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Chapter 65: Unexpected Appearance, Fifth Phase White Nightmare

Zeng Ze was standing not far behind. At that moment, he could easily summon his own soul pet to control the scene, but he didn’t do that. Cao Yi had completely lost his sanity, and he had attempted to kill Chu Mu. Once Chu Mu died, what he had to do was report this event to Boss Xia. Cao Yi would then definitely get punished, and the person to replace his position could only be Zeng Ze. This scenario was very beneficial to him, so why would he help Chu Mu?

But, even with no one giving a hand to help him, upon facing the strong Dire Wolf’s assault, Chu Mu’s emotions, which were flooded with the White Nightmare’s resentment and wickedness, were unprecedentedly calm.

Chu Mu’s already pale eyes stared at the Dire Wolf. Just as the Dire wolf was nearing, his eyes, in spite of everything, burned with white devil flames again!

The moment his cultivation improved to the fourth remembrance, Chu Mu’s soul power transformed into a surging phase. Under this condition, even after leaving enough soul power to feed the White Nightmare, he could still cast Chong Mei once more!

Pale flames quickly flashed by. The ethereal flames directly shot into the Dire Wolf’s body. The body of the Dire Wolf immediately began to burn with white devil flames just like Cao Yi!!

“Ao!!” The Dire Wolf let out a painful howl. In the process of running, it seemed to have lost all its energy, and violently face planted as it faced the same pain of a burning soul, just like Cao Yi!

Facing Chu Mu’s instantly cast Flame Awn, the Dire Wolf couldn’t guard against it at all. White devil flames covered the Fear Wolf’s body and started to frantically burn its soul!

“Trash!!” Cao Yi’s face was severely contorted by both anger and pain. Seeing the Hunting Wolf’s soul wounded, he was too crazy to take anything else into consideration and actually started casting another soul pact incantation!

A dazzling green ray and a brilliant light shadow shook in front of Cao Yi. The summoning symbol appeared again. Within the green radiance of the symbol, a Cyan bird covered in plump feathers appeared!


Within the summoning symbol, the Cyan Bird opened its wings and let out a shrill chirp!

Instantly, a squall started and caused dust and sand to fly around recklessly, making the arena very turbid and blocking everyone’s view!

Yellow sand filled the skies as the entire stadium became obscured by the sandstorm, which left everything unseeable

“Kill him!!!” Cao Yi sent another command!

The white devil flames on Chu Mu’s body started to show signs of fading, and the aura of the White Nightmare was no longer as strong. Without the aura of the White Nightmare to suppress it, the Cyan Bird was not afraid of Chu Mu. Opening its wings, its body impressively became a cyan blade, and cut through all the muddiness in an attempt to cut Chu Mu straight into two halves!

Within the dancing yellow sand, the Cyan Bird who cast Wing Slash flit across, swiftly breaking through both air and sand!

“Jiang!!”(TL: Sound of something clanging against metal)

Suddenly, a shower of sparks flew out from within the sand. It was as if the Cyan Bird’s Wing Slash hit a thick piece of metal, causing its forward momentum to completely stop!

Hitting some sort of object, the Cyan Bird immediately let out a furious caw, spiralling towards a higher place.

Yet, just as the Cyan Bird was rising up, an eye-catching ball of white devil flame burned to life from within the swirling sands!

This ball of flame was a blazing specter within the yellow haze, upright and arrogant, as its pair of white flaming eyes gazing at the soaring Cyan Bird!

Suddenly the white devil flamed giant opened its mouth and spewed out a wad of searing white devil flames. The white flames immediately lit the air, sending terrifying waves of evil heat throughout the arena, causing thousands of souls to shiver, as if they were also suffering from the pain of a burning soul!

This bloom of imposing fire burned very briefly, as if a careless lightning flit through. The Cyan Bird simply couldn’t dodge it, and was instantly engulfed!!

When the white flames flew past, the Cyan Bird, who was big enough to carry a person while flying, thoroughly disappeared- along with the vibrant white flames. If not for Cao Yi’s equally dazed expression, everyone would’ve thought that Cao Yi simply retracted the Cyan Bird.

However, Cao Yi hadn’t retracted his Cyan Bird. From the appearance of the white devil flamed giant to its attack on the Cyan bird, only two seconds had passed. In these two seconds, Cao Yi only had time to give one command. With the passing of the flames, the Cyan Bird’s telepathic link with Cao Yi was completely severed!



A soul-shivering demonic cry suddenly exploded out from the center of the stadium, its sound waves causing the entire massive stadium to sway frantically. Accompanying it was an unprecedentedly large evil energy flooding the arena!!!

The temperature plummeted. The winds buffeted recklessly and even the weather darkened.

The frightening evil energy seemed to freeze the souls of thousands in an instant. At that moment everyone, including the Island Master, had their souls penetrated by this demonic sound, shrouded in evil!

Where the devil flames burned, Chu Mu calmly stood there. His eyes pierced the misty dark energy and gazed at the lean man and White Nightmare in front of him. Though he didn’t show any expressions, Chu Mu’s inner world was in a state of shock!

One soul pet, with just its powerful aura, could shock thousands of souls, causing them to feel a coldness and fear!!

White Nightmare!

The pale flamed devil that abruptly appeared in front of Chu Mu was in fact a White Nightmare, but it wasn’t the second phase first stage infant White Nightmare within Chu Mu, but a possibly beyond fifth phase mature White Nightmare!!

Chu Mu recognized this White Nightmare. Half a year ago, it was this White Nightmare that appeared on the streets he frequented and defeated his old servant in an absolutely frightening manner, kidnapping Chu Mu onto the deserted island!

At that time,Chu Mu had been shocked by the terrifying strength the White Nightmare displayed. This time he saw the same fifth phase White Nightmare again and his inner mind still couldn’t remain calm!

The air slowly settled. The appearance of the evil energy was abrupt and so was its disappearance. The entire scene appeared in one moment like a nightmare or illusion and disappeared in the next without a trace.

“Boss…...Boss Xia…...”

Cao Yi’s pupils dilated. The White Nightmare’s flames have already disappeared from his body, but the muscles on his face were even more contorted.

Because, without knowing when, the unpredictably appearing Boss Xia appeared where Chu Mu was standing along with his iconic evil soul pet - The fifth phase White Nightmare!

“Boss Xia…...Boss Xia…...he…...his soul power isn’t enough to… feed his White Nighmare anymore, I…...I simply wanted to help you get rid of him…...I was trying to get rid of him for you!” Cao Yi tried to justify his actions incoherently.

Facing the island master, Cao Yi needed to be respectful and obedient, but facing Boss Xia, Cao Yi’s heart was filled with terror. His entire person looked even more pathetic than when his soul was burned by the White Nightmare’s flames.

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