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Chapter 53: Striking Fox

Seeing his own Scaled Armor Beast mortally wounded, Zhao Feng was so furious that his face turned black, but the Scaled Armor Beast already had its armor shattered completely, so Zhao Feng had no choice but to retract his soul pet. Fighting any longer would only cause his Scaled Armor Beast to follow in the footsteps of the Gila Monster.

After Zhao Feng retracted his soul pet, though the other people’s soul pets still had remaining combat strength, the enemy didn’t lose a single member, so the remaining seven were under great pressure.

Ting Yu’s Thorny Rose Demon was absolutely no match for the Wind Demon. Its sluggish stalk was showing signs of snapping already, so Ting Yu had to retract her Thorny Rose Demon.

“Chu Mu, it’s up to you.” Ting Yu said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded, and he immediately commanded Mo Xie to rapidly approach the second form first stage Wind Demon. Mo Xie, who was easily dealing with everything on the battlefield, thought that the Wind Demon was still worth toying with, so she quickly locked onto it!

Wind Demon, Elemental World - wind type - medium servant rank, grasping the purest of the wind powers. If it was able to cast wind magic, then it would become increasingly difficult to deal with.

The Wind Demon’s body was like a turbid gust, with a disheveled head of strange hair. From afar, it looked like a crazed old witch.

“Zhiya!!” The Wind Demon discovered the nearing of Mo Xie and instantly let out a shrill scream!


When the scream sounded, the Wind Demon’s surroundings were instantly surrounded with swirling currents. This gale spun upwards and swiftly reached a size of five meters, sucking in all the sand within five meters of Fan Yuan, becoming a muddied gust!


Once the gust was formed, it swiftly swept towards Mo Xie. Chen Zhuo’s Cyan Eyed Monster couldn’t dodge in time and got immediately thrown into the air, attacked by the chaotic sands.

“Final stage Whirlwind, this Wind Demon’s aptitude isn’t too bad!” Chu Mu watched the Whirlwind, but met it with a slight smile.

“Mo Xie, go straight through it!”

After receiving the command, Mo Xie suddenly sped up, actually dashing straight towards the powerful Whirlwind!

Yet, this move of the Moonlight Fox immediately caused everyone’s eyes to open wide!

The Cyan Eyed Monster’s size was considerably bigger than the Moonlight Fox. If even he had gotten blown upwards, was it even possible for the delicate fox to resist that power?

Mo Xie’s speed unceasingly increased, fast as lightning, and she actually jumped straight into the range of the Whirlwind!

Her silver white fur suddenly glowed with a peculiar gloss. The normally soft and elegant fur changed, becoming flexible yet unyielding. No matter how strong the wind or sand’s attacks were, it couldn’t hurt Mo Xie a single bit!

Mo Xie’s speed was very quick. Under such speeds, even the whirl of the Whirlwind could not lift Mo Xie up!!


With Shadow assault casted, Mo Xie’s silver body instantly pierced through the five meter wide Whirlwind. After Mo Xie passed through the the rapidly spinning Whirlwind, it briefly stopped...

The next moment, the entire Whirlwind stopped, and even disappeared!

The Moonlight Fox’s terrifying speed yet again alarmed the entire stadium!

No matter enemy or friend, they all stared, shocked at the striking Moonlight Fox, feeling great disbelief. Such a strong wind type magic was dispersed by pure speed!

The team battle had a total of twenty soul pets. No one guessed that the most attention attracting one was not the High Rank soul pets, nor the second form soul pets, but a seemingly sixth stage Moonlight Fox!!!

The Wind Demon was not a soul pet that excelled in close combat. Once the distance was closed, there was no chance for it!

Soon, the Wind Demon was mortally wounded by Mo Xie. In the end, the owner of the Wind Demon couldn’t help but grudgingly retract the Demon back into his soul pet space!

The two strongest soul pets had been dealt with by Mo Xie, so the following battle had no suspense. The chaotic and unpredictable battle finally settled with nine wounded and one dead on Liu Zhen’s side!

On the other hand, out of Cao Yi’s peons, only Ting Yu and Chen Zhou had wounded soul pets that couldn’t battle. Everyone else’s soul pets still had sufficient strength.

This unexpected battle quickly drew the audience’s commotion and debate, and Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox quickly became the highlight of the battle!

“Seems like this kid does have some strength. Though Guo Meng’s team isn’t necessarily strong, beating such an inferior team shouldn’t have been a problem. It all changed with one person.” Liu Zhen looked at Chu Mu and whispered to Cao Yi.

Cao Yi’s brows furrowed as well. From her behavior just now, the Moonlight Fox’s strength was clearly stronger than when it fought Ge Qin’s Scaled Serpent. Being able to get rid of a Second Form Soul Pet, it was very likely the Fox was of the Second Form too.

“But, old pal Cao don’t worry, as long as you can promise that he won’t retract his soul pet, I’m certain that I can kill the fox.” Liu Zhen saw Cao Yi miserable state, but simply patted him on the back.

Cao Yi nodded, evidently placing lots of trust in Wang Keluo’s power.

Finishing the battle, Zeng Ze brought the peons to rest outside of the stadium. They couldn’t leave yet because they still had another battle to fight.

At the resting area, Chu Mu naturally became everyone’s focus. After all, without Chu Mu in this fight, it was impossible for them to win.

“Previously, I still didn’t believe that you killed the five people including Zhou Shengmo, but now I do!” The previously grumbling Chen Zhuo quickly changed his attitude.

“Chu Mu, shouldn’t your Moonlight Fox be second form already? But why does it still look like it is in the sixth stage under the effects of Pitiful Appearance?” Feng Gu inquired.

Before, when Chu Mu summoned a sixth stage Moonlight Fox, Feng Gu revealed a disappointed look, thinking Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox was still at the Ninth Stage.

“Pitiful Appearance has improved as well.” Chu Mu replied indifferently.

Now Mo Xie’s Pitiful Appearance was already at the final stage, so unless there was a disguise revealing ability, it was very difficult to tell what stage Mo Xie had reached.

Feng Gu immediately showed understanding and said, “Looks like your soul pet’s strength is quite superior to ours…...”

“Chu Mu, what is your Moonlight Fox’s Form and stage really?” Xin Xue immediately followed up.

Xin Xue had a beautiful face. Before, the peons competed for survival, so nobody cared for a young girl’s looks.

But with the maturing of the heart and body along with the removal of the tense environment, Xin Xue’s appearance and body gradually revealed itself, making the other peons more or less favoring her.

Xin Xue indeed was curious in Chu Mu, so when asking Chu Mu, she even made her voice gentler…...

Chu Mu glanced at the pretentious and flirting Xin Xue, but he simply smiled slightly and didn’t bother answering the question.​

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