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Chapter 51: Triggering A Chaotic Battle

TL Note: We’ve changed Thorny Precious Flower Demon to Thorny Rose Demon

In reality, Cao Yi’s jealous intentions were extremely strong, and he couldn’t tolerate a person like Chu Mu appearing.

Liu Zhen and Cao Yi’s relationship was extremely close so Liu Zhen would still help Cao Yi deal with a situation like this. Thus, Liu Zhen had already arranged for Wang Keluo to particularly deal with Chu Mu during the fight.

“It will be hard to pull a dirty trick during the first fight, so as long as he can persevere to the second fight, I can guarantee the Moonlight Fox’s certain death.” Liu Zhen said.

“This Chu Mu has already killed three of my peons who should have survived, so he does have a bit of strength. It shouldn’t be a problem for his team to win the first round if they have him.” Cao Yi said.

“Killed three?” Liu Zhen was somewhat surprised as he asked a question. His gaze intentionally turned towards Chu Mu.

Cao Yi nodded his head: “However, he shouldn’t be Wang Keluo’s opponent; furthermore, there are many other strong members in your team. It’s enough for you to get rid of him.”

“Haha, Cao Yi old pal, congratulations, you have gloriously achieved last place again….” Liu Zhen let out a laugh.

Cao Yi only curled the corner of his mouth, but didn’t say anything. He silently said in his heart: Hmph, do these idiots truly think that I care about the Island Master’s lousy reward?

The fights were determined by the twelve subordinate island masters drawing ballots. The first round contained a plethora of ballots so rigging it would be difficult.

“Haha, Cao Yi, our peons are meeting again.”

Knowing that the opponents were Guo Meng’s peons, Cao Yi’s face changed. The strength of Guo Meng’s peons were extremely strong. By encountering these people, it would be very hard for Chu Mu and the others to last until the second round.

Within the arena.

Team leader Feng Gu and the others had already furrowed their brows since their first round opponents were the exact same people who had stolen their soul cores the day before yesterday.

“As it turns out, the world is only so small…” The leader of the adjacent team immediately let out a smile of satisfaction.

The other eight people also looked at the opposing ten whilst gnashing their teeth. It was clear that they were already unable to suppress their anger. However, the opposing party’s strength had already been displayed. Even by adding Chu Mu, they still may not be their opponents.

“Don’t be rash. If we coordinate well, we’ll still have a chance to win.” Feng Gu was truly someone able to keep his calm.

Under a foreman’s lead, the two teams walked into the battlefield full of sand and broken stone.

Soul pet trainers did not participate in the fight. The members of each team stood on two respective sides.

“You can summon your soul pets.” The Island Master’s voice slowly descended from above.

Twenty peons successively chanted an incantation, immediately leaving a light blue pattern on the battlefield and summoning a soul pet in front of them.

“Chu Mu, do you see that Scaled Armor Beast?” said Feng Gu who was standing in the middle position.

Chu Mu nodded his head. When the Scaled Armor Beast appeared, a bit of discussion arose from outside the battlefield. Clearly, this second phase Scaled Armor Beast was relatively outstanding in this battlefield.

“This Scaled Armor Beast is the largest hassle. If you can contain it, we have a chance of winning.” Feng Gu said.

“I’ll try.” Chu Mu nodded his head. After speaking, he chanted his incantation and summoned Mo Xie.

Everyone inside the battlefield was paying attention to everyone else’s summoned soul pet. The second Chu Mu summoned Mo Xie, a sigh immediately rang out.

“A stage six Moonlight Fox… no wonder he didn’t dare appear on that day…” The Scaled Armor Beast’s master, Zhao Feng, laughed as he spoke.

When Guo Meng’s peons saw that the tenth person who didn’t appear on the previous day was carrying a Moonlight Fox, a smile appeared on all their faces. It seemed like their victory this time wouldn’t be too suspenseful.

Chu Mu had already predicted this sort of situation would occur. Including Feng Gu, Ting Yu and the other peons all let out sneers. If the opponent were to underestimate Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox,then their deaths would be even more cruel!

Feng Gu intentionally glanced at Mo Xie and a trace of disappointment flashed across his eyes. Pitiful Appearance had maintained its stage six appearance, thus indicating that Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox was most likely still at the ninth stage.

Helplessly shaking his head, Feng Gu could only summon his Rock Demon.

Slowly from within the light blue design appeared a Rock Demon’s body. Compared to a few days ago, it was different. The Rock Demon’s body today had turned even more dark, and its build was clearly much larger!

“Second phase stage one Rock Demon!”

Once Feng Gu’s Rock Demon was summoned, it immediately brought everyone a nice surprise!

“Everyone else do as according to my plan. We’ll let Chu Mu handle the Scaled Armor Beast.” Feng Gu said to everyone.

The opposition also had a second phase first stage Wind Demon soul pet. This Wind Demon could naturally only be suppressed by Feng Gu!

“Among Cao Yi’s peons, there are only three with high servant level soul pets. Guo Meng has a total of five. Their line-ups have clear discrepancies. Moreover, two of Guo Meng’s peons have soul pets that have advanced to the second phase.” From high above, the Island Master insipidly spoke.

The Island Master truly was not impressed by the peons Cao Yi brought this year. Aside from the Feng Gu who had summoned the second phase stage one Rock Demon, there was no one among the others who could be called elite.

The fight began when a pillar of fire rose into the air.

Ting Yu’s Thorny Rose Demon transformed into the battlefield's controller. In the first instant, it deployed countless two meter tall thorny roses which transformed into a wall of thorny roses which blocked the attacks of the Runido Beast, the Gila Monster, and the other heavy type soul pets.

“Second middle grade defensive skin. This sort of defensive type soul pet’s defense grows rather quickly.” Chu Mu quickly fixed his attention on the Scaled Armor Beast and ordered the completely neglected Mo Xie to move about on the outside of the battlefield and wait for the perfect opportunity.

The Scaled Armor Beast’s master, Zhao Feng intentionally glanced at the separated Moonlight Fox. Although he held her in contempt, he didn’t completely ignore her existence.

“Jia Lin, make your Fire Cat Demon get rid of that Moonlight Fox. Once that’s finished, your Fire Cat Demon will immediately enter the battle.” said Zhao Feng.

Jia Lin nodded her head and commanded the Fire Cat Demon to separate itself from the team. It rushed towards Mo Xie who was wandering around the edge of the battlefield.

“A high servant rank Fire Cat Demon, it’s only at the eighth stage…” A quick look and Chu Mu was able to determine the opponent’s strength.

“Mo Xie, play with it first. After two minutes, dispose of it.” A smile appeared on Chu Mu’s face as he transmitted his message to Mo Xie.

Under the state of Pitiful Appearance, Mo Xie seemed to be weaker than the Fire Cat Demon. The Fire Cat Demon proceeded to pounce towards Mo Xie, who only dodged. It wasn’t a very striking fight at all.

The chaotic battle of nine soul pets against nine soul pets quickly erupted. Having not undergone a long period of training, the so-called coordination was only limited to the brief moment before the battle.

Once the thorny wall of roses was broken apart, the clearly disadvantaged lineup of Feng Gu and the his peons’ soul pets were quickly scattered.  Within a few minutes, it had descended into a chaotic battle!

Everyone’s gaze was focused on the intense chaotic battle and no one else seemed to notice a splurt of captivating red fresh blood splash onto the edge of the battlefield. It wasn’t until a young girl’s shriek that everyone else was roused!

“Jia Lin, what are you doing? Why did you withdraw your soul pet?!” Zhao Feng was a bit angry as he yelled at the young girl.

“His Moonlight Fox…” Jia Lin’s face was pale as she pointed towards the demonic silver fox on the battlefield. Just now, that Moonlight Fox had suddenly exposed a terrifying attack power which unexpectedly almost killed her Fire Cat Demon in one strike!

Zhao Feng creased his brows and immediately shifted his attention towards the Moonlight Fox.

However, Zhao Feng astoundedly discovered that this small and weak Moonlight Fox surprisingly was already killing its way into the chaotic fight in a cold and imposing manner. The running speed of the Moonlight Fox was so fast that he was unable to clearly see her steps!

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