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Chapter 62: ​ Massacring the Entire Stadium (3)

The battlefield ground was filled with marks. Crimson blood flowed onto the sands, mixing in with the dirt.

A bloody scent emanated yet again throughout the air. The icy moonlight fully spilled down, and caused the entire stadium to seem even more sinister and bloody!

Sun Li and Wang Keluo stood there in a daze. Witnessing first hand their own soul pets ripped into two, it felt like their hearts were torn as well. All their arrogance and confidence from before was instantly crippled. Their hearts sank as they felt like they had fallen into icy pits, bottomless yet frigid!

While the two peons’ mental worlds completely collapsed, Mo Xie’s massacre completely stunned the thousands of spectators on the island. Even the Cyan Nightmare Island Master showed disbelief in his expression!

1V10, but the results- a total massacre!

On the entire empty and bloody battlefield, there was only one detached and demonic Moonlight Fox left. It was covered in cuts and bruises, but it was still filled with striking killing intent. This sort of calmness, decisiveness, and ruthlessness in the slaughter it conducted was like a hunter under a dark moon. Once the fire of war raged on, none would survive!

From initial unexpectedness to astonishment and incomprehension, and finally to shock and disbelief, Mo Xie’s fight could be said to have overthrown everyone’s previous ridiculing misconceptions about Moonlight Foxes, demonstrating  this low ranking soul pets’ enormous potential. Should they desire to sing, they would amaze the world with their first song! (TL: idiom saying someone who usually doesn’t stand out, but would suddenly dazzle the world with their first action)

Chu Mu’s teammates were always standing not far behind him. They all competed together in survival along with Chu Mu before finally entering this stadium. Seeing this entire process, the tidal waves within their hearts were never calm. Once the battle finally ended, they suddenly realized that the proud and aloof teen standing in front of them was like the demonically calm Moonlight Fox. He would wear a Pitiful Appearance but in the most crucial situation, he bursted out with astonishing strength, shocking everyone!

Cao Yi and Liu Zheng, the two meticulously planning subordinate island owners, looked at each other. They could never have predicted that something as unlikely as this scenario would happen!

Liu Zhen had ten peons under him in total. He needed to rely on these ten new members to strengthen and reinforce his position on this Cyan Nightmare island. But after this battle, eight out of his ten peons lost their soul pets. With their now dead soul pets, these eight peons were now utter trash, without a chance to escape the soul eating of their Cyan Nightmares!

“Trash! A bunch of trash! A BUNCH OF TRASH! What is the meaning of you pieces of trash living?!!” Liu Zheng’s rage completely erupted, going as far as starting to chant an incantation!

A light blue light shined onto the floor. Within the glow a sinister Hunting Wolf appeared!!!

The moment the Fourth Phase Hunting Wolf appeared, a tyrannical scent swirled within the arena. The terrifying Hunting Wolf let out a heart-stopping howl and actually began to pounce straight towards the living peons!!

“Ahh!! Ahh!!”

“Ah! Ah! Ahhh!”

Immediately, bleak screams sounded. Every extension of the fourth phase Hunting Wolf’s claw meant another peon being ripped apart, blood and flesh mingling, creating another gory and brutal scene. Even the other foremen, who were accustomed to killing, couldn’t help but drew in a breath at the sight of this!

This island master Liu Zheng was utterly mad, commanding his scary fourth phase Hunting Wolf to kill frenzily. Blood splattered onto the field as limbs rolled everywhere!

Within the entire stadium, no one stopped Liu Zhen’s crazed slaughtering. He was the peon’s direct foreman, so he had full control over their lives. Let alone the fact that the moment those peons had lost their soul pets, they were already dead people. Nightmare Palace had always been this cruel!

No matter the two peons with soul pets still or those who lost their soul pet, Liu Zhen’s Hunting Wolf ripped all of them to shreds, leaving only a trembling and pale Wang Keluo!

“Summon your nightmare and continue to fight!!” Liu Zhen didn’t even glance at the corpses, watching Wang Keluo coldly and said with a commanding tone!

“If I summon the Nightmare, I won’t have anymore soul power to feed…...”

“Shut up, you can choose to die right now instead then!” Liu Zhen roared. Immediately, the Fourth Phase Hunting Wolf, emanating a killing aura, pounced in front of Wang Keluo and bared its teeth. From between its teeth, the blood of the previous peons flowed outwards!

A cold and deadly aura affected his entire body. Under this situation, Wang Keluo didn’t dare to show any disobedience, so with trembling hands he started chanting an incantation!!

Wang Keluo was already pale. As he chanted his incantation, his body was wrapped by a will-o-wisp-like cyan flame.

The cyan flame slowly peeled off Wang Keluo’s body and imprinted onto the ground, creating a cyan colored flame symbol!!

The moment the cyan soul pact appeared, the nearby temperature unexpectedly dropped, and a frigid, evil aura spread recklessly, carried by the unrolling cyan flames!!

Second phase Nightmare!!

All the foremen had Cyan Nightmares and could summon them for combat. But in the recent decade, there were very few peons who could summon their Cyan Nightmares just after surviving on a subordinate island, so the appearance of this Cyan Nightmare sparked another craze within the audience!!

Cyan Nightmare, a soul pet covered in cyan flames. Some even called it the devil who controls cyan soul flames. No one could control this arrogant, evil, terrifying, and cruel devil. It was a soul pet trainer’s worst Nightmare!

A bizarre and frightening pair of horns, with cyan flaming eyes, it floated without need of legs, like a ghost on the floor. The Cyan Nightmare was entirely like the upper body of a dark knight, like an immortal ghost who abandoned half its body. It emanated a fierce evil energy. It symbolized darkness, death, and fear.

This was Chu Mu’s first time witnessing a Cyan Nightmare’s true appearance. Facing such a creature of utmost evil, even Chu Mu felt somewhat frightened.


A hair raising sound came out of it, sounding like a devil’s treacherous laugh. The moment the Cyan Nightmare was summoned onto the battlefield, it immediately locked onto the only soul pet left on the battlefield- Mo Xie.

Mo Xie also stared at the devil who made her feel slightly disgusted yet fearful. Realizing that the Cyan Nightmare was unnoticeably creeping towards her, Mo Xie wanted to move, but couldn’t squeeze any energy out of her body anymore.

Mo Xie was too tired. That battle had pushed her to the extremes of her stamina. Facing this ghostlike devil’s approach, other than using her eyes to show her unyielding will, she couldn’t do anything else!

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