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Chapter 69: An Unknown Creature

Ice Winged Tiger: Beast Kingdom - Beast Type (Winged Type) - Tiger Species - Winged Tiger Subspecies - High Class Commander Rank

Currently, Chu Mu was riding on top of this majestic, commander rank soul pet. Chu Mu’s knowledge of soul pets was limited to those under the commander ranks. Towards the Ice Winged Tiger, he didn’t understand everything about it, and was also unable to determine either its phase or stage from its appearance. He could only approximately guess that it was above the fifth phase...

High class commander rank- even a first phase sixth or seventh stage soul pet of this kind could contend against a second or third phase servant rank soul pet. A species rank difference was the most direct form of strength difference.

With such an almighty and powerful soul pet in front of his eyes, Chu Mu was rather envious. If he could obtain one like it, he could definitely occupy a seat in Wangluo City!

The island was already slowly approaching. A bizarre mist curled around the enormous island, making it look like a floating cloud over the ocean, covering the earth beneath.

The mist’s area was so large that it simultaneously illustrated the immensity of the island. So much so in fact, that in Chu Mu’s opinion, it was like a small continent.


When the Ice Winged Tiger approached within the range of the island’s mist, it suddenly let out a thunderous roar. Subsequently, it slightly retracted its wings and dove down from the air above towards the island...

The misty white fog quickly floated across Chu Mu’s surroundings. A violent wind swatted at his face and Chu Mu grasped at the Ice Winged Tiger’s fur to maintain his balance.



Chu Mu’s vision had been completely covered by the mist and he could faintly hear odd yells resounding from within the mist.

Chu Mu’s heart tightened. Generally speaking, this sort of omnipresent island mist ultimately had to have a few strong wing type creatures living within it. These creatures were very conscious of their territory, and if any creature were to come near, it would arouse their animosity.

The bizarre cries originally were from a very distant place, but Chu Mu found that as the Ice Winged Tiger approached the island, the noises became even closer and more intense.

“Hou!!” The Ice Winged Tiger clearly noticed other soul pets approaching and let out an angry roar through the hazy white fog, stunning the threatening creatures!


The intense weeping noises disappeared, but Cu Mu could still clearly hear the repeated flapping of wings. Moreover, he could feel that there was an odor proliferating in the surroundings. Occasionally, he would suddenly see feathers and wings within the hazy mist.

The more sounds of wings flapping in the surroundings there were, the more Chu Mu felt flustered.

The Ice Winged Tiger was a high class commander rank creature, and had definitely reached at least the fifth phase. This sort of soul pet would be called a hegemon, no matter where it was, and any soul pet would give way to this superior strength.

However, just as Chu Mu was approaching Prison Island, there unexpectedly were numerous soul pets provoking the Ice Winged Tiger’s dignity!

Chu Mu lowered his head and leaned forward on the Ice Winged Tiger’s back. The surrounding aura of the various wing type soul pets were extremely strong. If it wasn’t for the Ice Winged Tiger’s prestige, Chu Mu could be sure that he would be torn to pieces in an instant.



Suddenly, a clamor sounded out in the surroundings and Chu Mu could feel a trace of panic from its cry.

The noises grew even heavier and suddenly a chaotic stream of air swatted Chu Mu’s body, almost immediately carrying him away.

The noises grew more and more distant and the creatures originally lingering around the Ice Winged Tiger gradually disappeared into the mist.

Very soon, the surroundings quieted down. Only the occasional bird sound would come from a distant place.

“Hu!!!” The Ice Winged Tiger continued to dive downwards, but it seemed to feel something as its breathing unexpectedly became more ragged!

There had to be something unusual about the encompassing silence!!

When danger appeared, the small cyan bug on Chu Mu’s neck would always let out a “shashasha” noise to warn him. However, this time, the small cyan bug had completely huddled onto Chu Mu’s neck. Using a white thread to hang on, its small body was unexpectedly trembling, and it didn’t dare to make even the slightest of noises!

Suddenly, the Ice Winged Tiger’s dive abruptly halted and its flapping wings stopped in the middle of the air. It didn’t let out any sort of roar and only floated there.

Even if Chu Mu was stupid, with the continuous appearances of peculiar circumstances,  he could still guess that there was definitely an eminently strong creature in the vicinity!

Chu Mu had no idea what this soul pet was, but it was enough to make wind type soul pets brave enough to provoke a Ice Winged Tiger flee in panic, the small cyan bug tremble and not let out a sound, and the arrogant and mighty Ice Winged Tiger to stop its flight. This all meant that this unknown creature was so strong that it completely surpassed Chu Mu’s knowledge!

An Ice Winged Tiger, this high class commander rank soul pet, was already considered a peak existence in Wangluo City. Chu Mu completely didn’t think that the second he entered Prison Island, he would unexpectedly see an unknown, mysterious and eminently powerful creature!

Chu Mu’s breathing also slowed to a stop. The misty fog continued to linger around the surroundings, blocking Chu Mu’s vision. Only, this vision barrier made Chu Mu feel even more flustered, because the aura had already completely enveloped this place!

Suddenly, a long, gorgeously tinted tail appeared on the top of Chu Mu’s head. The tip of this long tail had a purple, whisker-like, wooly end. These tail wools lightly swept across the top of his head...

The entire world fell into deathly stillness. In this moment, Chu Mu’s heart also seemed to stop beating. The clear feeling of that creature’s tail sweeping across his head- how frightening would that be?!!

That unknown creature was above him!

At this moment, Chu Mu fundamentally could not raise his head. Even the Ice WInged Tiger floating in the air didn’t dare to raise its head to look at that soul pet!!

Time suddenly turned incomparably slow. Chu Mu’s mind went completely blank!

Powerful! In this instant, Chu Mu felt true strength. It was something that completely surpassed other soul pet’s strength and realms- something that could not be assessed and even more so something that could not be resisted!!

​It was unknown how long had passed before that aura finally slowly dissipated. The Ice Winged Tiger seemed to let out a sigh of relief and took in deep breaths.

Chu Mu’s deathly still heart suddenly surged into a huge billow after the unknown creature flew away. For a long while it was hard to calm down.

Despite having only seen the creature’s gorgeous tail from a certain angle, Chu Mu could ascertain that this soul pet was a mysterious and ancient soul pet unknown to humans. Moreover, there fundamentally wasn’t anybody that knew its name!

Meeting an eminently unknown soul pet in this sort of unique Prison Island, how could Chu Mu’s heart stay calm? An uncontrollable thirst and desire to personally see this soul pet’s actual appearance slowly grew in Chu Mu’s heart!

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