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Chapter 61: ​Slaughtering Everyone Present (2)

The Thorny Demon Grass was merely stage seven so the needle attack only slightly damaged Mo Xie. On the other hand, Mo Xie’s Flame Awn was fatal to the Thorny Demon Grass. The instant the flame swept across the Thorny Demon Grass’ body, it instantly caught ablaze!


The flaming wound began to quickly spread, and it rapidly proliferated all over the Thorny Demon Grass’ body!

The Thorny Demon Grass’ trainer had a wave of panic and hastily recited an incantation to recall the ablaze Thorny Demon Grass back into the soul pet space. Nevertheless, just as he recalled it into the soul pet space, the body of the Thorny Demon Grass’ trainer flushed red!

“Idiot, don’t tell me that you don’t know that even if you recall your soul pet into the space, the fire will continue to persist?!” Liu Zhen, who actually did not want to watch anymore, suddenly opened his mouth and let out a rain of curses.

The Thorny Demon Grass’ trainer exposed an expression of pain. He no longer had the soul power to resummon his soul pet. However, inside the space, the blazing fire on the Thorny Demon Grass’ body grew increasingly fierce. Ultimately, the flames suddenly and weirdly spurted out of the peon’s mouth.

“Ah!!! Ah!!! Ah!!!”

An eminently painful shriek reverberated around the entire arena. From within the space, the ignited flames spread to the peon’s brain and immediately turned his brain into mush!!

Previously, the Scarlet Scorpion’s blood had been ignited inside its body before being burned into ashes. Right now, however, it was a living human whose brains had been burned before the flames exited all five of his orifices. Such an appalling scene made even the onlooking foremen, whose natural disposition was cruel and cold, to not help but suck in a breath of cold air!!

As a soul pet trainer, it was important to have an extensive knowledge of soul pets. Most of the soul pets on Cyan Nightmare Island were shipped over from the continent. People who understood everything about soul pets, like Chu Mu who had received education on plethoras of soul pets from a young age, numbered relatively few. This peon very evidently had this fatal ignorance. He believed that recalling a soul pet into his soul pet space would extinguish the fire. He didn't realize, however, that the soul pet space was made up of soul power. If it were to be ignited, it was the same as his own soul being ignited!

This once living peon had been burned to death, but nobody would pity such a soul pet master who didn’t understand even the most basic of knowledge. Here, the only ending for such weaklings was death!


The tornado howled, and sand rapidly swirled around. In the midst of this turbidity, Mo Xie’s body was crouched. Her two sharp claws were completely buried in the ground so as to prevent her body from being carried away by the tornado!!

Her silver fur was disheveled and fluttering about within the tornado. Mo Xie’s small body was still unable to withstand the tornado’s strength, and her body was gradually lifted off the ground.  She was immediately thrown high into the air!


Once the tornado swept everything to the defensive fence, it immediately dissipated. Mo Xie smashed into the defensive fence and let out a painful howl as she fell from a height of five meters!

Mo Xie rocked her body and stood up from the disarrayed sand. Currently, her silver body was covered in filth and bloodstains. From head to toe, her body was riddled with scars.

Even in such a situation, a will to fight still raged on within Mo Xie’s two silver eyes!

“Mo Xie, be careful of Wind Assault, and get rid of the Wind Fairy first!” Seeing that Mo Xie was already riddled with scars, Chu Mu’s heart became even more heavy. However, he knew that tenaciously fighting was the only way for Mo Xie to have a chance of living!

After being injured, Mo Xie’s movements had evidently become slower. The Wind Fairy’s Wind Assault swept across Mo Xie’s body and her bloody fur immediately flew off, ripping off a piece!

Nonetheless, Mo Xie’s body didn’t waver in the slightest and her silver pupils gazed closely at the Wind Fairy!

A display of silver radiance washed down, and the clouds split apart, revealing the moon. Mo Xie abruptly rushed forth and ran in an arc gracefully. This arc just so happened to be where the moonlight’s radiance washed down.

As long as she was immersed in moonlight, Mo Xie’s fighting power would increase. In the shadows, Mo Xie’s speed would decrease immensely , but the moment she stepped into an area with moonlight, her speed would suddenly increase. Once she returned to a dark area, she would already have enough momentum behind her!

“Wang Keluo, hurry up and make your Umbra protect my Wind Fairy!” Sun Li’s eyes saw the ferocious killing fox rushing over and instantly spoke to Wang Keluo in an alarmed state.

“You don’t need to say it!” Wang Keluo also knew that if the Wind Fairy were to die, his Umbra would face a predicament. After all, the weird Moonlight Fox not only possessed a fire attribute, but also had the ability to break seals. Thus, the dark attributed Umbra was completely restricted!

The Umbra quickly appeared in front of the Wind Fairy and under Wang Keluo’s orders, its arm once again underwent an odd transformation, rapidly changing into a black shield!

The appearance of the black shield forced Mo Xie to change her positioning and she quickly ran around to the other side. However, Wang Keluo’s commands weren’t slow and he very rapidly  made the Umbra change its position. From the beginning to the end, it protected the Wind Fairy, which could launch long ranged attacks.

Chu Mu made Mo Xie unceasingly change positions as he searched for an opportunity to attack. However, the Umbra’s shadow shield defense was extremely secure. This, combined with the Wind Fairy, made it extremely difficult to unleash an attack.

Mo Xie’s magic power had already been excessively used, and it would be very hard for her to use Flame Awn. Currently, she could only rely on the strength from being immersed in the moonlight to persevere in this fight!

“Mo Xie, do you see the moonlight next to the Umbra’s side?!” Chu Mu said.


Mo Xie immediately discovered a ray of moonlight that had penetrated the clouds and shone next to the Umbra. The bright radiance fell on the Umbra’s ugly body...

“Okay! Even if it has the shadow shield, what does it matter? Break it apart!”


Mo Xie lifted her head and her body immediately rushed forth from under the moonlight. Dark Assault’s effect allowed her movement speed to momentarily increase, and within the motley moonlight she was like a powerful arrow flying along the ground!


The Wind Fairy’s Wind Assault was used once more. However, Mo Xie was so stubbornly insistent on attacking that she had no intention of dodging. Instead she let the sharp Wind Assault rip apart her fur and, without hesitation, increased her speed!!

In the shadows, Mo Xie leapt up. She didn’t jump over the shadow shield’s height but rather faced the shadow shield head on!!

A group of silver moon rays silently illuminated the cold silhouette filled with killing intent. In a flash, its claws dyed in fresh blood were fully extended!!

Crimson red was blood. Silver pigments were the moon. Two striking colors astonishingly appeared in the shadowy area outside the group of moon rays, completely breaking open the dark!!

It was unclear whether it was Blood Rending Claw or Moon Blade, or perhaps a combination of the two, but the bloody, silver claws made an arc that slashed down towards the center of the shadow shield. The shadow shield was like a black surface of water and easily ripped apart!!

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