pet was a high class soul pet after all. Without even mentioning the plethora of techniques, each individual technique was extremely practical.

The most important thing was that Mo Xie also possessed the Demon Fire Evil Flame, thus increasing the power of any fire type magic by one fold. In this regard, Mo Xie’s flame power was not inferior to many Elemental Kingdom soul pets. It was no wonder that the <> would depict the Evil Fire Six Tails Demon Fox as a perfect combination!

“Third phase first stage, claws have already reached the late third stage, and the evil fire is now attached to Fierce Claws.”

“Early third stage defensive fur, annealed - fire resistant fur.”

“The tails… this, I can’t discern them…” Chu Mu was planning on identifying the quality of Mo Xie’s body. In the end, he embarrassingly discovered that his own knowledge wasn’t abundant enough, and he didn’t know how to evaluate Mo Xie’s tails to their respective stages.

Six Tails Demon Foxes were relatively rare soul pets. The <> Chu Mu bought was a general book, and it gave a description of millions of soul pets. Obviously, it could not give an overly detailed explanation for every soul pet. If Chu Mu wanted to further understand the Evil Flame Six Tails Demon Foxes, he would naturally have to buy a book that explained the Demon Fox Race. Perhaps he would even have to buy the <>. Presumably, it would give an extremely thorough explanation of the Evil Flame Six Tails Demon Foxes.

Of course, Chu Mu was currently on Prison Island, and searching for these books was impossible.

Mo Xie’s species metamorphosis to Chu Mu could be regarded as extremely satisfactory.

When he thought of the information that Yang Zhide gave him before he died, Chu Mu’s expression became rather pensive!

“Yang Family, this time, I’ll make none of them return!”

From what Yang Zhide said, Chu Mu finally realized why these people had come to Prison Island.

Chu Mu had been directly thrown onto Prison Island, and even though Chu Mu’s name was on the scroll, he didn’t receive any information.

Nightmare palace would only stop by Prison Island once every three years during a maelstrom and throw prisoners onto different locations on the island.

Everyone on Prison Island was on death row. There was no supervision, and the merciless Nightmare Palace wouldn’t let them easily live on Prison Island. They gave them a step by step chance to become strong and then leave this Prison Island.

In order to reach the 1 in 3000 chance of surviving, they would leave generous rewards on certain locations on the island and use a complicated map to mark them out. Next, they tore the map into many pieces and distributed them into a few prisoner’s hands.

The map was also the scroll, and the front side of the scroll contained the list of dead and alive prisoners. The back side was a map, and if one wanted to obtain the treasures, he or she had to collect all the map pieces from the prisoners. In this regard, slaughter was almost inevitable.

As for the reason why the Yang Family was here, this involved Chu Mu.

The Yang Family had originally wanted Xia Guanghan to kill Chu Mu. Xia Guanghan’s identity was extremely high and the cost for completing something like this was equivalently high.

The Yang Family originally hadn’t paid much heed to Xia Guanghan and had casually agreed to his reward. However, they very quickly suffered from Xia Guanghan’s wrath, whereby the entire family’s treasures were stolen by him.

However, Xia Guanghan was not zealous over the Yang Family’s treasures and had presented them to Nightmare Palace, wherein these treasures became the most generous reward for the last survivor amongst the three thousand prisoners. In order words, the treasure was the marked location on the map. To recover their family’s treasures, the Yang Family had sent a group of people to covertly enter Prison Island to kill the other prisoners and recover their family treasures.

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