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Chapter 54: Comparable to a Commander Rank Soul Pet

Chu Mu didn’t pay anymore attention to the other questions. Instead, he began to pour his Remembrance into his soul pet space. Just now, he had heard an indescribable shout from Mo Xie.

Xin Xue felt that she was being ignored and her expression immediately changed. However, she didn’t dare to fully express her mood, and she ultimately exposed a very strange expression.


Mo Xie’s voice once again reverberated through Chu Mu’s sea of consciousness unceasingly. This type of shout could be said to be extremely familiar to Chu Mu.

“You’re leveling up!” A feeling of ecstasy welled up within Chu Mu.

Continuous battle could rapidly level up a soul pet. In these past few days, Chu Mu had fed Mo Xie the Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen so that she could advance to stage three, before continuously battling in the jungle. Chu Mu had estimated that Mo Xie would level up soon, but didn’t expect that the Growth Radiance emitted from levelling up would arrive so soon after the battle ended!

The leveling up radiance circled Mo Xie’s body, and while the other parts of Mo Xie’s body didn’t undergo very visible changes, her silver claws were the most conspicuous. An exotic flicker of red light appeared on her claws. Further examination would yield a discovery of some rose gold radiance attached to her sharp claws!

“It’s already reached the late stage of the second stage of Fierce Claws!” Chu Mu felt a burst of happiness in his heart, and he was even more excited!

The Moonlight Fox was a demon attribute soul pet, and even if it were to reach the third phase, its claws would have a very hard time reaching the Fierce Claws stage. However, Mo XIe had accomplished this. If he didn’t know that Mo Xie possessed a mutated race lineage, Chu Mu himself would find it very hard to believe that the stage of the body part that a servant rank soul pet used to fight would increase so quickly!

Second phase stage four! The claws had reached the late second stage,  the defensive fur had reached the initial second stage, and she possessed two powerful attacking techniques- Moonblade and Blood Rending Claw. With the addition of the fire attribute, she could perform the fire type technique, Flame Awn!

In this way, Mo Xie’s fighting strength made her unfearful of other servant rank soul pets under the second phase seventh stage!

In the subsequent fights, he would be fighting teams from other islands. Chu Mu also knew that the upcoming opponents would be the other 5 peon teams which had won.

There was a definite gap in strength between each island. Chu Mu especially felt this gap from the group leader with an Umbra soul pet.

Umbra: Demon Kingdom- Demon Attribute- Darkness Race. Umbras could be considered rather rare soul pets. Although they were classified as high class servant ranks, if they were trained well, their strength would be even stronger than lower class Commander ranked soul pets.

This Umbra’s master was a youth wearing black clothes. His entire being appeared dark and gloomy. It was clearly due to having contact with a dark attribute soul core.

Chu Mu could ascertain that this Umbra had already reached the second phase third stage. However, the other peon teammates in that team were equally strong.Thus the Umbra hadn’t needed to use its entire strength and the team still easily defeated their enemy.

Aside from the Umbra, Chu Mu also saw a few relatively threatening soul pets. Amongst them was a second phase ninth stage soul pet. It could also be said to be the soul pet with the highest strength amongst all the peons. Unfortunately, the soul pet was still a low class servant rank. Thus, despite reaching the incredible second phase stage nine, if one were to  measure the pet by total strength, it would only rank within the top five. It was therefore not the strongest.

“How are things? Can you still guarantee getting rid of him?” Cao Yi whispered.

“Don’t worry, it’s all been arranged. In the next fight, your peons will fight my peons. That brat will definitely die!” said Liu Zhen.

Cao Yi raised the corner of his mouth and silently thought: “Chu Mu… Chu Mu… you can only blame your bad luck. Who told you to have a White Nightmare in your body!”

Cao Yi actually had another reason for killing Chu Mu- he coveted the White Nightmare! The value of a White Nightmare was greater than the entire Cyan Nightmare Island! On one hand, Cao Yi didn’t dare to openly offend Senior Xia, but on the other hand, he couldn’t waste this extremely rare opportunity!

“Haha, Senior Cao, we truly won’t be friends if we don’t fight. Your peons have once again met my peons.” Liu Zhen, who drew the ballot, held a false smile while speaking to Cao Yi.

(Idiom: An exchange of blows may lead to friendship. Chinese is hard >.<)

(The raws also say Liu Yi, but I think it should be changed to Liu Zhen, probably a typo)

Cao Yi feigned an expression of anger. He was entirely pretending with Liu Zhen.

“Senior Cao, how about we go to the battlefield to spectate. It will be even more interesting this way.” Liu Zhen said.

“Sure.” Cao Yi also stood up right away and strode towards the battlefield.

The second Cao Yi stood up, the adjacent subordinate island masters sneered: “Cao Yi, why are you so meddlesome. In any case, you will lose. Why don’t you just sit here and watch, just in case you can’t control your emotions and end up killing all your peons. This year would be completely wasted then.”

Cao Yi sneered and ignored the other subordinate island masters’ taunts and directly walked towards Chu Mu and the others.

“Cao Yi is coming over. He definitely doesn’t dare kill us here, but it will be hard to defend against his underhanded techniques.” Zeng Ze whispered in a very small voice to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded his head and looked at the gloomy Cao Yi. His thoughts rapidly changed as he tried to guess how Cao Yi would deal with him.

“You can enter the battlefield!” The Island Master’s voice rang out from high above.

Chu Mu and everyone else walked into the battlefield. The other peons had ugly expressions. The reason was very simple- just now they had spectated this team’s battle. Even without actually fighting them, they knew that they would definitely lose this time!

Their opponents were Liu Zhen’s peons.  The leader was the person who possessed the second phase third stage Umbra that could rival even a Commander ranked soul pet!

“Second phase third stage- high class servant rank Umbra, second phase first stage- high class servant rank Flame Tail, second phase second stage- mid class servant rank Wind Fairy, second phase fifth stage- low class servant rank Bramble Demon....”

Whether it was the species or stage rank, Liu Zhen’s side of peons was much stronger than Cao Yi’s peons. Even with the Moonlight Fox’s earlier gorgeous display, in the eyes of other people, she would be of no use when encountering this group!

“You should all be a bit careful, If you can’t beat them, then decisively recall your soul pets. Don’t let your soul pets die.” Feng Gu was extremely rational as he spoke to everyone.

The strength disparity was simply too large. Forcing themselves would leave them in a miserable state of defeat. The most important thing right now was for all the peons to have their Nightmares level up to a certain stage. If they had to restart from the beginning, then the cultivation of soul pet trainers lacking soul pets to fight would progress abnormally slowly, in which case they would definitely be devoured by the Nightmare.

In other words, as long as their soul pet died, before long, they would die as well.

Facing such a strong team, Chu Mu’s eyebrows creased. This battle could be considered as one without hope of victory. Chu Mu didn’t want to over reveal Mo Xie, and could only regret losing out on the opportunity to choose a soul technique.

“You can summon your soul pets!” The island master’s gaze swept across the twenty people on either side of the battle field before slowly opening his mouth and speaking!

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