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Chapter 84: Species Mutation, Proud Mo Xie (1)

“Since you still want to fight, fight as much as you want!” Chu Mu could feel Mo Xie’s arrogant fighting dignity.

In reality, no matter the strength, battle experience, techniques or mutual understanding, Mo Xie’s was at a much higher level than the Ice Air Fairy. The Ice Air Fairy possessed a sturdy defense and powerful ice magic, but that was it. Relying only on its second phase sixth stage strength to defeat a soul pet that could rival a fourth phase low class warrior rank would be rather difficult.

Moreover, Yang Zhide now knew Mo Xie’s strength, so he wouldn’t give her another instakill chance.  After the fourth phase Bloodthirsty Beast, he would definitely summon another soul pet, so Chu Mu definitely had to keep a few trump cards.


The Bloodthirsty Beast stepped into a measured pace and immediately its body aura was violently released. A dense, bloody aura surged forth and engulfed the surrounding area. The nearby plants were successively bent over!

The fourth phase Bloodthirsty Beast’s bloody aura collided against Mo Xie, causing her stained fur to stand up. Mo Xie didn’t get rid of the dirty stains on her body and let the dirty sewage roll off her body drip after drip. Her keen pupils motionlessly stared at the Bloodthirsty Beast.

“Hou hou!!” The Bloodthirsty Beast faced Mo Xie and let out a roar at her. Its four hooves abruptly stomped on the ground!

The Bloodthirsty beast was one of the Yang Family’s symbolic soul pets. Chu Mu was extremely knowledgable of the Bloodthirsty Beast’s techniques and abilities. Currently, the technique that the Bloodthirsty Beast was using was Earth Splitting Trample. It was full of vibration properties!

Chu Mu knew of Earth Splitting Trample’s might and instantly retreated to a safer location. Mo Xie, who was directly facing it, gracefully jumped up and over the fissure that suddenly appeared.

“Hou!!” The Bloodthirsty beast seemed like it was waiting for Mo Xie to dodge, as it suddenly opened its mouth and spat out a blood-colored tornado towards Mo Xie!

The blood-colored tornado’s speed was extremely quick. The instant Mo Xie landed on the ground, she was attacked by the tornado. Mo Xie didn’t have time to dodge, and could only use her claws to tenaciously grasp the ground!

“Huhuhuhu” A dense, bloody whirlwind covered Mo Xie’s tiny body. The fur on her body immediately changed and transformed into Annealed Woolen Fur, which resisted the spurring of the tornado.

Although the impetus of the tornado was extremely intense, the rotational power was also abnormally strong. Very soon, Mo Xie’s body was picked up by the blood colored tornado and was once again thrown into the air.

“This Bloodthirsty Beast has an additional wind attribute…” Chu Mu’s eyebrows creased as he looked at the Bloodthirsty Beast that could use the blood colored tornado. Clearly, Yang Zhide’s Bloodthirsty Beast had used soul crystals to train!

“Wind Riding!”

Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t just watch from the side. He quickly chanted an incantation and used the recently learned soul technique, Wind Riding, on Mo Xie’s body.

Mo Xie had already lost her balance in the air. However, after the effects of Wind Riding, Mo Xie’s body lightened and she immediately found her balance. With one flip, she smoothly descended onto the ground.

“Hmph, a garbage soul technique!” Yang Zhide coldly sneered and then also chanted an incantation.

“Nature’s Force- Root Bind!” Yang Zhide’s hair fluttered wildly and, as he was chanting, the surrounding plants suddenly underwent an odd change.

The trees swayed in a weird fashion and the ground produced a peculiar noise, as if there was something squirming!

Feeling the abnormality from the mud under his feet, Chu Mu immediately said something to Mo Xie. After speaking, he chanted an incantation again and used Rapid Freeze, freezing the mud under his feet.

The line of ice descended onto the ground and quickly froze the mud, creating a large layer of ice. A five meter perimeter of land was completely frozen.

“Beng!!! Beng!!”

Two roots abruptly extended from within the mud and twisted around like snakes. Only, the ground under Chu Mu’s feet had already been frozen, so these roots couldn’t coil around Chu Mu even if they wanted to.


The Bloodthirsty Beast’s red eyes immediately locked onto Chu Mu. Its four hooves rushed forth, bringing about a wave of rumbling noise as it charged towards Chu Mu!


​Mo Xie quickly appeared in front of the Bloodthirsty Beast. Her two silver eyes released a demonic lustre that penetrated the Bloodthirsty Beast's eyes.

Yang Zhide wasn’t a normal person either, and seeing that the opponent had used a mental technique, he didn’t hesitate to use the dense bloody odor pervading the air from the Rare Blood Beast to make the Bloodthirsty Beast enter the Bloodthirsty state.

Under the Bloodthirsty state, Charm simply didn’t have any effect, and Mo Xie’s body was unable to resist the Bloodthirsty Beast’s stampede. After letting out a whimpering cry, she was promptly knocked aside.

The Bloodthirsty Beast’s charge didn’t stop. Yang Zhide’s target was Chu Mu, who was trapped by the roots on the layer of ice.

Chu Mu continued to maintain his cool. His black eyes gazed at the truculent Bloodthirsty Beast and he silently chanted an incantation!

From within the depths of his eyes revolved a sliver of white gloss that gradually caused Chu Mu’s pupil to turn completely white, becoming contrastingly and demonically bewitching !

“Chong Mei - Double Ice Wall!”

Chu Mu once again performed his Soul Soldier technique- Chong Mei. This time, Chu Mu used the mental connection with the Ice Air Fairy to use its ice type technique!

Two ice walls instantly sprang out of the muddy ground, standing in front of the Bloodthirsty Beast. The Bloodthirsty Beast’s hefty body directly smashed into the Ice Wall. Immediately, the Ice Wall began to violently shake!

“Crush it directly!” Yang Zhide coldly said.

The Bloodthirsty Beast rocked its head and charged once more, directly smashing into the first wall of ice. Promptly after, it performed Blood Rending Claw on the Ice Wall. Two continuous claws slashed forth, and the first Ice Wall instantly shattered!


Mo Xie had already crawled up from the mud and she now ran in front of the Bloodthirsty Beast. Moonblade suddenly swept across the Bloodthirsty Beast’s body!

However, the Bloodthirsty Beast’s skin was eminently tough. It had at least reached the third rank Thick Skin defense. Moonblade was only able to leave a shallow wound. Even if blood was flowing, it wasn’t able to actually stop its advance.

“This garbage fox wants to contend against my Bloodthirsty beast? Your soul pet is like you, you’re both trash!” Yang Zhide contemptuously swept his gaze over the weak Moonlight Fox.

“Wuwuwu!!” Mo Xie was able to understand the ridicule in human speech. She completely bared her fangs and narrowed her eyes. It seemed like she was about to erupt!

“There’s no point in yelling. Watch your master be crushed to death.” A smile had already appeared on Yang Zhide’s face because, currently, the Bloodthirsty Beast had completely broken through Chu Mu’s Ice Wall defense. A bloody aura already filled the air.

Facing the Bloodthirsty Beast’s attack, Chu Mu’s expression still hadn’t changed. He calmly chanted an incantation and planned on recalling Mo Xie, before instantly switching in the Ice Air Fairy to resist the Bloodthirsty Beast’s attack.

The incantation quickly finished and a light blue colored lustre enveloped Mo Xie’s body. When the lustre faded, Mo Xie would return to Chu Mu’s soul pet space.

“Mo Xie?” After finishing the recall, Chu Mu had originally planned on summoning the Ice Air Fairy. However, when the lustre faded, Chu Mu abruptly discovered that Mo Xie had not returned to her soul pet space. Instead, she had at some unknown time rushed in front of him and was now facing the Bloodthirsty Beast!

Mo Xie unexpectedly disobeyed his recall order! An expression of shock was revealed on Chu Mu’s face!


Mo Xie arrogantly raised her head and the sewage on her body suddenly splattered off!

In her eyes a demonic radiance brilliantly blossomed. Immediately, the bundle of massive energy coiled up around Mo Xie’s fluttering silver fur like a terrifying hurricane. Recklessly engulfing and sweeping away everything in the surroundings!

Demonic aura permeated ubiquitously. Chu Mu abruptly discovered that Mo Xie’s fur was ceaselessly fluttering as she stood in the middle of the demonic aura whirlpool. Her originally fluffy tail underwent an unexpected transformation, astonishingly splitting into two tails!!!

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