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Chapter 70: Middle Class Warrior Rank

The Ice Winged Tiger continued to dive downwards. As it approached the island, Chu Mu’s heart gradually began to calm down. After passing through the mist, Chu Mu began to see a bit of green and verdant vegetation.

Various sounds of creatures rang out together.  A few were cheerful, a few were peculiar, but when the Ice Winged Tiger descended, all of the creatures fled like a rocket. Another silence followed the clamorous noise.


The Ice Winged Tiger’s imposing body stepped into the middle of a short underbrush. It retracted its wings, and in that instant, caused a wave of violent wind to sweep across the surrounding vegetation. The small and weak creatures within the surrounding 100 meters were suddenly scared away...


The Ice Winged Tiger twisted its head and let out a low roar at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu hadn’t learned the language of beasts, and thus temporarily could not understand the Ice Winged Tiger’s words. However, he guessed that the Ice Winged Tiger wanted him to get off its back.

High species creatures had greater wisdom, and a few soul pets even had wisdom that could compare with that of humans. These creatures thus had their own arrogance and dignity.

It could be considered extremely difficult to capture an Ice Winged Tiger. Even if one managed to capture it, the Ice Winged Tiger may still not let others aside from its master approach it.

This time, the Ice Winged Tiger had been ordered to bring Chu Mu here. Since they had already arrived, the Ice Winged Tiger naturally wanted to return. It didn’t have any obligation to protect Chu Mu’s life on this island.


After Chu Mu jumped off its back, the Ice Winged Tiger let out another roar. Its massive wings suddenly unfurled, revealing blade-like feathers that were neatly embedded. Each edge showed distinctly, creating an imposing aura!

“Hu! Hu!!”

The Ice Winged Tiger raised another wave of chaotic airflow, and it quickly rose into the air before gradually disappearing into the white fog.

“This island’s surroundings are completely made up of reefs and whirlpools. Even if there are water type soul pets, they would find it hard to pass through. In the skies, there are territory-conscious flocks of winged type soul pets. Aside from possessing a soul pet with amazing strength, it is impossible to escape from here. It truly is a prison-like island.” Seeing the Ice Winged Tiger leave, Chu Mu spoke with regret.

Because he wanted to remain safe, Chu Mu summoned Mo Xie and made her follow along beside him. Mo Xie currently had ample fighting strength, and there was no need to keep her inside the soul pet space.

“This island is truly unique. I’m sure that there are many priceless and unusual creatures.” said Chu Mu.

“Wuwuwu~~” Little Mo Xie maintained her pitiful appearance and did not even feel like walking. Instead, she lay on Chu Mu’s shoulder with her tail curled around Chu Mu’s neck.

“You know Mo Xie, when I first saw you, within 10 days you had changed your species twice. How come right now, after so long, a mutation in species hasn’t happened?” Chu Mu said, as he walked forward into the jungle.

“Wuwu” Mo Xie displayed an expression of grievance. It seemed that she herself didn’t know why her species hadn’t changed. At the very beginning, she only had to eat her fill and sleep. Then, after waking up, her appearance would have already changed...

“Perhaps it’s determined by the precipitating of strength. When one’s strength has been stored for a sufficient period of time, a change will happen.” Chu Mu rubbed Mo Xie’s supple fur as he spoke.

“Wuwu” Mo Xie adorably nodded her head.

“It seems that I must obtain a soul crystal. That previous first rank soul crystal only gave you a few more attributes.” Chu Mu said.

When he mentioned soul crystals, Mo Xie instantly opened her small mouth and translucent saliva began to flow out. It was an expression of extreme gluttony...

Soul crystals were delicacies to soul pets. Especially regarding soul crystals with types that matched oneself, any soul pet would find it hard to resist a soul crystal’s temptation.


As he was walking, the small cyan bug suddenly let out a faint noise to warn Chu Mu.

Little Mo Xie maintained her Pitiful Appearance. Her body was clearly smaller than normal, enough so that she could lie on Chu Mu’s shoulder and sleep. As for the small cyan bug, it had squeezed into Mo Xie’s grand fur, and would normally only flee when a fight was happening.

The signal the small cyan bug let out wasn’t one that warned of nearby creatures. Instead, it informed Chu Mu that there was something ahead.

Chu Mu himself also heightened his alertness slowly walked closer with Mo Xie.

When Chu Mu pushed aside a shrub, he suddenly discovered that the ground had congealed into a layer of ice. This ice had frozen the lowest layer of the shrub, and when Chu Mu walked over it, he easily crushed these weeds, causing a cracking sound.

Chu Mu walked forward slightly and immediately discovered a person’s corpse. This corpse had been unsurprisingly frozen into an icecube, and his waist and abdomen areas had been ripped apart.

“Rapid Freeze. From the effects of the freeze, it must be at least a late stage Rapid Freeze. Perhaps this prisoner wasn’t able to summon his soul pet in time and was immediately frozen to death.” Chu Mu inspected this corpse, and only found a few soul cores. He didn’t find any valuable items.


Suddenly, the small cyan bug’s voice became somewhat urgent!

Chu Mu instantly maintained his vigilance. When the small cyan bug let out a noise, it meant that it had immediately detected the arrival of danger!

Frozen Ice Rapid Freeze. From high above on the treetop, a white line of ice abruptly flew downwards and quickly attacked the place where Chu Mu was standing!

“Mo Xie, Flame Awn!”

Chu Mu immediately reacted, and he gave Mo Xie an order.

Mo Xie’s response was extremely fast, and a demonic red light began flickering in her silver eyes. The fiery light flickering indicated that this middle stage Flame Awn clearly had a burning effect!

The burning Flame Awn very precisely struck the line of ice in the middle of the air, causing it to shatter.

“Ice Falcon! No wonder it could instantaneously kill a soul pet trainer.” Chu Mu’s gaze followed the line of ice, and immediately located the soul pet hiding on the treetop.

Ice Falcon, Beast Kingdom - Wing Type - Falcon Species - Middle Class Warrior Rank.

While immobile, the Ice Falcon was exactly like a lifelike ice sculptured falcon. It differed from the falcon because it had a tail about as long as its body that could also be used to determine its stage.

This Ice Falcon had three long, white-colored tails. This meant that it was a third phase Ice Falcon.

“A third phase first stage middle class warrior rank soul pet. Mo Xie, be a bit careful.” Chu Mu stared at the aggressive Ice Falcon that had already begun gathering soul power.

“Wuwuwu!!” Despite facing a soul pet much stronger than her, Mo Xie wasn’t scared in the slightest. Instead she let out a sound of provocation.

“Adhering Flame!”

Chu Mu quickly finished his incantation and a red colored flame was formed in between his hands.

The red flame rapidly rose into the air and slowly enveloped the gradually reddening fur of Mo Xie. In a split second, the scarlet red colored flame ignited on Mo Xie’s body- even her eyes were burning!

“Mo Xie, go injure it. I want to capture it.” After using Adhering Flame on Mo Xie, Chu Mu immediately gave her an order.

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