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Chapter 55: Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation

The line-up of either sides soul pets had already been displayed. Therefore, when the soul pets were summoned this time around, both inside and outside the battlefield, the discussions were not about the peons’ soul pets.

Of course, the crowd didn’t discuss who would obtain victory in this fight, but rather how many minutes it would take for the fight to end...

“Begin the fight!”

After the voice died down, Ting Yu, who possessed a plant kingdom soul pet immediately began to lay down a battle barrier. Enormous thorny roses began to blossom on the battlefield, quickly forming a thorny rose wall.

“I can only do this much…” Ting Yu said.

Ting Yu’s Thorny Rose demon had been injured during the last battle. Thus, she could only barely summon it for this short period of time.

Once the thorny rose wall was formed, four thorny rattans covered in sharp barbs suddenly appeared in the middle of the sandy ground like four wolf teeth hammers. These four thorny rattans twisted their bodies like four pythons and swept right across the flower wall constructed by Ting Yu’s Thorny Rose Demon.

“Hu hu!!”

Once the four thorny rattans swept across, the entire wall immediately transformed into flurry of ruined petals that messily fluttered around the somewhat turbid battlefield.

“This flower wall technique is but a decoration.” On the opposing side, the peon controlling the second phase fifth stage Thorny Demon jeered, intentionally speaking in a way that Ting Yu could hear it.

Ting Yu knew that she wasn’t his match and didn’t try to be brave. She immediately made her Thorny Rose Demon retreat to the back, and planned to make it use a few more techniques, after which she would recall her already injured soul pet.

Feng Gu, Li Zhi and others didn’t instruct their soul pets to rush out. Instead they waited for the enemy attacks to come.

Chu Mu made Mo Xie separate herself from the team and wander around the edge of the battlefield. If she had enough space, Mo Xie could utilize her full speed. Moreover, if she were to stay over there, she would only sustain the AOE (area of effect) damage from the enemy’s magic techniques.

Sure enough, when the second phase second stage Wind Fairy came close, a six meter wide and five meter tall tornado astonishingly appeared.

Grains of sand tumbled through the air as the squall whistled on!

The powerful tornado was like a wild beast charging into their soul pet formation. If it wasn’t for Feng Gu’s Rock Demon using its body to resist, it would have definitely caused a flurry of damage.

“Spread apart a bit, this Wind Fairy’s Tornado has already reached the Final Stage.” Feng Gu said to everyone.

Everyone else was also aware of the tornado’s might, and one by one they ordered their soul pets to separate. However, just as they separated, the sandy ground suddenly broke apart and, like thick snakes, four thorny rattans abruptly appeared.

Thorny Bind! The Thorny Demon’s control was extremely terrifying. Four thorny rattans suddenly bound four soul pets whose bodies were then pierced by these thorny rattans. They were rendered completely unable to move and could only let out painful cries.

The second phase fifth stage Thorny Demon could be reckoned as one of the best soul pets among peons. One Thorny Binding Technique was able to exhibit such a large strength difference with these stage one eighth stage soul pets.

“Shua shua!!”

Mo Xie who had been wandering around the periphery had returned to the team at some unknown time. Her claws intersected and very precisely struck the thorny rattans sprouting up from the ground. The Thorny Demon’s trainer had completely neglected the Moonlight Fox’s appearance, and wasn’t able to retract the thorny rattan in time. Its rattan was fully severed by Mo Xie’s claws!

The Thorny Demon’s rattans could regrow, but it required at least two days. This phase two stage five Thorny Demon possessed five ratans. In the previous fight, it had lost one, and right now, another one had just had been severed by Mo Xie.

The Thorny Demon’s trainer immediately locked his gaze onto Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox and a slightly indignant expression appeared on his face. He was about to command the Thorny Demon to chase after the Moonlight Fox when Wang Keluo, who was standing next to him, said: “You just have to deal with the others. Don’t disturb my Umbra.”

Wang Keluo’s tone was extremely cold. His tone resembled that of an order, but the Thorny Demon’s trainer didn’t reveal even a hint of discontent. He seemed to be exceptionally fearful of Wang Keluo!

Thorny Bind lasted for only five more seconds. The other three soul pets were pierced by the thorny rattan’s wolf teeth needles and were bleeding. Their entire bodies were full of injuries, and their fighting power had been severely weakened.

“The rattan’s needles have corroding poison. Recall your soul pets and I’ll let my Thorny Rose Demon detoxify them.” Ting Yu said.

The three peons immediately made their soul pets retreat. Ting Yu made use of her Thorny Rose Demon’s unique technique, Plant Nectar, and dripped the unique flower juice on the three soul pets’ wounds relieving the remaining venom on their wounds.

After the three soul pets retreated to the back, a gap appeared within the team. At this time, a violent vibration noise immediately resounded around the entire battlefield as the sand on the ground flew into the air!!

The opposing soul pets had already launched an attack! Sand swirled everywhere as they ferociously charged towards the opposing group!

Chu Mu extremely decisively made Mo Xie separate herself from the team. With Mo Xie’s speed, there wasn’t any soul pet that could catch up to her. Chu Mu only wanted to quietly observe the changes. If the situation was too miserable, then he would immediately give up.

None of the opposing side’s soul pets focused Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox and instead charged towards Feng Gu and the others’ soul pets. The difference in grandeur and strength immediately caused the fight to appear one sided.

“This fight isn’t that important.” Chu Mu let out a sigh.

Just as Chu Mu sighed, he astonishingly discovered that a black shadow had suddenly appeared above Mo Xie as it weirdly enveloped Mo Xie’s body.

“Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation- an expert Umbras’ restricting technique…”

Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation was a dark and beast attributed combination mental technique. After entering the enemy’s shadow, the enemy’s body would be rendered immobile, all the while being unable to use any mental techniques.

Wang Keluo’s mouth formed into a smile and he intentionally stared at the opposing Chu Mu and muttered: “Even if your Moonlight Fox’s speed quicker, it would still not be able to break out of my Umbra’s Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation!”

Mo Xie’s body was immobile and the two silver eyes bore a few traces of anger as she stared at her own shadow that had turned a bit strange.

“The technique isn’t that bad, but…” Chu Mu actually felt rather surprised by this ability as the technique had restricted Mo Xie’s movements. However, Chu Mu had already planned on forfeiting this battle, and the Shadow Seizing Soul Fixation could not prevent a soul pet trainer’s recalling ability.

After the chaotic battle had begun, there were people successively recalling their own soul pets. Chu Mu also chanted his incantation to directly recall Mo Xie.

Suddenly, at this moment, Chu Mu abruptly felt an extremely subtle mental pulse!

This mental pulse was most definitely directed at him!

Chu Mu didn’t expect that someone would mount a sneak attack on him. The piercing chilly mental remembrance dug into Chu Mu’s mind and proceeded to sever his recall incantation. Quickly thereafter, it sealed his soul remembrance!

Chu Mu’s heart froze and he suddenly felt that his body had become much heavier. From head to toe he felt frozen, and was incapable of moving!

“Such an interesting battle, why don’t you enjoy it for a while longer.” Cao Yi had at some unknown time appeared behind Chu Mu and used an extremely peculiar tone as he talked to Chu Mu!

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