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Chapter 56: ​Mark, Seal Break

“Get rid of all those pieces of trash.” Wang Keluo smiled cruelly and said to his team mates.

Feng Gu had already told everyone to decisively recall their soul pets if they couldn’t resist their enemies. As the enemies’ attacks became increasingly severe, there were only two or three soul pets left on their side.


A sonic boom sounded out, its piercing sound resonating throughout the sandy battlefield. Li Zhi’s White Feathered Eagle was ruthlessly hit in the skies. Immediately, a few savage soul pets pounced forward!

Individual strength was solely judged by the foremen. Li Zhi had originally wanted to last a little bit longer so his individual strength would rank higher, but he hadn’t anticipated being struck in midair. Quickly, he started chanting the retraction spell!


White feathers stained with blood scattered into the air. In the end, Li Zhi’s speed of retraction was too slow. The moment his White Feathered Eagle fell from the skies, it was torn apart by beast claws!

Seeing his own White Feathered Eagle slaughtered ruthlessly, Li Zhi fell to the ground as if he had lost his soul, clawing at his head with a face of utter despair.

The others looked at Li Zhi and secretly rejoiced that they had retracted their soul pets in time. At the same time, they felt sorry for Li Zhi. If he had retracted his soul pet just a bit earlier, then it wouldn’t have had to end like this!

“Chu Mu, you should probably retract your soul pet, we can’t defeat them.” After Feng Gu retracted his Rock Monster, he spoke to Chu Mu. Feng Gu was only warning him out of the goodness of his heart, but when he spoke, he suddenly noticed that Chu Mu’s pale face was covered in sweat!

Seeing this, Feng Gu quickly realized something, and he looked towards Cao Yi behind him.

Cao Yi immediately glared at Feng Gu and let out a cold humph, “Don’t meddle in other people’s business, get out of here.”

Chu Mu’s rage was at its apex. Cao Yi’s Remembrance was stronger than his, so he was completely suppressed, unable to chant the soul pact incantation. Additionally, with the retracting of Feng Gu’s Rock Monster, the Shadow Seizing, Soul Fixated Mo Xie was the only one left on the battlefield!

“What? The Moonlight Fox’s master isn’t planning on retracting his soul pet yet?”

“Under these circumstances, the longer you last, the higher you’ll rank in individual strength. But with poor control, the tragedy of the White Feathered Eagle’s owner might be reenacted.

“After being controlled by the Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation, any perseverance is simply wasted energy.”

Discussion soon started outside the stadium as everyone’s gaze fell onto Mo Xie, the last one remaining on her side.


Mo Xie cried out, evidently aware that Chu Mu was under someone else’s mental restriction!!


Strict foxcalls travelled out, and Mo Xie’s silver gaze immediately locked onto the abhorring Cao Yi. Her silver fur abruptly began floating bizarrely.

“Want to escape? Not that simple!” Wang Keluo smiled and immediately commanded his Umbra to increase its restricting power!!


Mo Xie’s silver fur started to wave around unrestrained. The silver moon shaped mark on her forehead unexpectedly burst forth with radiance. A faint moon shaped luster wrapped around Mo Xie’s body. This gorgeous moon image was perfectly superimposed onto her indignantly foxcalling head!

“Silver Moonfox’s Seal Break!!”

This scene instantly stirred up an uproar within the crowd, drawing more and more eyes to the Moonlight Fox who was casting this eccentric ability!

Seal Break was the moon marked Silver Moonfox’s unique ability. Of all the soul pets, only the Silver Moonfox had this very special power. Even if its power was significantly lower than the opposing side, relying on its silver moon mark, it could shatter any and all mental or demonic restraints!

The Moonlight Fox and the Silver Moonfox were different. Everyone had trouble understanding how a Moonlight Fox could cast the Silver Moonfox special: Seal Break!

Mo Xie’s first lineage was Silver Moonfox, only becoming a Moonlight Fox after multiple species mutations. The silver moon mark on her forehead was an unerasable trace of her original identity!

The enveloping shadow was completely washed away by the silver radiance. Mo Xie abruptly escaped from the control of the Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation and became a streak of silver as she dashed towards Cao Yi!!


Mo Xie’s petite body ferociously slammed into the ten meter high protective shielding, causing the entire shield to quiver!

“Wuwuwuwu!!” Mo Xie’s claws frantically scratched at the shield, as if itching to immediately charge out of the prison-like battlefield and ripping Cao Yi into pieces!

“Mo Xie, use Moon Shadow, quick!!”Chu Mu faced Mo Xie and screamed with great difficulty through their telepathic link!

Mo Xie would never doubt any of Chu Mu’s commands, so she immediately gave up attacking the shield. Her body quickly became fuzzy as three ethereal shadows were conjured!


Almost at the same time that Mo Xie finished casting Moon Shadow, a burst of flames appeared where Mo Xie just was, sending heat waves to even outside of the shield.

The crimson fire danced around. Within the raging flames, Mo Xie’s other two shadows slowly dissipated, her real body appearing at the edge of the fire. The fire immediately caused Mo Xie’s body to shine bright red. Even her eyes were dyed flaming red!

“Mo Xie, don’t worry about me. He cast Mental Shackle on me, so I can’t cast anything for the next ten minutes. Their objective is to kill you, so you have to do everything you can to protect yourself!” Chu Mu said strenuously to Mo Xie telepathically!


Standing on the fire, Mo Xie gazed at the extremely pale Chu Mu. Those eyes that reflected fire seemed to have lit ablaze themselves, but knowing she couldn’t break the shield with her own strength, she unexpectedly and cool-headedly turned towards the attacking soul pets!

The one who cast the Flame Blast was the second form first stage Flame Tail. Currently, Mo Xie’s rage was at its peak. Her normally gentle and beautiful face was incomparably sharp, and her eyes were full of cold, gleaming killing intent!

Currently, Chu Mu’s chest was also filled with anger. Mo Xie was the only one left on the field, and she had to face ten soul pets from the enemy! If Mo Xie had suffered from any accident, even if Chu Mu had to expend all his soul power to cast Chong Mei, he would still do it to kill Cao Yi!

“Captain, leave this Moonlight Fox to me.” The owner of the Flametail eyed the short Mo Xie and let out a disdainful smile.

The Flametail had already locked onto Mo Xie. While running, it dragged its long tail of fire and dashed viciously towards Mo Xie, attempting to rip Mo Xie’s little body to pieces!

Mo Xie calmly stood there, maintaining a slightly crouched pose, as if a drawn bow!

“Barbeque fox meat must taste great!” The owner of the Flametail laughed cruelly and commanded his Flametail to blow a stream of fire straight towards Mo Xie!

Fire quickly lit the dry grains of sand, its red ball projecting onto the entire battlefield, causing even the shields to burn red.

Within the confusion of fire and light, Mo Xie’s elegant yet powerful body remained, in spite of everything, standing in the fire, her silver fur instantly becoming a foreign red!

As the scattering fire crazily fluttered, Mo Xie completely removed her Pitiful Appearance, and the elegant and proud second form fourth stage Moonlight Fox’s grandeur was again set free within the blazing flames!!

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