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Chapter 52: Instant Kill - Changing the Situation

Everyone was shocked. No one expected a stage six Moonlight Fox to be this fast!

Zhao Feng clenched his teeth, having already guessed that Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox was hiding her strength. Immediately, he ordered his Scaled Armor Beast to free itself from the chaotic battle and rush towards Mo Xie.

The Scaled Armor Beast possessed an extremely thick armor. Only by using Blood Rending Claw could Mo Xie rip apart its defense. However, Chu Mu didn’t want to expose Mo Xie’s full strength too early!

“Ignore it. Attack the other weaker soul pets.” Chu Mu gave Mo Xie an order.

Mo Xie leapt up into the air and her slender silver body flew in an arc over the sandy battlefield, immediately slipping onto the top of the Scaled Armor Beast’s enormous body.

Her vigorous body lightly touched down on the sluggish Scaled Armor Beast’s head. Mo Xie once again leapt into the air, reaching an even higher height before suddenly diving down!


Like daybreak, a pure white light blade magnificently descended from the air, cutting through the hazy sandstorm. It extremely accurately chopped towards the Gila Monster’s head!

The day before yesterday, Mo Xie had dealt with a second phase third stage Gila Monster. This time, however, the Gila Monster had only reached stage eight- its first stage defensive skin could not fundamentally resist Mo Xie’s late second stage claws. Moreover, the power of the Moonlight Fox’s high level technique, Moonblade, was not inferior to Blood Rending Claw.


After the flash of silver light, a captivating smear of red suddenly flew into the air.

The Gila Monster’s enormous head and its body was completely severed. A drop of blood flowed amidst of the chaotic sand.

Silence engulfed the area, everyone’s eyes were wide open as they stared at the Moonlight Fox that had instantly killed a stage eight Gila Monster!

Within a few minutes, she had forced the recall of a Fire Cat Demon. Then, in an extremely strange manner, she descended from the sky and instantly killed a stage eight Gila Monster. The situation of the battle had reversed in an instant! Imposing and arrogant! Threateningly cold!

Once the silence faded, a flurry of chatter arose. Mo Xie’s momentary eruption of killing strength caused everyone to immediately change their opinions.

“Chu Mu, nice job!” Feng Gu instantly let out an expression of ecstasy and looked at the incomparably calm Chu Mu!

The other team members recovered from their shock and happiness, and shifted their gazes towards Chu Mu. While their expressions were different, all of them began to revere Chu Mu even more. After all, Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox, with her gorgeous beheading, caused the battle to completely change .

“Abominable, it unexpectedly possesses a disguise ability. Scaled Armor Beast, pulverise her!” After instantly losing two team members, Zhao Feng’s face was even more red, and he once again ordered his Scaled Armor Beast to chase down Mo Xie.

“Chu Mu, restrain the Scaled Armor Beast. We will deal with the rest!” said Feng Gu.

Chu Mu nodded his head. Nine soul pets against seven soul pets truly wasn’t too much of a problem. Chu Mu also didn’t make Mo Xie evade the Scaled Armor Beast any longer, and instead let Mo Xie meet it head on.

As the Scaled Armor Beast rushed over, the sand under its feet instantly disintegrated into even smaller particles. Its enormous body resembled a moving wall suddenly charging towards Mo Xie.

Mo Xie rushed towards the Scaled Armor Beast. Just as this enormous soul pet was about to crash into her, the running silhouette of Mo Xie suddenly turned blurry and if one looked closely, one would surprisingly able to faintly make out two devoid Moonlight Fox silhouettes!

The Scaled Armor Beast passed through the center of the two silhouettes, but didn’t make contact with any physical body. Its inertia propelled it forward, causing a gulch to appear on the battlefield.

Mo Xie’s devoid silhouette slowly fused together again before she abruptly turned around and performed Dark Assault, chasing the Scaled Armor Beast!

“This Moonlight Fox has grasped the timing of using its abilities very well. “ The Island Master stroked his beard while indifferently speaking. Currently, this Cyan Nightmare Island Island Master, who possessed the most power, was completely focused on Mo Xie.

The other subordinate island masters had also clearly changed their attitude towards the Moonlight Fox. Only Guo Meng’s expression was ugly. Jia Lin recalling her soul pet in time was fine, but the peon with the beheaded Gila Monster had essentially been completely disabled. Most importantly, the situation of the battle had ineffably reversed simply because of one Moonlight Fox!

“Mo Xie, Ripping Claw!”

After Mo Xie performed Dark Assault, her speed had increased at least by one fold. This sort of speed allowed Mo Xie to catch up to the Scaled Armor Beast which still hadn’t steadied its body from the previous charge!

By overlapping Dark Assault and Ripping Claw, the power of the claws would reach an even higher stage!!

Seeing the Moonlight Fox directly attack his Scaled Armor Beast, a sneer appeared on Zhao Feng’s face. He immediately gave an order to his Scaled Armor Beast.

A peculiar luster suddenly began circulating around the Scaled Armor Beast’s body. Once it faded, the Scaled Armor Beast’s body had suddenly become even thicker. Moreover, this peculiar defense had covered its entire body!

“If you dare attack, you’ll rip off your claws!” A disdainful smile appeared on Zhao Feng’s face!

Scaled Light was a defensive technique possessed by every soul pet with defensive-scaled armor skin. After performing Scaled Light, the outer shell of defense on the soul pet would increase, on top of its base defense. An intermediate second stage defense could thus reach the late second stage!

A silver light flashed past; everyone thought that Chu Mu would make his Moonlight Fox retract her attack, but Mo Xie didn’t lose any speed. Her claws unexpectedly and accurately struck the chinks in the Scaled Armor Beast’s armor- its abdomen and lower limbs!!

After the Scaled Armor Beast’s abdomen and lower limbs were attacked, blood began to instantly spill out. The Scaled Armor Beast’s body lowered down and almost fell onto the ground!

Seeing this scene, the pejorative smile on Zhao Feng’s face immediately stiffened!

The Scaled Armor Beast’s Scaled Light technique hadn’t reached the final stage, and the joints in its abdomen and lower limbs weren’t fully covered by the scaled armor. Zhao Feng originally believed the opponent would not be able to notice such a small weakness, but this attack accurately struck the vital area on the Scaled Armor Beast where there was no defense!

“Just now, the Moonlight Fox’s dodge then subsequent pursuit caused the Scaled Armor Beast to expose its weak point. As the Scaled Armor Beast was still moving, the Moonlight Fox was able to accurately attack the tiny chinks. Its battle experience is extremely rich.” The Island Master’s tone had slightly changed and he specifically looked at Chu Mu, who was commanding the Moonlight Fox’s fight, with a bit of admiration.

“Yes, yes, yes, we underestimated that peon called Chu Mu.” Echoed the foremen next to the Island Master instantly.

“Chu Mu, I’ll help you.” Ting Yu saw that the lower limbs of the Scaled Armor Beast had received an injury and immediately ordered her Thorny Rose Demon to perform Flower Thrust!

“Pu!! Pu!!” Three reverse hooked prickly flowers like pikes abruptly burst out from the sandy and broken stone ground. They extremely accurately pricked into the Scaled Armor Beast’s body. However, even though Ting Yu’s Thorny Rose Demon had reached stage nine, this technique was still unable to break apart the Scaled Armor Beast’s defensive skin.

“Ting Yu, your attacks have no effect on it. You restrict the Wind Demon, I’ll get rid of him.” Feng Gu knew that the most troublesome one here was Zhao Feng’s Scaled Armor Beast. Seeing that it had already been heavily wounded by Chu Mu’s Mo Xie, he immediately took advantage of the situation and made his Rock Demon perform Rock Attack!

The Rock Demon was a heavy soul pet. Once the Scaled Armor Beast lost its Scaled Light effect, it suffered from the Rock Demon’s Rock Attack. Immediately, the thick-scaled armor on its body showed signs of being crushed!!

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