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Chapter 57: ​Fighting One Against Ten

Gao Yu’s third stage Flame Tail’s powerful aura dissipated in an instant, causing the flames to die down a bit. Mo Xie’s body, which was full of energy, stepped onto the few flames and her body transformed into a captivating, red fire ray as she charged towards the Flame Tail as quickly as lighting.

Dark Assault’s usage let Mo Xie’s speed instantly double, and the 10 meter distance was covered in under a second!

There were still flames burning on Mo Xie’s body. Within the ten meter gap, astonishingly appeared the gorgeous figure of a fire fox. At the end of the long figure, both fire rays and ice rays interweaved!!

Regardless if it was the Flame Tail’s master or the spectators outside the battlefield, no one had expected that a Moonlight Fox would be immune to a Flame Tail’s fire and would proceed to launch an extremely fierce attack after leaving the flames!!

A blade’s awn briefly flashed and an exceptionally accurate cut appeared on the Flame Tail’s neck, immediately revealing a deep, bloody line along its long neck.

“Pu chi”

Fresh red blood splashed from within the fire, spraying everywhere.

Following the slow collapse of the Flame Tail’s body, the originally clamorous battlefield instantly went quiet. Everyone’s attention was now fixated on the now-dead Flame Tail.

Merciless, decisive, cold, and icily arrogant. Currently, what everyone saw was no longer the previously weak and petite stage six Moonlight Fox. Instead, they saw a Blood Fox that could step upon flames, a fox that possessed a body of grandeur fur, a fox that had an eminent figure, and a fox that carried an imposing killing aura

“Phase two stage four!!!”

Without any obstruction from the fire, and contrasted by the corpse underneath her feet, Mo Xie’s figure was completely exposed under everyone’s field of view!

“Eight stages… this Moonlight Fox unexpectedly hid eight stages of strength. No wonder it appeared to be so powerful in the earlier fight!!”

“But it’s still fishy. Even if it’s at phase two stage four, how does this Moonlight Fox possess the strength to break free from the seal? How is it immune to fire? Unless this Moonlight Fox has already undergone soul crystal training… but a soul crystal isn’t something that a peon should have!”

Once the silence faded, various voices rang from outside the battlefield. Everyone’s gaze had shifted towards the soul pet trainer controlling the Moonlight Fox.

The Flame Tail’s Master was staring at his deceased Flame Tail. The previously haughty and contemptuous attitude was completely gone. The only thing that remained was an expression of disbelief and a fear that filled his eyes of the advent of death!

“This Moonlight Fox is a bit weird, you guys fight together!” Wang Keluo’s eyebrows creased. Originally, he thought that he could quickly settle this fight, but he didn’t expect that even under these circumstances, they would still lose a soul pet!

Indeed, the strength that Mo Xie exposed had been too sudden. No one expected a second phase first stage Flame Tail to be instantly killed!

Liu Zhen’s peons knew that when it came to one on ones, only Wang Keluo’s Umbra could confront this acutely spirited and threatening Moonlight Fox. The other people's soul pets would find it very difficult to defeat this abnormal Moonlight Fox. Thus, in the next moment, a few people’s soul pets launched a simultaneous attack.

Chu Mu’s whole body was incapable of moving and he could only use his mental thought transmissions to oversee Mo Xie’s fight. Aware that the enemy’s soul pets were surrounding and attacking Mo Xie, Chu Mu’s heart was even more apprehensive. However, what he needed to do the most right now was to remain calm!

“Mo Xie, run around the defensive fence!” Chu Mu glanced around and spoke to Mo Xie after instantly locating a bit of stirring in the sandy ground.

Mo Xie was also aware of something, and promptly dashed away, speedily avoiding the attacks of the few chasing soul pets.

“Beng!!! Beng!!! Beng!!!”

As Mo Xie was running, an incomparably sharp rattan prick abruptly thrust out of the nearby ground like a sharp sword!!

Mo Xie ran while constantly changing positions. She brushed right past the sharp rattan several times. The spectators outside the battlefield were invariably apprehensive!

“How repulsive, this crafty fox!!” The Thorny Demon’s trainer looked at the Moonlight Fox and swore under his breath.

Facing such concentrated rattan attacks, the Moonlight Fox was surprisingly completely uninjured- implying that its dodging ability was excessively strong!

Chu Mu and Mo Xie had encountered a Blood Rattan Demon in the jungle. The Blood Rattan Demon’s Blood Rattan Pierce attacks were much more concentrated than this Thorny Demon’s. That level of attack could only leave a few scrapes on Mo Xie’s body. Therefore, how could this slower and much sparser rattan attacks wound Mo Xie?!

“Mo Xie, change your location!”

Mo Xie had been revolving around the defensive fense in a run. After running for about half the time they had spent so far on the battlefield, Mo Xie suddenly used the defensive fence to jump high into the air!


Underneath Mo Xie, the Nido Monster’s heavy body resolutely slammed into the defensive netting and suddenly a burst of irregular metallic sounds rang out!

Meanwhile, Mo Xie proceeded to fly above the Nido Monster’s body in a fine arc while beautifully dodging the charge attack. Instantly, a wave of gasps was heard from outside the battlefield.

After gracefully landing onto the ground, she suddenly rushed towards the center of the battlefield. Whilst running, her silhouette immediately turned blurry. Indistinctly, one was able to make out three malevolent Moonlight Foxes moving on the sandy field as fast as lightning.

“Sou sou sou!!”

The Barbaric Dog was fundamentally unable to discern the actual Moonlight Fox, and it was unable to withstand her attack!

The three silhouettes proceeded to pass by the completely dumbfounded Barbaric Dog. The stage nine Barbaric Dog simply did not have any reaction as a bloody streak appeared on his body!

The dog’s belly was ripped apart, the intestinal innards of the Barbaric Dog were exposed; it let out a painful howl that instantly rang out over the battlefield’s exterior.

“Using the dodging technique, Moon Shadow, to attack... this Moonlight Fox’s fighting ability is abnormal!”

When the Barbaric Dog’s trainer saw his soul pet suffering from a fatal attack, his complexion immediately paled. Without the slightest hesitation, he recited an incantation and recalled his soul pet back into its soul pet space.

Beleaguered by 10 soul pets. Even in this situation, the Moonlight Fox was unexpectedly still able to dispose of two opponents. This sort of imposing demeanor instantly caused the atmosphere in the entire battle arena to surge!

“Why hasn’t the Moonlight Fox’s master recalled his soul pet? Having already killed a Flame Tail and Barbaric Dog, this person’s strength definitely ranks within the top ten!”

“That peon still doesn’t have an intention of recalling. Could it be that this brat wants to fight one versus ten?!”

Previously, the people outside the battlefield thought that Chu Mu didn’t recall Mo Xie because he wanted to persevere for a while longer in order to assert his strength as one of the foremost. However, as the fight continued on, everyone shockingly discovered that the Moonlight Fox didn’t seem like it was barely holding on. Instead, it seemed like an intelligent fox that circuitously and perceptively outflanked numerous soul pets. It was constantly searching for the perfect opportunity to viciously hunt and kill!!

Fighting one against ten!! How could this sort of imposing style keep the thousands of people outside the arena calm?! The decisive murderous aura had already shaken the entire arena!!

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