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Chapter 83: Fourth Phase Bloodthirsty Beast

“Even if he’s still alive, what is there to be afraid of…...” Yang Zhide clenched his teeth and said to himself, suppressing the unwarranted fear that was bubbling up.

How could Yang Zhide not know Chu Mu’s strength? Half a year ago, any soul pet of Yang Zhide’s could rip this guy to pieces, and this shouldn’t have changed.

“Rare Blood Beast, kill him!” Yang Zhide pointed at Chu Mu, and he telepathically told his soul pet through their mental connection.

“Hou!!” The Rare Blood Beast immediately let out a furious roar, stretched out its body, and fiercely pounced towards Chu Mu.

The Rare Blood Beast was built very sturdily and could run very quikcly. Under the trampling of its blood hooves, the muddy ground created countless mud splashes.

Chu Mu, standing where he was, didn’t even need to move. Seeing that the Rare Blood Beast in front of him was merely of the Second Phase Eighth Stage, Chu Mu didn’t have anything to fear.


Just when the Rare Blood Beast ran within five meters of Chu Mu, a silver Moonblade abruptly appeared from the forests to the side, very accurately slashing towards the Blood Beast’s waist.

Yang Zhide’s battle awareness wasn’t bad as he commanded his Rare Blood Beast to immediately dodge. After evading Mo Xie’s Moonblade, it gave up attacking and backed up a bit.

“Moonlight fox?” Yang Zhide’s gaze fell onto the Moonlight fox and let out an expression of astonishment that soon transformed into belittlement.

Because of Chu Mu’s change in temperament, Yang Zhide thought that Chu Mu might have a few strong soul pets. After seeing this Moonlight Fox, however, Yang Zhide had the urge to burst into laughter again.

His Rare Blood Beast and the Moonlight Fox weren’t even on the same level. Even if the Moonlight Fox reached the Fourth Phase, a Second Phase Eighth Stage Rare Blood Beast could still easily rip it into pieces. Seeing Chu Mu revealing such a soul pet, how could Yang Zhide not find it humorous?

“Chu Mu, oh Chu Mu, you really are just like your Moonlight Fox. Cowardly and weak…...”

Yang Zhide originally wanted to summon his other soul pet, but after seeing Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox, he felt there wasn’t the need for it. Obviously, the fear he felt previously mostly stemmed from a misperception and a lack of confidence.

In reality, Yang Zhide wasn’t wrong. Chu Mu was very much like Mo Xie; but, they weren’t similar in that they were both weak and cowardly. They were similar in that they were both calm, decisive and, when angry, merciless and crazy!

Mo Xie’s species rank was very low. Coupled with Pitiful Appearance, these were the fatal mistakes that almost all soul pet trainers made when judging Chu Mu, and Yang Zhide was no exception.

Seeing that Yang Zhide didn’t summon another soul pet, the corner of Chu Mu’s mouth rose into a demonic smile. It seemed like the intentional holding back in the first two attacks was having its expected effect.

“Rare Blood Beast, devour that pitiful little fox!” Yang Zhide commanded straightforwardly through speech.

Facing such a low species rank soul pet, the Rare Blood Beast treated it with the same disdainful attitude as its owner.

Mo Xie hunched down in the slightly muddied ground and just as the Rare Blood Beast dashed forwards, Mo Xie started as well. Her silver body instantly flew forwards, spraying mud everywhere, her speed almost double that of the Rare Blood Beast!

Shadow Assault!

Mo Xie’s body sped up again, raising her speed to the extreme! Seeing the Moonlight Fox dash forward with such terrifying speed, Yang Zhide’s expression immediately shifted.

Moon Shadow!

Mo Xie’s shadow slowly became fuzzy in the process of running. Three moonlight fox silhouettes became vaguely visible, running neck to neck with Mo Xie.

Blood Rending Moonblade!!

The combination of Moonblade and Blood Rending Claw, even without moonlight, caused the razor sharp arc drawn by the Moonblade to be just as radiant. Though untouched by blood, the smear of captivating red that flitted through the air was still striking!

Crimson and silver claws ripped through the neck of the Rare Blood Beast. The Rare Blood Beast’s stayed frozen in the air; it wanted to swipe forth, but suddenly went rigid.

The next moment, blood spurted out crazily from the head of the Blood Beast, flowing out endlessly!

“Hou~~” The Rare Blood Beast let out a strange mourning roar as its body heavily thudded into the water puddles, its blood instantly mixing with the dirty water.

Seeing his own Rare Blood Beast fall, Yang Zhide’s face showed extreme fear. He hastily chanted an incantation and before his Rare Blood Beast’s blood flowed dry, he retracted it back into his soul pet space.

A blood red symbol quickly appeared under the Rare Blood Beast. While the radiance still glimmered, the Rare Blood Beast had already disappeared from its spot.

“Mo Xie, kill him!” Chu Mu naturally didn’t let go of any opportunity to attack Yang Zhide directly and immediately ordered Mo Xie.

Mo Xie continued to run straight towards Yang Zhide with her still-bloody claws shining ominously!

Yang Zhide quickly backed off a distance, and as he saw the bizarrely quick Mo Xie approach, he frantically chanted another incantation.

“Wind Bind!” Yang Zhide’s speed of chanting wasn’t slow. As Mo Xie neared, he already finished the casting of his soul technique. A swirling stream of air spiralled up from the ground, quickly enveloping Yang Zhide within it!

Wind Bind was a defensive technique. Once it was casted on oneself, the moment any enemy neared, they would be flung into the air.

Mo Xie didn’t have time to stop anymore so she immediately slammed into the Wind Bind that had sucked in countless puddles of mud!


The power of the wind quickly threw Mo Xie into the air. Mo Xie continuously spun in the air until she finally fell into a quagmire ten meters away…...

The effects of Wind Bind slowly dissipated. Yang Zhide’s face muscles were still quivering, his face seemingly pale. Clearly, Mo Xie’s lethal attack had killed his Rare Blood Beast. Even after Yang Zhide retracted it, he still couldn’t stem the flow of blood from the Rare Blood Beast’s neck.

The Rare Blood Beast was clearly Yang Zhide’s second soul pet, so the death of it would inevitably cause damage to his soul.

“I’ll tear you to pieces!” Yang Zhide’s facial expressions contorted and started chanting again!

Chu Mu knew that Yang Zhide still owned a stronger soul pet. At this distance, Chu Mu couldn’t cast any techniques either, and could only let Mo Xie raise her guard.

Yang Zhide’s incantation finished very quickly. The blood red symbol that emerged shined a glaring red radiance, and from within the red light an even larger organism covered in blood red fur slowly appeared.

“Bloodthirsty Beast!”

Chu Mu stared at the soul pet that emerged from the symbol and put on a grave expression.

Bloodthirsty Beast: Beast Kingdom - Beast Type - Blood Beast Species - Bloodthirsty Beast Subspecies - High Class Servant Rank

The Bloodthirsty Beast was a soul pet even crueller than the Hunting Wolf, where its species rank could compare to many Low Class Warrior Rank organisms. Furthermore, the Bloodthirsty Beast that Yang Zhide summoned was a shocking Fourth Phase First Stage soul pet!

“Hou!!” The Fourth Phase Bloodthirsty Beast immediately let out a wild roar that scared all the nearby smaller organisms away!

“The Bloodthirsty Beast’s speed and strength are both very strong. After going berserk, it willbe even more terrifying. Mo Xie it’ll be hard for you to deal with it, let Ning finish this.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

The power of the Bloodthirsty Beast was very terrifying and Mo Xie’s defense could be said to be very weak. The moment she got hit, it could very well be fatal. Let alone the fact that Chu Mu hasn’t even figured out all of Yang Zhide’s soul techniques. Under these circumstances, Chu Mu didn’t want Mo Xie to have any accidents.

“Wuwuwu!!” However, facing the Bloodthirsty Beast’s arrogance and malevolence, Mo Xie had no fear. Covered in dirty blood, she still kept her battling stance, her silver pupils fixed onto the Blood Beast, as if a fire burned within!

“Mo Xie?” Feeling Mo Xie’s emotions of battle, Chu Mu felt a bit bewildered. Although the disobedient emotions weren’t strong, it was still the first time Mo Xie hadn’t directly listened to him.

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