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Chapter 71: Little Cyan Bug's Unprovoked Anger

In the past month, Chu Mu had seen many soul pets. Many of them were soul pets above the third phase, but of those soul pets, not a single one was good enough for Chu Mu to even consider catching. The third phase first stage Ice Falcon before his eyes indeed had some strength. Though Chu Mu wasn’t fully satisfied, he reasoned that it could still suffice as his spirit soldier level secondary soul pet…...

The additional fire type of Adhering Flame had already started blazing on Mo Xie’s body, as its scarlet flames added a splash of wildness to Mo Xie’s silver fur!

This was Chu Mu’s first time casting Adhering Flame on Mo Xie. Soul technique - Adhering Flame was a technique that any non fire-repelling soul pet could use. It allowed a soul pet’s body to have a degree of fire damage attached to it.

But when this soul technique was cast onto fire type soul pets, it created an even more distinct result.

Mo Xie was currently only at the second phase ninth stage. Restricted by her species rank, it was undoubtedly hard for her to fight with a third phase middle class warrior rank Ice Falcon. After all, the Ice Falcon’s feathers were third rank feathers. Even if Mo Xie casted Blood Rending Claw, it would be hard for her to do damage without a direct hit.

Most importantly, the Ice Falcon also had terrifying ice magic. With just the slightest inattention, Mo Xie could immediately be frozen into an ice cube.

​But, after being imbued with Adhering Flames, Mo Xie’s entire body was now covered in strong flames. These flames not only increased Mo Xie’s claws to third rank claws, but also covered her body, giving her a degree of immunity towards the Ice Falcon’s ice abilities- equivalent to increasing her fur to the third rank as well. With Chu Mu conducting the battle, battling someone else who was above her phase, stage, and rank was not impossible!

After the power of Adhering Flame was cast upon Mo Xie, Mo Xie’s fur was as if lit with fire. Against the Ice Falcon’s cold air, there was no need for dodging anymore. Over a few skirmishes, Mo Xie didn’t seem to be disadvantaged at all.

The Ice Falcon could fly. This was the only thing that Mo Xie couldn’t deal with. If it flew into the skies and Mo Xie missed any attack, Mo Xie wouldn’t be able to dodge when she free fell back onto the ground.

“Ice Spike! Mo Xie, use Dark Assault to dodge it and knock over that tree!”

Chu Mu immediately commanded.

Mo Xie’s speed abruptly quickened. All the ice spikes raining down from above embedded themselves into the ground. The occasional spike hit Mo Xie, but would immediately be melted away by the fiery crimson flames on her.


The late stage Dark Assault swept past as Mo Xie’s sharp claws suddenly slashed through the upright tree. The tree toppled over loudly, falling straight towards the Ice Falcon!

The Ice Falcon’s reactions weren’t slow either, though, and it immediately dodged to the side.

Seeing the Ice Falcon move, Chu Mu immediately smiled, and quickly started an incantation.

Before, the Ice Falcon kept hiding within the tree canopy, utilizing the dense treetops to dodge Mo Xie’s attacks. Once the tree fell, the Ice Falcon was instantly within sight and exposed in the empty skies.

“Rapid Freeze!”

Chu Mu’s incantation completed quickly. Two icy balls solidified on Chu Mu’s hands, quickly forming a line of ice spreading towards the sky!

The white line of ice sprang into the air and very accurately hit the Ice Falcon’s snow white wings!

Ice magic obviously did minimal damage to Ice Type soul pets, but Chu Mu wasn’t hoping for his Rapid Freeze to do any damage to the Ice Falcon; he only hoped he would slow its movement slightly!

“Mo Xie, Ripping Claw!!”

Mo Xie’s claws immediately latched onto the tree, causing her to dash into the canopy unusually quickly. Using the branch as leverage, she jumped straight into the air!

Blood Rending Claw: Fire!!

Raging flames burned on Mo Xie’s claws. The effect of Adhering Flames finally completely showed itself through the Blood Rending Claw’s scalding fire damage!

Ice type soul pets could defend against fire damage very well, but once the fire was a certain degree, its damage towards ice type soul pets would be very evident!

The scorching flames quickly melted the thick ice armor covering the Ice Falcon. Without the ice feathers to stop it, Mo Xie’s claws sliced straight into the falcon’s flesh!!


The Ice Falcon immediately let out a pained screech, and was on the verge of falling out of the skies, barely keeping flight!

“Mo Xie, keep attacking, don’t let it regain flight!” Seeing the Ice Falcon hurt, Chu Mu immediately said to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie landed on another tree’s branch, adjusted her position and jumped again, her silver flamed body drawing an arc within the treetops.

“Yi!!” The Ice Falcon let out an angry call, striving to flap its wings and carry its wounded body into the air. Mo Xie’s attack only swiped past its claws, and she actually didn’t hit it down!

Seeing Mo Xie’s attack miss, Chu Mu immediately felt a pang of regret. The Ice Falcon could still fly, and since it was hurt now, it would definitely not fly low enough to fight Mo Xie anymore.


Just when Chu Mu thought the third phase Ice Falcon would get away, the little cyan bug on Chu Mu’s shoulder suddenly let out a light call and spat out white silk out of its little mouth!

The white silk quickly flew into the air, and to Chu Mu’s surprise, it quickly latched onto the Ice Falcon’s wings!


The falcon let out a panicked cry and crazily started flapping its wings, trying to struggle free of the white silk on its wings.


The little Cyan Bug kept spitting silk, swiftly wrapping it around the Ice Falcon many times. Just as it was about to escape, it was trapped again.

Without being able to flap its wings, the falcon couldn’t maintain itself in the air. Very soon, it slowly wobbled down from the air and fell straight into the forest.

“Well done!”  Chu Mu smiled. This little cyan bug’s silk was indeed a counter to all Winged Soul Pets. Once they were entrapped, it was impossible for them to escape.

“I will reward you greatly in a moment.” The little cyan bug’s behavior was very unexpected by Chu Mu, so he patted the little guy’s head.

Finished saying that, Chu Mu immediately ran towards the place where the Ice Falcon fell.

However, just as he walked forward a few steps, Chu Mu stopped because right as he was about to cross this bush and chase after the hurt Ice Falcon, he saw a figure in front of him.

“What great luck, I seem to have found a heavily wounded third phase Ice Falcon.” the voice of a teen sounded.

Chu Mu didn’t immediately show himself but instead hid behind a tree, his eyes fixed on the teen, as he looked through the leaves.

“Shashasha” the little cyan bug seemed to be very angry at the person who was getting a “free lunch”.

“Don’t say anything, let's check out this person’s strength out first.” Chu Mu said quietly to the little cyan bug.

The island only contained Nightmare Palace prisoners. Any human seen was the most direct enemy, so Chu Mu naturally had to be more vigilant. If he could kill the other person he would, but if he couldn’t, then he would decisively leave.


The little cyan bug seemed to be slightly unstable these days. It unexpectedly and very strangely stopped listening to Chu Mu, and instead suddenly jumped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder. It then crawled through the ground filled with branch and leaves, arriving at the teen’s feet without anyone else noticing.

The little cyan bug’s actions spooked Chu Mu. Being together for this many months, the little cyan bug was always very obedient and would always send danger signals at the most crucial moments. But, this time, it very brashly charged forward! This was an action that caused Chu Mu to feel very shocked!

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