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Chapter 66: Opportunity to Live

Xia Guanghan’s entire body gave off an icy aura as he stood there. His emotionless gaze attentively watched the frightened and reverent Cao Yi.

“Senior Xia… Senior Xia…” Cao Yi was still scrambling for ways to justify his previous actions.

In reality, over those three months, Xia Guanghan had actually been to Cyan Nightmare Island once. What made him extremely surprised was Chu Mu’s tenacious vitality.

For other soul pet trainers, feeding a White Nightmare was fundamentally impossible. However, Chu Mu had raised the White Nightmare for an entire three months!

​Someone who could use his own strength to nurture a White Nightmare to the second phase was of exceptional value to Nightmare Palace. Xia Guanghan had specially instructed the foremen to let Chu Mu continue to develop…

Xia Guanghan didn’t directly kill Chu Mu and instead rather let him continue feeding the White Nightmare. This signified that Xia Guanghan already had a bit of interest in Chu Mu and intended on cultivating him.

A few foremen were extremely clear of this matter. Cao Yi’s actions today clearly indicated that he was trying to deliberately stifle him. Killing a Nightmare Palace member who had the potential of raising a White Nightmare had already violated Xia Guanghan’s wishes.

“There’s no need to explain.” Xia Guanghan slowly spoke, “From the beginning of the peon competition, I have been here watching the entire thing, including when you used your mental strength to prevent him from recalling his soul pet.”

Xia Guanghan’s tone was exceptionally dull, but this sentence was like clap of thunder to Cao Yi, bombarding his head. His entire body actually keeled forth in fear, and he desperately kowtowed in hopes of receiving Xia Guanghan’s forgiveness.

On the Cyan Nightmare Main Island, the paramount power of Xia Guanghan was like the existence of a god. The island master and subordinate island masters who originally sat in a position of power, as well as the various foremen of islands, all stood up and ran helter-skelter towards the arena from their seats.

Very soon, all of those who wielded power on Cyan Nightmare Island were kowtowing in front of Xia Guanghan like Cao Yi. Seeing that the island master and the other powerful figures were kneeling down, why would the spectators in the arenas and the foremen dare to continue sitting? They all kneeled down as well, and the entire arena suddenly became dead silent!

An arena holding thousands of people, and everyone was kneeling on the ground towards Xia Guanghan. Their faces were all facing the floor, and they all held a humble appearance.

Many foremen perhaps didn’t know what kowtowing for this Senior meant, but the most powerful person on Cyan Nightmare Island, the Island Master, was kowtowing in fear. Why, then, would these foremen dare to lift their heads?

Chu Mu stood in his original position and slowly chanted an incantation, allowing Mo Xie to return to the soul pet space in order to recuperate her wounds.

After recalling Mo Xie, Chu Mu gazed at Cao Yi who was struggling at death’s door. Subsequently, his eyes swept over the scene of thousands of people kowtowing. At this instant, he further understood exactly what power truly meant!

Facing the worship of thousands of people, Xia Guanghan’s expression remained indifferent. He even completely ignored the Island Master’s reverend and flattering speech.

Xia Guanghan slowly chanted an incantation, and he recalled the fifth phase White Nightmare, which had made everyone in the arena palpitate in fear, back into its soul pet space.

Xia Guanghan indifferently turned around. Step by step, he walked towards the only person who hadn’t kowtowed- Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t kneel because he didn’t understand the circumstance. Instead, he knew that if this fellow wanted to kill him, then even if he kneeled down and begged, it would be to no avail. The sole reason why he was able to live until now was because his soul force could supply the White Nightmare.

Chu Mu looked at Xia Guanghan attentatively, and watched him walk closer to him.

Chu Mu’s clan also had many strong soul pet trainers. However, those with strength stronger than the man in front of him were few. Moreover, these people could all be considered a bit young!

Even though he harbored a deep anger and hatred towards this person who had thrown him into an environment of death, Chu Mu couldn’t help but admit that this man called Xia Guanghan was extremely strong. Of the people Chu Mu knew of, this Xia Guanghan was an existence at the peak!

“Your will to survive is extremely strong. It can be said to be exceptionally rare. What makes you so unwilling to forsake your pitiful life?” Xia Guanghan’s two arrogant eyes looked down upon Chu Mu as he spoke.

Chu Mu similarly stared at him. His silver pupils gradually restored their original deep black color.

The man in front of him was slender and thin, his skin was pale white making his entire body seem like a frosted idol. When he didn’t move, there was no difference between him and someone dead...

However, for some unknown reason, as Chu Mu’s mood became turbulent, Chu Mu found his vision growing more and more narrow. Ultimately, he was forced to tolerate Xia Guanghan’s clearly protruded face. In his ears was the unceasing echo of Xia Guanghan’s indifferent voice.

“What makes you unwilling to forsake your pitiful life?”

“What makes you unwilling to forsake your pitiful life?...”

“Pitiful life…”

Finally, Chu Mu’s line of sight went completely dark. He was unable to see any object, and his head felt strange. Gradually, the white colored devil fire covered his entire world, making Chu Mu feel no pain at all. This was because his consciousness had already left....

Being tired and dizzy caused Chu Mu to feel as if he had fully fallen asleep. Nonetheless, during this sleep, he could see the perpetually burning pale-colored fire.

Occasionally it was the White Nightmare’s hungry malevolent look, or it was Mo Xie’s bruised delicate body. At other times it was the scene of thousands of people kowtowing. Myriads of disorderly images drifted about in his mind, causing Chu Mu’s head to spin...

At some unknown time, Chu Mu’s consciousness finally went settled and his abnormally exhausted self finally fell asleep. A heavy sleep...

Advancing to the fourth remembrance Spirit Soldier from the third remembrance Spirit Soldier used up too much of Chu Mu’s soul power. Especially since the White Nightmare had already entered the second phase, and required a large amount of soul power to be fed.

Having all of his soul power being momentarily overused wasn’t a good feeling. It was like he had exhausted his body’s physical capabilities to the limit.

Whilst in this befuddled state, Chu Mu could feel that the bit of his recovered soul power would be eaten by the White Nightmare. Thus, in his mental world, it continued to stay empty.

After a long period of time, the White Nightmare eventually stopped devouring his soul power; Chu Mu’s soul power gradually recovered. When his soul power had been restored by half, Chu Mu finally awakened from his faint state.

Throughout his faint state, Chu Mu felt his soul wander to faraway places. Sometimes, he was facing the crashing of the ocean waves. At other times he was in the middle of the sky, swiftly moving from cloud to cloud...

Finally, Chu Mu opened his eyes. He wasn’t blinded by the light for when he opened his eyes, it was a pitch black sky. The layer of clouds stirred restlessly, and under the spurring of the violent winds, surged towards the horizon...

The smell of the sea breeze quickly rushed into Chu Mu’s nose. Chu Mu slowly propped up his body and surveyed his surroundings; he saw that there was still a vast and boundless ocean, making one perplexed and at a loss with direction...

Memories gradually poured back into Chu Mu’s mind and he remembered the last sentence he heard.

‘What makes you unwilling to forsake your pitiful life?”

Just as Chu Mu woke up, he heard another sentence with the same accent and tone.

Chu Mu cleared his mind a bit and gazed at Xia Guanghan, who had appeared in his field of view. His expression became grave and he coldly said: “If you give me the same ten years, you won’t be more than a pitiful bug in my eyes.”

Xia Guanghan wasn’t very surprised by Chu Mu’s answer. However, he momentarily let out a laugh before saying: “Strength isn’t a concept of time. I could kill you right now. In my eyes, you are but a pitiful bug. At a certain time you will be able to kill me, thus I am a pitiful bug in your eyes. You’re complaining about time? Why don’t you just complain about why the Maker (God) didn’t make Moonlight Foxes greater than White Nightmares...

Faced with Xia Guanghan’s cold retort, Chu Mu was still clearly somewhat calm. He slowly shook his head and said: “I will not complain about Moonlight Foxes being inferior to White Nightmares. In my opinion, my Moonlight Fox is stronger than White Nightmares.”

Hearing this come from Chu Mu, Xia Guanghan laughed again. This man surrounded in coldness seemed to rarely laugh. His manner of laughing always made others feel a bit strange.

“I’ll admit that the aptitude of your Moonlight Fox is extremely high. It can even compare with many Warrior Rank soul pets. However, in the end, a Moonlight Fox is just a Moonlight Fox. It will never be the White Nightmare’s opponent. Even if an ant were to become stronger, it would still be crushed to death by one step of a lion.” said Xia Guanghan contemptuously.

Confronting Xia Guanghan’s ridicule, Chu Mu didn’t actually reject it. In truth, a White Nightmare was definitely a soul pet of extremely high ranking race. Even if it were to reach the second phase, perhaps those fourth phase Servant Rank creatures wouldn’t be its opponent.

Nevertheless, although the White Nightmare was admittedly strong, its potential had no way of comparing to Mo Xie, who could continuously mutate. With enough time, Chu Mu believed that there would be a day when Mo Xie could defeat Xia Guanghan’s fifth phase White Nightmare!

“You and that lowly Cao Yi who tried to kill me are no different. You are just afraid that one day you will be stepped on by me.” said Chu Mu.

Xia Guanghan’s smiling expression froze and he looked at Chu Mu: “Do you think you’re smart? The only reason why you’re saying this to me is because you want to provoke me and delay your time of death. Only, it’s a pity that Nightmare Palace uses murder to achieve its goals; your provocation has no effect on me.”

With his scheme being seen through, Chu Mu immediately maintained his silence. Indeed, Chu Mu needed time. He deliberately mentioned a difference in time in hopes of infuriating this man and making this man let him go. However, this Xia Guanghan was very evidently not someone who was driven by emotions...

“In truth, I still don’t plan on killing you… My employer doesn’t seem to want to pay my fee. Killing you would be me doing something without remuneration.” Xia Guanghan’s raised the corner of his mouth.

Hearing this, Chu Mu’s heart also somewhat relaxed. Living was the biggest asset. Only through living could he escape the clutches of this fellow.

“Your performance this half year has somewhat surprised me. By chance, I need someone to help me do something. I can give you a chance to live.” Xia Guanghan said.

Chu Mu knew that currently that his life was in Xia Guanghan’s hands. Speaking too much didn’t have very much meaning, so he just listened instead.

“Of course, I’ve given a plethora of people this same opportunity. They weren’t able to obtain it, and they are still themselves. If you don’t obtain it, you are a dead man.” said Xia Guanghan.

“Speak, as long as I can live.” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate at all.

Yet, Xia Guanghan shook his head and didn’t tell Chu Mu the specific circumstance. Instead, he said: “I will bring you to Nightmare Palace’s Heng City first. You can spend a period of comfort there, then…”

When Xia Guanghan said this, he suddenly stopped. His eyes surveyed the land gradually emerging in the horizon, “It seems that we have already arrived. The speed has increased a bit…”

The last part of Xia Guanghan’s sentence wasn’t directed towards Chu Mu. Rather it was towards the Blue Dragon Turtle carrying them through the ocean.

Blue Dragon Turtle, Beast Kingdom- Water Type- Dragon Turtle Species- Mid Rank Commander Rank. In other words, it was an existence Chu Mu currently could not involve himself with!

Species rank from low to high was Servant Rank, Warrior Rank, Commander Rank...

Apart from the White Nightmare, Chu Mu didn’t have a single Warrior Rank soul pet, not to mention the even higher ranking Commander Rank soul pets.

The coastline gradually occupied Chu Mu’s field of view. What emerged in Chu Mu’s eyes was a vast and boundless continent!

He had spent half a year living on a barren island and now, he finally saw cvilization again. This feeling was hard to put into words. It was like seeing one’s hometown after a long period of separation.

The Blue Dragon Turtle slowly approached the estuary. The appearance of a commander rank Soul Pet instantly attracted a wave of uproar amongst everyone on the dock.

It seemed that he was already used to these noises of shock as Xia Guanghan indifferently recalled his soul pet and walked forward along the mainstreet.

Heng City could be said to be the Heng Ocean’s most flourishing city. This city sat in the Heng Ocean coastline’s most perfect harbor. When compared to Heng Ocean’s important economic hub, Cyan Nightmare Island’s main island was like a sealed village- eminently simple and crude.

Walking into the bustling city, he saw an unending flow of people. If it wasn’t for Xia Guanghan walking in front, Chu Mu would have truly felt a feeling a returning to his original life style.

“I’ll give you one month. A month later, I will come and find you. At that time, i will tell you what your chance of survival is…” Xia Guanghan suddenly stopped at an intersection, and with his back facing Chu Mu he spoke.

Chu Mu nodded his head, but didn’t say anything.

“I’ll also mention that you have a Soul Lock put on your White Nightmare. If you try to escape this city, I will sense it. Therefore it’s best if you don’t leave more than 100 kilometers from the city. Once you leave that area, I will regard it as you forsaking your chance. Additionally, there’s at least a two month distance from here to Luo City. Writing back to your family isn’t of any sense.” said Xia Guanghan.

Chu Mu continued to nod his head and didn’t reveal any intentions of violating the rules.

Currently the strength difference between him and Xia Guanghan was too large. Chu Mu also knew he could only live by obeying Xia Guanghan’s intentions .

“In one month I will appear.” said Xia Guanghao. After speaking, he continued to walk forward.

Chu Mu stood in his original spot and didn’t continue walking forward with Xia Guanghan, who didn’t look back either.

“There will be a day when I ruthlessly step on you!!”

As he watched Xia Guanghan’s lanky figure gradually walk farther away, Chu Mu’s expression grew even more resolute. Using only a voice he could hear, he muttered something.

Xia Guanghan continued to walk forward and eventually disappeared in the busy street. Chu Mu stood still in the bustling crossroad; for a long while he didn’t move at all.

Finally, Chu Mu began moving. He didn’t have a purpose and just kept walking forward along the street.

He spent a night on the streets, and on the morning of the second day, Chu Mu went to look for the soul pet’s Hunter Alliance.

The Hunter Alliance was naturally a place where those who hunted soul pets gathered. This place was the most direct way of exchanging soul cores and soul crystals.

Chu Mu could currently be considered penniless. Living in this seaside city, those who didn’t have enough money would definitely suffer from all sorts of barriers.

Chu Mu’s present fights had always relied on Mo Xie, as it was very hard for himself to be useful. If he truly wanted to increase his strength, this didn’t mean bitterly training Mo Xie. Instead, it meant that he should raise his own strength.

Chu Mu remembered that spirit soldiers had a soul technique- Adhering Flame. This soul technique required about 50 gold coins. Chu Mu felt that there was a need to collect 50 gold coins and learn this soul technique, which could increase Mo Xie’s strength.

Furthermore, Chu Mu had presently entered the fourth soul soldier stage and could possess another soul pet. A new soul pet could be bought from the market, or captured by himself.

After entering the Hunter Alliance, Chu Mu roughly looked at the soul core prices. The prices that the Hunter Alliance quoted for soul cores weren’t that different from the old trader. Chu Mu used all his remaining silver coins to buy a month's worth of Mo Xie’s food- dual attributed soul cores. Subsequently, he bought himself rations before leaving the Hunter Alliance and walking out of the city...

As he began exiting the city gates, it was already very late. The pathway outside the city leading towards the gloomy forest had already become rather dark. The bright moonlight spilt over Chu Mu’s solitary body, gradually lengthening his shadow.

Beside Chu Mu followed Mo Xie, whose wounds had completely healed already. In her luxurious fur, the small cyan bug which had been hiding the entire time lifted its body and let out a rustling noise. It was unclear as to what it was saying...

Just like this, a solitary youth, an arrogant Moonlight Fox, and a cowardly cyan bug set off under the silver moonlight. Together, they made for a bizarre illustration...

One month later.

“Mo Xie, Dark Assault, Blood Rending Claw!!”

On the rather desolate land, a grand, silver bodied Moonlight Fox’s claw indifferently swept across the body of a second phase stage seven Armored Devil Maggot.

The Armored Devil Maggot’s thick carapace was immediately ripped apart by the profound claws. Immediately, a nauseating bodily fluid spilled out of this bug attributed soul pet’s body, flowing onto the grassy ground.

Chu Mu swiftly collected the bug attributed soul pet’s soul core, and put it into his bundle. He used his hand to slowly stroke Mo Xie’s head and a faint smile arose on his face.

“It should almost be one month, we should return.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie always enjoyed Chu Mu’s caress and let out a docile growl.

Ever since leaving the Hunter Alliance, for the entire month, Chu Mu and Mo Xie had remained outside the city and battled non-stop. The easy lifestyle wasn’t of any meaning to Chu Mu, as both Chu Mu and Mo Xie had an intense desire- to become strong!

Mo Xie’s strength had increased very quickly. In one month, she had gone from the second phase stage four to the second phase stage eight, a growth of an entire four stages. Although she didn’t comprehend any new battle abilities, she grew even more adept at the techniques she already knew.

“Final second stage claws, middle second stage flexible fur, middle stage Flame Awn, late stage Dark Assault, middle stage Moonblade, late stage Charm, late stage Pitiful Appearance. Even if I were to face a Warrior Rank soul pet, I could probably withstand anyone under the third phase.” soliloquized Chu Mu.

Of course, in this month, Chu Mu himself also made some progress. His soul technique- Rapid Freeze, had increased to the middle stage and for any soul pet under the second phase, Chu Mu could directly turn them into an ice sculpture.

However, during this month, Chu Mu had not found any suitable new soul pet.

The requirements for Chu Mu to choose a soul pet were extremely demanding. To him, wasting time to raise a randomly captured soul pet was not as beneficial to him as making his existing soul pets stronger.

Therefore, even though he hadn’t obtained a new soul pet, Chu Mu continued to put all his attention into Mo Xie. This would happen until he found a satisfactory soul pet.

After returning to the city, Chu Mu didn’t harbor any reluctance towards leaving this beautiful city. He walked directly towards the Hunter Alliance and sold all the soul cores he had earned.

“104 second rank soul cores, 232 first rank soul cores, 2 third rank soul cores… let me check the quality of these soul cores first.” The Hunter Alliance’s old manager stroked his beard. He completely ignored Chu Mu and from the start to end, his gaze was fixated on the soul cores in Chu Mu’s hand.

Chu Mu wasn’t worried either, and silently waited for the old manager to to quote a price for his month’s gains.

The old manager obviously couldn’t appraise every single soul core. For institutions like the Hunter Alliance that brought in large quantities, managers would usually generally classify all the soul cores before giving a price to each classification.

“Second rank soul cores, a total of 42 gold coins. First rank soul cores, a total of 16 gold coins. Third rank soul cores, a total of 6 gold coins. In total it’s 64 gold coins.... If you have any objections to my appraisal, you can find others. If you don’t, these cores will go to me and the 64 gold coins to you.” The old manager said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu himself had estimated about 60 gold coins and candidly sold all the soul cores to the old managers. He took away 64 gold coins.

“50 gold coins should be enough to buy the soul technique- Adhering Flame. I will bring the remaining money to the Soul Pet Palace to look around. Perhaps I will encounter someone selling soul pets.” After putting away the money, Chu Mu directly walked towards the commercial district and looked for a place selling soul techniques.

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