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Chapter 82: The Enemy Met with the Blade

The Yang Family was definitely the main culprit behind the decline of Chu Mu’s clan. As for how he himself ended up in Xia Guanghan’s hands, it was from the orders of someone from the Yang Family. Once he thought about them, a ball of raging fire ignited within Chu Mu’s heart!

“Let… let me go… I don’t have it, I really don’t have it…” Once the male covered in blood saw that his Barbaric Dog had been killed, he no longer harbored any intent of resisting and began to beg.

The Rare Blood Creature’s rows of teeth were exposed. Between the teeth were bits of flesh and blood. It let out a breath that reeked of a bloody stink at the male.

The wounded male didn’t dare to run. He crawled on the ground and incessantly begged.

“You even dare to interfere with my plans!” A voice came out from within the thicket. A male wearing rather bright and neat clothing walked out from within the jungle.

The majority of those thrown into Prison Island were prisoners. There were times when it was hard to even find things to eat, let alone hope for clothing. It was very rare when someone’s clothes were neat and tidy. When Chu Mu saw that the Yang Family person’s clothing was special, he immediately felt it to be rather strange.

“Little me is unlearned, little me is unlearned. I thought that senior was also a prisoner… disturbing senior, I deserve to die tens of thousands of times for my sins. Little me can work very hard for senior… but please let me live…” The male that was covered in bruises and cuts and wearing shabby and bloody clothing was probably a prisoner.

“Cut the nonsense. Where is the map? Hand it over!” Yang Zhide haughtily looked down upon the prisoner crawling on the ground. Currently, all he had to do was give an order, and the Rare Blood Beast would directly bite off this fellow’s head.

Chu Mu pried apart the leaves and his gaze fell upon the overbearing Yang Family youth. He examined this fellow’s face.

“Yang Zhide!!”

After clearly seeing his appearance, Chu Mu was even more flabbergasted.

Chu Mu recognized this fellow. Yang Zhide was a direct descendant of the Yang Family. Even though he was a concubine’s son, because of his cultivation, he still had a bit of status within the Yang Family.

“With your stupidity, when I become a soul pet trainer that can summon three soul pets, you will still be vexing over your unproficient and misguided soul pact incantation.”

This was a jeer that Yang Zhide had made towards Chu Mu at a public occasion. Chu Mu had remembered the words ever since. At the time, Chu Mu’s third brother, Chu Ning, had fought a fight with Yang Zhide over this and had killed one of Yang Zhide’s flashy soul pets.

However, Chu Ning then received a challenge from the Yang Family’s older generation because of this, and had one of his soul pet killed as well, one that he had meticulously bred for many years .

Since this situation had originated because of him, Chu Mu felt somewhat guilty towards Chu Ning. He had always wanted to exact revenge for Chu Ning but his strength was too small.

In front of him, this fellow had mysteriously appeared on Nightmare Palace’s Prison Island. In his heart, Chu Mu felt both suspicion and a heavy amount of anger.

“It’s not with me… It’s not with me… Many of us prisoners were brought to this island and many of us have it, but I don’t… This little one remembers that our map of the island is with a skinny long faced fellow. The foremen used the boat to throw us into this place and gave the region’s map to a skinny prisoner…” said the wounded prisoner.

Hearing him mention a map, Chu Mu immediately fished out the scroll from his bosom carefully. He flipped the scroll to the district and topography map drawing on the back.

“A skinny prisoner. Map. Could it be that Yang Zhide is looking for the item in my hands? But isn’t this an item used by the people of Nightmare Palace to ensure that this game of slaughter is thorough?” Chu Mu was even more confused.

“If you don’t have it, then die!” Suddenly, Yang Zhide cruelly laughed.

In the next instant, the Rare Blood Beast abruptly opened its bloody mouth and ferociously bit the prisoner’s neck. Immediately, fresh blood spurted forth and began to flow onto the muddy ground.

“Truly boring. This island is so big and the prisoners are many. How long do I have to kill until I finish collecting all of it. It’s better if I return to their place first.” Yang Zhide spat on the corpse and turned around, planning to leave.

However, the moment Yang Zhide turned around, a silver figure appeared from within the thicket. Almost instantly, it arrived in front of Yang Zhide. A formidable Blood Rending Claw suddenly swept across Yang Zhide’s location!!


The Rare Blood Beast’s reaction was extremely quick and it quickly pounced over, simultaneously performing Blood Rending Claw. Immediately, two rays of bloody claws intersected, emitting the piercing noise of metal rubbing on metal!

“Thinking of sneak attacking me?” Yang Zhide was somewhat astonished before a rather contemptuous look appeared on his face. His eyes locked onto Chu Mu’s location.

Chu Mu had already confirmed that there weren’t any other Yang Family people in the surroundings. He didn’t hide and slowly walked from out from the thicket. His two black eyes coldly stared at Yang Zhide!

“Another one courting death. Hmph. I’ll sort all of this out like the rest…” Yang Zhide subconsciously believed that the person hiding in the vicinity was a Nightmare Palace prisoner.

However, when he saw Chu Mu’s appearance, his words abruptly stopped and he unexpectedly revealed a shocked expression!

“Chu Mu!” Yang Zhide cried out!

Half a year earlier Chu Mu’s disappearance had spread through Wangluo City. Almost everyone believed that the Chu Family’s successor had already died.

However, Yang Zhide didn’t expect that the fellow who should have already been assassinated would unexpectedly appear here, on Nightmare Palace’s eminently cruel island of prisoners!

“You probably didn’t think I was still alive right?” Chu Mu produced a cold smile.

Chu Mu’s death had become a fact. Yet, the sort of shock from seeing Chu Mu on Prison Island made Yang Zhide feel rather alarmed, stunned and unbelieving!

“You… how are you here?!!” Yang Zhide was extremely alarmed.

“Aren’t I just paying respect to what your Yang Family has caused?!” Chu Mu stood there. Killing intent had already appeared in his eyes.

Feeling Chu Mu’s gaze, an ineffable fear appeared in Yang Zhide’s heart.

For some unknown reason, Yang Zhide felt that the young man in front of him had changed!

Back then, at Wangluo City, Chu Mu was merely an ordinary youth. All day he would hide in his clan under the protection of his family. He was constantly cowering and would never dare to accept the challenge of someone of the same age.

However, in the span of half a year, Yang Zhide felt that this young man’s entire temperament had undergone a change. He had become immeasurably cold, and he was sharp and calm, like a wild beast. Especially those two eyes that unexpectedly emitted a terrifying killing intent!

Having been missing for half a year, Chu Mu had undergone the most cruel survival training of Nightmare Palace. Chu Mu had also personally killed so many people during training that he himself couldn’t count anymore. Nightmare Palace method of cultivating peons wasn’t merely through soul power. They also trained the peons’ cruelty. This was perhaps to prepare them to receive the demonic Nightmare soul pet. Having experienced such slaughter, how could Chu Mu currently be the same as the naive youngster in the past?!

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