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Chapter 81: Rare Blood Beast, Yang Family

Chu Mu’s mental energy had pretty much been depleted. With the intention of being safe, he didn’t dare to walk anywhere and everywhere. After finding a hole in a tree, he hid inside.

Just after finding this small habitat, Chu Mu felt fortunate because a light drizzle of rain began to fall onto the island, covering the jungle in dampness.

The hole in the tree was probably left by some kind of climbing creature. The inside still had a bit of hay, and Chu Mu hugged Mo Xie as he sat inside the tree hole. This position was just good enough to see the sky through the fog that completely covered the island.

The field of view on Prison Island was extremely narrow. Being enveloped by dark clouds gave people an even further gloomy feeling. Looking at the vast jungle and horizon, Chu Mu gradually became a bit entranced.

His thoughts began to follow the drifting rain and wind as a few scenes from the past couldn’t help but appear once more in his mind. Gradually, his expression sullened...

Chu Mu had lived with his father, Chu Tiancheng, from a very young age. In Chu Mu’s heart, Chu Tiangcheng was like a teacher and a friend. In front of Chu Tiancheng, Chu Mu wasn’t as reverent and reserved as he was towards other elders. Instead, he was often calm, and he would communicate from the heart with a smile. Chu Mu, at the age of fifteen, possessed this sort of calm sophistry and wisdom because of Chu Tiancheng’s guidance.

Despite always being impolite in front of Chu Tiancheng- he would sometimes even make sarcastic and cutting remarks- Chu Mu still harbored a deeply rooted adoration for his father in his heart. He adored his abundant life experience, his wise and farsighted thinking, and his powerful strength.

Chu Mu really enjoyed this sort of lifestyle. Even though because of his very first soul pact he almost didn’t become a soul pet trainer, Chu Mu had never genuinely been dispirited. This was due to Chu Tiancheng’s perpetual encouragement...

However, good things never last forever. His clan’s decline caused the person who would often appear in front of him with a smile to change into the back of view of a person with a hurried figure. He would only speak a few short sentences, or write a one or two line curt letter...

Chu Mu also wasn’t a child who adhered to his parents, and he was gradually capable of functioning independently. He began to understand that a clan required, aside from the support of the elders, a next generation with potential. In this way, the clan would have hope for the future.

When he was ten, Chu Mu had more contact with other similar aged people from other clans. Various comparisons, competitions, fights and schemes began to constantly appear between these young ten year old boys and girls...

Only, the first soul pact and the second pact that had mysteriously disappeared caused Chu Mu to lose the ability to compete with similar aged people...

“The first soul pact…” Thinking about this, Chu Mu’s eyes suddenly became pained and troubled.

Each time he thought about his first soul pact, a trace of emotion would always rush forth from his heart...

The first soul pact was an enormous shadow in Chu Mu’s heart. This shadow caused Chu Mu to faintly ache in his heart each time he thought of it. Simultaneously, it would arouse a bit of anger and determination.

Many times, Chu Mu would relate his first soul pet with his mother. However, this wasn’t because the two had some sort of relation; rather it was because his mother gave Chu Mu a similar feeling.

Chu Mu’s memory of his mother’s appearance was already a bit hazy. From his impression of her, she always enjoyed immersing herself in his affairs. She had a cool and elegant face - she was a beautiful mother. However, she seldom smiled. Her eyes were like stars that touched people, and that could be considered Chu Mu’s deepest impression of her. Only, those eyes were full of hints of haughtiness.

This icily arrogant mother would often go away and, within a few years, they would only see each other twice. Chu Mu remembered the last time he saw her was when he was twelve. It had been three years and a half since then, and Chu Mu was certain that she didn’t even know of her own son’s disappearance and ‘death’.

Thinking about this, Chu Mu couldn’t help but shake his head. His feelings for his mother were extremely weak. Chu Mu didn’t even know her name. He had only heard his father call her by her nickname. Those in the clan also wouldn’t directly address her by her name. Normally, they would strangely call her Madam Chu. In Chu Mu’s view, aside from the beautiful and arrogant appearance that she left in his memory, there wasn’t anything else...

The continuous drizzle continued to gently fall. Without the spurring of a violent gale, the curtain of rain was rather distinct. One could make out the full outline of the soaked trees. In between the trees, there was the occasional soul pet which didn’t mind the falling rain and would spread their wings and fly towards the grey horizon searching for a suitable place to rest.

The weak rain continued for approximately two days. In these two days, aside from quietly cultivating, Chu Mu had also learned the Soul Technique- Wind Ride.

In simple terms, the ability Wind Ride could at least make Chu Mu run a bit faster. Of course, its main functionality was to make soul pets faster.

Wind Ride was a Soul Disciple technique and it wasn’t hard for Chu Mu to learn. But what made Chu Mu helpless during these past two days was that the White Nightmare had advanced another stage again.

In the month that Chu Mu was at Heng City, the White Nightmare had advanced a stage. In the half a month riding Xia Guanghan’s boat, the White Nightmare had advanced another stage. Currently, it had reached the second phase fourth stage.

Chu Mu had asked Xia Guanghan what stage the White Nightmare had to reach before it could participate in fights. Xia Guanghan’s answer was that it depended on the White Nightmare’s mood.

Generally speaking, a majority of White Nightmares could be summoned to fight after reaching the third phase. However, there were a few stubborn White Nightmare that would wait until the fourth stage...

Chu Mu could only silently pray that his White Nightmare wasn’t a stubborn fellow...

In reality, Chu mu felt that summoning his White Nightmare to fight right now wasn’t too sensible. After all, the species rank of a White Nightmare was extremely high, and whether he would be able to control it while fighting with his weak Soul Remembrance was always an issue.

When the rain had finally stopped and he walked out of the tree cave, he was met with a fresh and clean atmosphere.

Chu Mu was about to delightedly breathe in and out when suddenly a pungent smell rushed into his nose.

“The smell of blood?” Chu Mu’s eyebrows creased and he carefully hid with Mo Xie behind the tree.

Chu Mu had just hid his body when a male covered in blood suddenly fled from the top of a nearby short tree. Beside this male a second stage Barbaric Dog followed only. The Barbaric Dog’s body was also full of blood and was following the male as he ran.


Abruptly, a bloody light appeared from the top of the short tree. The bloody light travelled parallel to the ground and accurately struck the Barbaric Dog, instantly severing it into two halves. The internal organs and skeleton were completely exposed to the atmosphere and an eminently pungent smell was added to the jungle after the rain.

In the next moment, a creature whose fur was covered in fresh blood scuttled from the tree. This soul pet’s build was about two meters, and its fur was abnormally exuberant. Its four limbs were robust and it didn’t have a tail. Its head was like a wolf, but it had the horns of a bull which were blood red colored.

“Rare Blood Beast!”

Seeing the Rare Blood Beast, Chu Mu was instantly moved. It could be said that on Prison Island, Chu Mu wouldn’t find it strange to see any soul pet. However, the appearance of the Rare Blood Beast made Chu Mu feel extremely surprised.

The Rare Blood Beast was one of the four dominant soul pets in Wangluo City. The clan that possessed Rare Blood Beasts was the clan controlling Wangluo City, the Yang Family. This clan had used the Blood Beast soul pet to gain notoriety, and had rushed headforth into the surrounding large piece of territory.

Rare Blood Beast: Beast Kingdom - Beast Race - Blood Beast Race - Rare Blood Beast subrace - Middle Class Warrior Rank

The biggest trait of a Rare Blood Beast was that it possessed the techniques Blood Yearning and Blood Frenzy. Under the state of Blood Yearning, the Rare Blood Beast’s fighting power would increase and it would become fearless.

Blood Frenzy was even more terrifying. The soul pet would enter a berserk mental state and, after locking on its target, would turn eminently savage and ruthless. Not only would its fighting power momentarily increase, but it would also not spare anything during the fight.

“Someone from the Yang Family… why would one of their people be thrown onto this island? Who else could it be?!” Chu Mu instantly recognized that this Rare Blood Beast belonged to the Yang Family because on the Rare Blood Beasts forehead was the Yang Family’s most distinctive mark!

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