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Chapter 6 Trapping and Capturing a Soul Pet.

His entire body was covered in bloodstains, and Chu Mu didn’t dare do anything else too extreme. After all, myriads of soul pets had extremely acute senses of smell; for example, the terrifying and savage Hunting Wolf.

The Hunting Wolf’s rank was high, and it was even slightly stronger than the Mandy Monster. As long as someone managed to obtain one, even if its aptitude was average, once it reached at least the 7th stage, the person could definitely enter the top ten .

As for the inferior Bramble Demon, even if it reached the ninth stage, it most likely would still have problems defeating a seventh stage high ranking Hunting Wolf.

Chu Mu found a hidden region and rested there for a day while he spent the time treating his own wounds.

The effects of the healing medicine were remarkable and Chu Mu was soon able to stand up.

On the third day, Chu Mu had finally, truly, entered the inner island. Chu Mu continued to walk forward with particular caution. If he were to encounter any soul pets en route, it would be much more terrifying than any of the foremen’s Hunting Wolves. If he were to capture such a soul pet, he would definitely be able to sweep away his opponents.

However, these soul pets were all incomparably savage, so before capturing one, Chu Mu didn’t even dare to closely approach one.

“Double Headed Snake, Gulan Nisi, Fire Fox, Ten Legged Poison Centipede, Macaque Demon… alas, I can’t approach any one of them. They are all above the seventh stage…”

Hiding on a tree, watching the soul pets walking under the tree today, Chu Mu would incessantly let out a bitter laugh.The ranking of these soul pets were mostly high or medium. Unfortunately, Chu Mu could only watch helplessly as the rope trap in his hands was never actually triggered.

A trap was currently Chu Mu’s only method of dealing with soul pets stronger than him.

However, Chu Mu’s handmade trap was only limited to high level soul pets of the third stage and under. Just now, all of them had pretty much been at a level higher than that of the seventh stage, and had strength that could rival the Hunting Wolves. Chu Mu’s shabby trap would not be able to contain these ferocious monsters.

Patience...Chu Mu needed to have utmost patience.

“That’s weird, how could there be such a weak soul pet wandering about here?”

Suddenly, a weak and small soul pet appeared in Chu Mu’s field of vision. According to Chu Mu’s estimate, it was most likely at the first stage.

This small animal had beautiful reddish brown fur and had a gorgeous fox-like tail; its body was clearly somewhat small and exquisite. This young fox had evidently been drawn to Chu Mu’s trap by the food that lay there. Looking at its appearance, it had also sustained an injury as it cautiously hobbled over and reached for the food on the trap.

“Reddish brown fur… It should be a Red Cloud Fox… It’s forehead has a silver crescent moon imprint… Weird, isn’t this an imprint only Silver Moon Foxes possess? Could it be that this young animal is a mixed breed?” Chu Mu softly muttered to himself.

Chu Mu didn’t trigger the trap. Despite this small animal truly being at a relatively low stage, its ranking was very low. No matter if it was a Red Cloud Fox or a Silver Moon Fox, they were both of lower rankings.

This sort of a soul pet couldn’t be considered a battle Soul Pet. In major cities, they normally would become small house pets for girls to cuddle with as they slept.

Chu Mu renounced triggering the trap and waited for the small half-breed to take the food, before dropping another piece of food onto the trap with the rope. He continued to wait...

After continuously waiting on the tree for three days, Chu Mu didn’t encounter any satisfactory soul pets.

At daybreak, Chu Mu gnawed on his breakfast rations and decided that if he didn’t encounter a soul pet that met his requirements during the morning, he would take a risk and enter an even deeper area. There, he would search for a suitable place.

“Sha Sha”

Suddenly, the faint sound of leaves rustling disseminated in Chu Mu’s ears.

The tree Chu Mu was on was called the Long Leafed Tree. Ipso facto, there were a few soul pets that enjoyed resting here; for example, the Macaque Demon that Chu Mu had seen earlier.

Aside from the Macaque Demon, there were also the Cyan Bird and the Wind Spirit Butterfly.

The rank of the Macaque Demon was approximately that of the high rank. The Cyan Bird was also at the high rank, and the strongest was the Wind Spirit Butterfly. Its rank placed it as a superior existence among beasts.

The lowest requirement for Chu Mu was a soul pet at the high rank. As for the question about a soul pet’s aptitude, Chu Mu could only rely on luck. If he were able to obtain a Cyan Bird or Wind Spirit Butterfly, Chu Mu could pretty much return to his residence and begin to train his soul pet.

There was an important reason as to why Chu Mu chose to climb the Long Leafed Tree. It was because the Macaque Demon, Cyan Bird, and Wind Spirit Butterfly that dwelled on this tree would not take the initiative to attack humans, so it was relatively safe.

Therefore, when he heard the rustling noise, Chu Mu was not fearful, but instead happy, because there was a chance that one of these three soul pets could appear.

After brushing aside the long leaves, Chu Mu immediately found the origin of the sound.

In front of Chu Mu wasn’t a robust and muscular macaque, nor was it a free and leisurely Cyan Bird. It wasn’t even a graceful and beautiful Wind Spirit Butterfly. Instead, to Chu Mu’s great disappointment, it was a small cyan insect.

The cyan insect was very small and was only as long as Chu Mu’s palm and as wide as his thumb. It had a pair of shiny black eyes.

At this moment, the shiny black eyes of the small pest greedily eyed the rations in Chu Mu’s hand...

“......” Chu Mu was speechless. He let out a bitter laugh and broke off a small part of his rations. He gave it to the wretched small cyan insect and said, “Go ahead and eat it; however, you must bring me good luck.”

This small cyan insect fundamentally wasn’t even considered a soul pet and had upset Chu Mu’s prior expectations.

The small wood eating insect was not fearful of others and after taking the small piece of ration, it stayed adjacent to Chu Mu while contentedly gnawing on it.

The small wood eating insect’s gnawing speed was extremely quick. It let out a pleasant sounding rustling noise and after finishing the ration, propped up its body and pitifully stared at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t care for such a small amount of rations and once again handed over another piece in a bored manner. The small cyan insect let out a noise of elation and speedily began gnawing.


Suddenly, an irregular gale arose and something clearly swayed at the top of the Long Leafed tree. The leaves of the tree chaotically swayed as they fell all over the place.

Chu Mu was startled and after his gaze penetrated the Long Leafed Tree’s leaves, he suddenly discovered a slightly large eagle soul pet with cyan colored feathers as it orbited the Long Leafed Tree!

“A Cyan Bird!!” Chu Mu was overjoyed!

Cyan Birds were a wing type soul pet of the Beast World. The superiority of their wings along with their ability to control the wind allowed them to be virtually unmatched among others at their stage and rank.

Nimble, flying, and wind type soul pets; if he were to capture it, after three months of upgrading its strength and raising it to the seventh stage, he definitely could rank among the best!


The small cyan insect felt the Cyan Bird’s aura and so scared that it shook from head to toe. Its climbing speed was unexpectedly quick as it immediately crawled up Chu Mu’s arm onto his shoulder. Subsequently, it hid in the collar of Chu Mu’s shirt.

“Abominable, this one possesses at least the fourth stage of strength. Its ranking is high, and it’s at the fourth stage…” Seeing the free and easy cyan silhouette causing the gale on the Long Leaf Tree as it circled around, Chu Mu incessantly swore.

The trap Chu Mu had dug was meant to deal with Soul Pets on the ground. If he wanted to obtain the Cyan Bird, the difficulty was truly somewhat large.

“No matter what, I must try!” Chu Mu didn’t want to forsake this opportunity and pried apart the branches before climbing to the very top of the tree.

Stepping on a sturdy tree branch, Chu Mu’s two hands tightened around his machete. He breathed in a deep breath of air and met the biting cold of the gale head on. His eyes unwaveringly stared at the Cyan Bird circling around the tree!

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