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Chapter 63: ​ White Flame, Chu Mu's Anger

The Cyan Nightmare’s movements were extremely strange as it quickly appeared in front of Mo Xie. It suddenly and immediately used its claws filled with cyan colored fire to lift up Mo Xie. It then fiercely smashed her towards the ground!


The terrifying devil fire immediately ignited Mo Xie’s body. Her body rubbed against the ground, and she unceasingly rolled about until she rolled up to defensive fence where Chu Mu was standing!

Although the devil fire didn’t ignite Mo Xie’s body and fur, Mo Xie was still in incomparable pain because the devil fire was burning her soul!

“Wuwuwu” Her nimble body was curled underneath the defensive fence as Mo Xie let out a painful groan.

Separated by mere fencing while seeing Mo Xie all covered with cuts and bruises and listening to her mournful and painful cries, the rage inside Chu Mu’s belly had already ignited as it engulfed his entire self. It was as if it had burst out of his body!!

When Cao Yi saw that Mo Xie had been wounded, a smile rose on his face. After looking at Chu Mu who couldn’t resist an longer, he didn’t care if the island master found out and he frantically increased his mental pressure, causing Chu Mu to not even have the strength to conduct Mo Xie’s fight!

An enormous pain shot through Chu Mu’s body. This pain was even more painful and heart wrenching because his soul was being pierced. However, Chu Mu didn’t feel anything. His two eyes looked as if they had been ignited, and any sort of mental suppression and pain was insignificant in front of his cold expression that was on the verge of breaking!

Chu Mu frantically let out his own soul power as if releasing the anger inside his heart. His jacket flapped unrestrainedly in the air, and his head full of disheveled long hair suddenly stood straight up!!

“Nie!! Nie!!”

Chu Mu didn’t even open his mouth, but the sound of a devil weeping resounded from within his body, causing everyone watching to tremble with fear!

As if it had felt Chu Mu’s most intense rage, the White Nightmare inside Chu Mu’s body unexpectedly awakened the second Chu Mu let go. This time, the White Nightmare wasn’t hungry, but rather influenced by the torrential anger inside Chu Mu’s heart. This anger seemed to transform into the most sinister form of demonic remembrance and surprisingly collided with Cao Yi’s soul remembrance!

An ice cold aura of death instantly attacked Cao Yi, and his soul suffered from a wave of extremely deep trembling. Currently, he could sense that the feedback abruptly coming from Chu Mu resembled an evil and cold resentment of death. This surge of mental force caused Cao Yi to feel as if the god of death was standing next to his ear, using its cold voice to recite an ode of soul burial!

The moment Cao Yi’s face paled, the mental attack exerted towards Chu Mu momentarily collapsed, even causing Cao Yi to retreat quite a few steps. He sat on the ground in an incomparably wretched manner as if he had lost his soul!!

The instant Cao YI’s mental pressure was relieved, Chu Mu’s body and soul remembrance recovered their freedom just in time to see the Cyan Nightmare letting out a crafty smile as it approached Mo Xie!

Mo Xie’s body was still being burned by the soul fire, and if he were to recall Mo Xie now, not only would Mo Xie’s soul be immediately destroyed by the burning of the devil fire, but Chu Mu himself would also die.

Under such a crisis, Chu Mu immediately recited the incantation for the soul technique- Rapid Freeze!

A ball of cold ice appeared in Chu Mu’s palm. Following the completion of the short incantation, the ice energy transformed into a line of ice that quickly spread over the defensive net!

The white, frosty ice rapidly covered the defensive net. Once it was completely covered, Chu Mu proceeded to use his body to ram against the defensive net!


The frozen defensive net wasn’t sturdy enough, and it was shattered by Chu Mu’s charge. Fragments of ice immediately sprayed all over the ground.

Ignoring the fragments that pierced his body, Chu Mu immediately rushed in front of Mo Xie and used his arm to embrace the scar-riddled Mo Xie into his bosom.

The devil fire had a weird effect of transmission. When Chu Mu’s body touched Mo Xie, the devil fire immediately transferred to Chu Mu’s body, and the pain of his soul burning now coursed through Chu Mu’s entire body.

However, this sort of pain was simply insignificant to Chu Mu. His eyebrows didn’t even crease. He embraced Mo Xie and slowly stood up while coldly glaring at the Cyan Nightmare!

The cyan colored devil fire burned on Chu Mu’s body for a moment before quickly dying out. This was because the instant Chu Mu looked at the Cyan Nightmare, the white colored devil fire around his body abruptly arose, and an eminently enormous sinister aura immediately engulfed the incomparably spacious battlefield!!

This reckless evil aura was incomparable to when the Cyan Nightmare had previously released its sinister aura. It was like a light breeze being compared to the wind from a storm!

Outside the arena, no matter if it were the foremen or the peons, or even the phase four savage Hunting Wolf, under the storm of this terrifying aura, their souls couldn’t help but begin to tremble!!


The soul shaking sound of a devil weeping once again resounded throughout the arena and mournfully reverberated in the pitch black curtain of night, piercing into everyone’s ears!

“White… White colored fire…”

“White Nightmare… White colored fire, White Nightmare!!”

The island master stood up from his seat. His gaze was incomparably shocked as he recognized the white colored fire burning on Chu Mu!

White Nightmare. It had to be a White Nightmare. In this world, aside from a White Nightmare, there wasn’t any other living thing that could release such a terrifying aura of death!!!

The entire spacious battlefield only seemed to be occupied by the white colored flame on Chu Mu. By comparison, the Cyan Nightmare’s devil fire was negligible!!

Chu Mu stood two meters apart from the Cyan Nightmare and his two drastically different pupils suddenly released a dazzling Flame Awn!!

Soul technique - Chong Mei!!

The fire of rage had already been ignited in his body. Facing the Cyan Nightmare that wanted to continue attacking Mo Xie, Chu Mu resolutely performed his strongest soul technique. Furthermore, it was a variation of Mo Xie’s Flame Awn ability!

The Flame Awn was originally burning with red fire, but currently Chu Mu’s pupils were ignited with white colored flames. Thus the Flame Awn released was a shocking pale white!

The pale white colored Flame Awn shot towards the Cyan Nightmare’s body and a bunch of white colored flame specters immediately sparked on the Cyan Nightmare’s body. They proceeded to break through the cyan colored flames and unexpectedly began spreading wildly!

A bunch of white colored devil fires surprisingly easily eliminated all the cyan devil fire. The Cyan Nightmare which had attacked Chu Mu’s soul was currently experiencing the same pain of having one’s soul being burned and it frantically let out a painful shout!

Following the burning of the white colored devil flame, the Cyan Nightmare’s specter like body was completely transformed into ashes. Subsequently, a burst of violent wind arose and chaotically drifted above the battlefield...

The Cyan Nightmare’s miserable shriek continued to linger. The second phase Cyan Nightmare’s strength was eminently strong and was enough to contend against a third phase servant rank soul pet. However, it was still too late for this sort of powerful devil to use any abilities. Instead, it was transformed into nothingness by the white colored flame!

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