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Chapter 8 Species Mutation, Moonlight Fox.

“A Gila Monster was just here, and this soul pet still dares to pass by. Is it another fierce one?” Chu Mu guessed secretly.

The Gila Monster that surpassed stage nine was still not far off. This type of creature had its own unique odor, able to scare away weaker soul pets.

The bush rustled a bit. After a moment, a delicate little soul pet crawled out.

This soul pet glanced vigilantly at the wriggling Gila Monster ahead, and slowly walked towards the food…...

“Blue Star Fox, another little fox…...”Chu Mu looked at the little guy, a bit speechless.

At the trap was a Blue Star Fox even smaller than the previous young foxes. Including the tail, it was no longer than forty centimeters.

And judging by its sparse fur, it should be still young. Using human standards, it was equivalent to a child that just learned how to walk.

“A Blue Star Fox should be a bit higher ranking than the Red Cloud Fox. Too bad it's still only good for being a pet for girls…...”Chu Mu laughed bitterly and shook his head, looking helplessly at the little guy that's was taking his bait.

When the little guy took the bait from Chu Mu, it even checked the surrounding again- clearly a clever little soul pet.

“Not too strong, just too weak. Ai…...” Chu Mu’s heart was hopeless as well as he broke off a piece of ration and handed it to the little cyan bug standing on his shoulder.

The little cyan bug happily took the ration and started nibbling it. “Sha sha sha”.

The wait was always hard to bear. Chu Mu didn’t drive the little cyan bug away, keeping it as a little companion. Also, the little bug didn’t even count as a soul pet, but it had a very high vigilance. Every time there was a strong soul pet, the little bug would always alert Chu Mu.

Chu Mu waited several more days to no avail, so Chu Mu had to switch to another place.

“What…..What’s happening, did I bother an entire fox’s nest, how is there another young fox?!”

The fifteenth day came, and Chu Mu saw another young fox come and take his food!!

Chu Mu’s bait were soul core shards from soul pets. These soul cores originated from soul pets, so to most normal soul pets, this was delicious food.

Chu Mu had a limited amount of soul core shards, and not nearly enough for every little fox to take some.

Finally, Chu Mu couldn’t take it any longer. When another young little Moonlight Fox tried to steal his soul core shards again, he firmly triggered his trap!

“Wuu~~”The young moonlight fox immediately realized the danger and unexpectedly reacted swiftly. The moment the trap sank, it used its tiny claws to grab onto a tree root buried deep in the ground, hanging itself about 50 centimeters from the top of the hole-like trap.

“Sousou!!!”The young Moonlight Fox was very agile. Using the corners of the trap, it bounced back and forth until it reached ground level.

Chu Mu stared blankly for a bit; This young Moonlight fox was at most an infant, yet it was this agile! That trap was set for stage three soul pets!


Just when Chu Mu thought the little guy was going to escape, the little bug on Chu Mu’s shoulder suddenly made a noise. Right afterwards, strings of white silk spewed out of the little cyan bug’s mouth!

The white silk very accurately tangled the Moonlight Fox mid flight. The Moonlight Fox panicked and fell down, right onto the edge of the trap.

“Pew” The cyan bug continuously spewed out white sticky silk, bundling the Moonlight Fox tightly in layers, cutting off any chance of escape the young fox had.

The young fox struggled continuously to try to escape the silk, but though it was fast, it’s strength was too small, and it couldn’t struggle free. Soon, it was out of energy.

Chu Mu looked slightly awestruck at the big eyed little bug, then looked at the trapped fox and couldn’t help but start laughing. He patted his little buddy and said, “Good job. Didn’t know you could spew silk as well, you indeed bring me luck.”

The little cyan bug started wiggling its body, radiating a cute air of superiority.

Chu Mu rewarded another piece of ration to the cyan bug and walked in front of the fox. He decisively picked the little beast up and crawled back up the tree.

Strong soul pets often roam the grounds, so Chu Mu didn’t dare to stay there for long.

The little fox laid there, its eyes constantly spinning and showing unconformity, waiting for the slightest opportunity to escape.

“Hmm, strange...why does this one also have a silver moon mark?” Chu Mu quickly noticed the mark on the Moonlight Fox’s forehead.

In the Beast Kingdom - beast type - fox species, only the Silver Moon Fox has a silver moon shaped mark on their forehead.

And the reason the Moonlight Fox was called Moonlight Fox was because it had the ability to absorb moonlight and convert it power.

Chu Mu remembers the first time he met a fox, it was a mix between a Red Cloud Fox and a Silver Moon Fox, with a species rank of low.

The second time he met a Blue Star fox, which was also ranked as low, but slightly higher than the Red Cloud Fox. Chu Mu vaguely remembered seeing a silver moon mark as well, but he didn’t care about it at the time.

The third time, he met this Moonlight Fox, which was ranked medium. What confuddled Chu Mu the most was that this one had a silver moon mark as well.

“Moon shaped marks should only be owned by the Silver Moon Fox, how do all three young foxes have it? Could it be? All the three foxes are really the same one?”

“Same one...That can’t be possible, the three foxes are all of a different species, they can’t be the same...”

Chu Mu was only speaking without thought. In reality, though Red Cloud Fox, Blue Star Fox, and Moonlight Fox are all foxes, they were of a different species, so they couldn’t be the same.

Soul pets were born into a species forever, this doesn't change….

Of course, there's always a very special exception….

A soul pets’ quality was determined by their species rank, and that differs by species, so it couldn’t be changed.

But in the realm of soul pets, there's a very very very rare situation ----- It’s called Species Mutation!

Theoretically all soul pets could continuously improve, like a high ranked Hunting Wolf improving from stage 1 to higher stages.

But, every soul pet had a limit; even if its stage was still increasing, because of the limitations of their species, their power would only increase minutely.

And at that time, those with Mutant blood had a very small chance of having a species mutation, mutating from a lower ranking species to a higher one!

Once, Chu Mu had heard about this before. A very potent Hunting Wolf had mutated into a stronger Fear Wolf.

The species rank of a Fear Wolf was much higher than that of a Hunting Wolf. A stage six Fear Wolf could defeat three stage six Hunting Wolves!

Mutations were miracles of the soul pet realm, and it was also the biggest surprise a soul pet trainer could get!

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