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Chapter 7 Surpassing 9th Stage Organism.

“Zhizhi~”Chu Mu crouched and borrowed the sturdiness of the branch to leap into the air. He flew towards the Cyan Bird and raised the machete in his arm.

Almost there!

Chu Mu’s judgement was extremely accurate and the machete fell precisely on the Cyan Bird’s trajectory.

“Yi!!” The Cyan Bird let out a sharp cry. Just as Chu Mu’s machete was about to chop down onto its body, the Cyan Bird’s wings flapped and its speed suddenly increased!

Chu Mu only saw the cyan colored figure slip past him and the machete filled with all his effort only managed to scrape the Cyan Bird’s tail, brushing off a cyan colored feather.

“Extreme Speed. This Cyan Bird is a freak!” Chu Mu’s expression completely changed as he didn’t expect that the Cyan Bird would have already learned Extreme Speed, which was an ability that momentarily increased its speed!

After the machete swung through the air, Chu Mu fell from a height of nearly 10 meters; fortunately, he fell on a soft grass patch. To alleviate the force of impact, Chu Mu did a roll when he landed.

Lifting his head, Chu Mu looked at the Cyan Bird with regret.

Generally speaking, only Cyan Birds who reached the sixth stage were able to use Extreme Speed a sort of flying stunt.

The feathered crest of the Cyan Bird in front of him was clearly only at the fourth stage of strength, but it was still able to perform a sixth stage technique. This meant that the aptitude of this Cyan Bird was extremely high.

High ranking and high aptitude simply made for an extremely perfect battle soul pet. If he could capture it, he could definitely defeat the others on the island.


Suddenly, the Cyan Bird let out a bird cry and the cyan silhouette gorgeously swooped down from the sky!

“Crap!” Chu Mu abruptly realized that he had angered the Cyan Bird and he grabbed his machete while running towards a thick shrub in an attempt to preserve his life!

“Huhuhuhu!!” An intense gale erupted behind Chu Mu and it became hard to breathe. The crushed rock on the grass began to fly everywhere.

“Tornado...holy!” Chu Mu turned around and astonishingly discovered a 3 meter tall spiral of air that swept away everything as it rushed towards him. The grass and shrubs were pulled out of the ground and tore up everything around Chu Mu.

A three meter tall tornado was enough to throw a 100 kilogram body 5-6 meters into the air. If he were to fall from this height, even if he didn’t die, he would at least sustain a heavy injury.

The surrounding stream of air became as sharp as a knife as the tornado was only 10 meters away from Chu Mu. He felt a heavy suction force pull him towards the tornado!


Suddenly, a cow-like sound echoed from within the forest. Immediately after, in between Chu Mu and the tornado, an organism covered in heavy armor appeared.

As the tornado passed through the heavily armored organism, this heavily armored soul pet was only raised a few inches off the ground.

This soul pet had an enormous body and the tornado didn’t have a large effect on it. It only incessantly curled up around its body.

The heavy armored organism was lifted off of the ground and whirled around a few times before slowly descending onto the ground again. As for the tornado, after being obstructed by such a heavy object, it ultimately slowly dissipated.

“Nido Beast! What a timely appearance!” Seeing the rhinoceros like soul pet with layers of armor, Chu Mu let out a sigh of relief.

Nido Beasts were soul pets with both absolute strength and absolute defense. It’s ranking was high rank, and looking at the external characteristics of this Nido Beast, this one was at least at the eighth stage.


The Nido Beast had clearly been accidentally provoked by the Cyan Bird. It opened its mouth and spat out a sonic boom at the Cyan Bird.

The sonic boom blew up the Cyan Bird’s left wing and caused it to reel backwards!

“Pupu” the Cyan Bird fell onto the peak of the tree and smashed its head.

The Cyan Bird seemed to be aware of the Nido Beast’s ferociousness and didn’t dare approach it. It viciously eyed Chu Mu, but had no option but to flap its wings and fly away.

“A high rank soul pet truly isn’t something easy to capture.” Watching the Cyan Bird leave, Chu Mu helplessly shook his head and felt quite regretful.

After the eruption of the tornado,the small forest was clearly in a somewhat chaotic state and Chu Mu was scared that he was still being watched by the angry Cyan Bird. He had no choice but to search for a new area to put down his trap.

Fortunately, his journey was relatively safe, and Chu Mu didn’t bump into any savage soul pets. he smoothly found a new hiding spot and after laying down his trap, he began another round of waiting.

“Those fellow should have already started raising their soul pet’s strength…” Chu Mu couldn’t help but talk to himself. In order to obtain a good soul pet, Chu Mu had to have both courage and patience.

One day of waiting didn’t reap any harvests. Chu Mu propped himself on a tree branch and his gaze was fixed on the bright moon in the sky. His expression was quite bleak and he subconsciously rubbed his chest.

The Nightmare in his body still existed. This caused Chu Mu’s every breath to feel somewhat stifled. Moreover, Chu Mu had already faintly felt that the Nightmare was about to enter the third stage of strength. This signified that he was one step closer to death.

“I don’t know how much longer I can live for…” After muttering to himself, Chu Mu closed his eyes and took a small nap.

Chu Mu, sleeping on the tree trunk, was enveloped by a haze. It seemed as if his head had been covered by a specter. If one looked at him, he looked even more lonely and helpless.

Another three days of waiting passed.

He woke up early in the morning and when he opened his eyes, Chu Mu was startled. His hazy eyes instantly dilated!

Gila Monster!!

His heart made a “Pudong...Pudong” sound as it beat!

Facing an organism that was at least two meters tall, two meters long and at the super strong ninth stage, Chu Mu’s breath nearly stopped!

The Gila Monster was often referred to as a Fire Iguana and was the Beast World’s-Beast Type’s-Iguana species soul pet. It was a fire attribute, and possessed fire type attacks. The fire spit from its mouth was enough to burn one of the foremen’s Hunting Wolves to death.

Aside from this, the Gila Monster possessed an exceptional defense. It’s external layer was composed of keratin armor and this layer of armor probably wouldn’t even be broken by ten Hunting Wolves gnawing on it for an hour. There wouldn’t even be any injuries!

Chu Mu didn’t even have any intention of capturing this sort of a soul pet. After all, this Gila Monster didn’t only have a high species rank, but it’s strength was at the super strong ninth stage!

Its enormous body crawled down from Chu Mu’s side and completely disregarded his trap. It further ignored Chu Mu’s bait and leisurely walked past the large tree with a lofty air.

A fiery hot breath attack arrived, causing Chu Mu to be drenched in sweat, but he didn’t dare to move an inch!

The Gila Monster stopped for a brief moment before continuing its journey and proceeded to walk forwards.

Seeing the Gila Monster leave, Chu Mu let out a large sigh of relief. His gaze fell on the nearly four meter long soul pet. Chu Mu was somewhat gloomy; if he were able to capture it, not only would he be able to defeat all the other opponents in the competition, he would also be able to escape the grasps of those people...

Only, it was a pity this hope probably wouldn’t ever bear to fruition.


Just as he let out his sigh, suddenly, Chu Mu heard a faint trembling noise.

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