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Chapter 64: ​Devil Fire’s Flame Awn - Burning Cao Yi

“White Nightmare!! It’s actually a White Nightmare!!”

“It’s a White Nightmare which supposedly only Nightmare Palace core members should have!”

“How can a peon feed a White Nightmare?!!”

To these foremen, a Cyan Nightmare was already a terrifying Soul Pet. As for what was ranked above the Cyan Nightmare, there was an even more foreboding Blue Nightmare.

On the entire Cyan Nightmare Island, only the person who possessed the most power, the Island Master, had a Blue Nightmare. The process of feeding a Blue Nightmare was similarly established on top of the lives of a plethora of soul pet trainers. There were very few people who could completely feed a Blue Nightmare.

In the eyes of these Cyan Nightmare formen, a Blue Nightmare was already an existence way above what they could attain. Additionally, another rank above the Blue Nightmare was an even more horrifying White Nightmare!

The terror of a White Nightmare was something that the foremen could easily imagine! Inside the Nightmare Palace, any member who possessed a White Nightmare also controlled the ultimate power throughout the entire Nightmare Palace!

“Nie!! Nie!!”

The soul shocking weeping sound of the devil continued to echo throughout the arena. It was very clear that the White Nightmare on Chu Mu’s body had only just entered into the second phase!

However, this second phase soul pet was able to release such an overwhelming aura that even a stage four Hunting Wolf would cower under its demonic aura. It’s originally malevolent and sinister appearance had completely vanished, and it simply didn’t dare approach Chu Mu even another half an inch!

The arena was eminently spacious, and everyone’s gaze was fixated on Chu Mu who stood aflame in devil fire within the center of the sandy battle arena.

Chu Mu was carrying Mo Xie and he currently he felt the torrential and raging white flame inside of his heart. His two eyes were locked onto Cao Yi, and he was itching to burn this despicable person into ashes!!

“Third remembrance spirit soldier, hmph hmph… What use is that. You soul power has already been used up. Next time, you have no choice but to use your own soul to feed your White Nightmare.” The slightly pale-faced Cao Yi barely managed to break into a cruel smile.

Chu Mu’s state was very obvious. He didn’t actually summon the White Nightmare. Instead, the White Nightmare had absorbed Chu Mu’s negative energy and momentarily attached onto his body and soul. It then transformed its sinister energy into Chu Mu’s strength.

“Third remembrance spirit soldier!!!”

Hearing Cao Yi say this, the nearby Feng Gu and other peons felt great waves within their hearts!

Could the reason as to why Chu Mu’s strength was comparable to theirs was completely because of the existence of the White Nightmare, which was more horrifying than their Cyan Nightmares, inside his body ?!

They were all around the sixth remembrance spirit disciples. Chu Mu’s strength was greater than theirs by a large amount!!

Chu Mu kept silent. That cold and sinister energy made the surrounding peons and foremen feel a chilliness seep into the depths of their souls!!

Suddenly, Chu Mu’s two eyes were ignited and like a devil’s torch, he unexpectedly conflagrated the pale devil fire!!!

Soul Technique- Chong Mei, Devil Fire Flame Awn

The white colored flame awn once again shot out from his eyes and pierced into Cao Yi's body like two exposed and sharp swords!

Chu Mu’s attack was extremely quick and the somewhat despondent Cao Yi simply had no chance of dodging. The devil fire immediately began burning Cao Yi’s body!!

The white transparent fire unceasingly swayed like a weak fire, burning on Cao Yi’s body. This flame, however, didn’t harm Coa Yi’s skin, and could not be put out.

Nonetheless, Cao Yi whose entire face was pale from suffering the flames, opened his mouth and let out a hissing and painful scream!!!

“Fourth… Fourth remembrance! You… actually reached the fourth remembrance spirit soldier?!!”

Just previously, when they had confronted each other with their mind, Cao Yi was already certain that Chu Mu was a third remembrance Soul Soldier. However, currently, Chu Mu’s remembrance suddenly rose once more. Furthermore, it had received some sort of sinister energy and went into a surging phase!!

Cao Yi was a sixth remembrance spirit soldier, so his mental strength could completely suppress Chu Mu’s. Nonetheless, after suffering from the White Nightmare’s Fear attack, it was extremely difficult for him to use any mental attacks against Chu Mu. Presently, Chu Mu’s soul remembrance had suddenly increased, and had surprisingly suppressed his soul remembrance!!

The white colored devil fire began to wildly burn Cao Yi’s soul. Cao Yi’s entire face was already contorted, and he incomparably and painfully kneeled on the ground whilst screaming and shouting!

Cao Yi possessed a strong soul remembrance, so using devil fire to directly burn away his soul was extremely hard to accomplish. However, this White Nightmare’s soul fire was rather terrifying. Even if it could not incinerate one’s soul to death, it would bring that person extremely unbearable pain. This sort of pain would make one rather wish for death!!

“I… I will… kill you…” Cao Yi raised his head, shuddered and spat out a few words.

The white colored devil fire continued to burn on Cao Yi’s body. Cao Yi, with extreme difficulty, chanted an incantation and summoned his soul pet!

The deep blue colored pattern gradually appeared on the ground and in the midst of this indigo blue frost awn a soul pet full of malevolence quickly appeared !

Dire Wolf!!!

Cao Yi’s second soul pet, Dire Wolf!!!

Its dark blue fur made it seem like its entire body was covered in ice. Each piece of hair was as sharp as icicles, and a terrifyingly cold quickly pervaded the air following the Dire Wolf’s howl!

“Attack it!! Attack it!!” Cao Yi laboriously yelled at his Dire Wolf.

The Dire Wolf stood twenty meters away from Chu Mu. The savage wolf attentively gazed at the terrifying aura of the White Nightmare. It unexpectedly didn’t dare approach and Cao Yi angrily began shouting louder!

“Cao Yi, are you crazy?!” The Island Master stood up in a flash and indignantly roared at Cao Yi who was trying to attack Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s body possessed a White Nightmare, meaning that behind him had to be someone in Nightmare Palace who wielded great power. This sort of person definitely was not a normal peon. Thus, how could he be killed just because someone said he was going to kill him!

Cao Yi was currently unable to change the situation much. Killing Chu Mu had become the only thought in his head, and nothing could completely remove the rage in his heart.

Only, although Cao Yi was angry, his Dire Wolf was clearly afraid of the aura of Chu Mu’s White Nightmare. It unexpectedly didn’t dare approach Chu Mu. This made Cao Yi burst with anger, and he suddenly spit out blood despite his soul being injured.

“That thing is only at the second phase!! It hasn’t even been… been… completely summoned. You coward… kill him… I want you to kill him!!!” Cao Yi indignantly roared at his own soul pet!

After being yelled at by his trainer, the Dire Wolf finally summoned a bit of courage and started into a stride, charging towards Chu Mu!!

Seeing that Cao Yi had actually launched an attack, everyone was shocked once more. A high rankWarrior Rank Dire Wolf, even if it was only at the third phase, had strength that was much stronger than Liu Zhen’s fourth phase Hunting Wolf! How could a peon defend against this sort of soul pet!!

No one expected Chu Mu, who had a White Nightmare adhered to him, to suddenly attack Cao Yi. Even less people thought that Cao Yi would actually dare to use such crazy actions and make his Dire Wolf attack Chu Mu who possessed a White Nightmare!

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