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Chapter 49: Ten Man Free For All Battle

The old trader was quite efficient. When Chu Mu paid him five gold coins, he quickly retrieved a Soul Technique Book out from the heap of junk.

The soul technique book for spirit disciples had a thin, scroll-like quality, and all soul technique books could be classified as a consumable good. Once a trainer’s soul remembrance was inputted into the book, the book’s logged technique would then be imprinted into the soul pet trainer’s memory, and the book would become useless.

Unlocking soul technique books also required soul power, so Chu Mu had to wait until after he fed his White Nightmare before opening the book.

Following this, Chu Mu also bought some duo type soul cores of the Beast Type and Fire Type from the old trader in order to guarantee food for Mo Xie’s training in the next ten days.

Finally, with his last gold, he bought two bottles of second rank low power healing medicine from the pharmacist for healing Mo Xie.

After finishing all this, Chu Mu returned to his living quarters.

When he returned, it was already night. Immediately after Chu Mu stepped into the courtyard, the stench of blood hit him. He saw the other soul pet trainers huddled around in the courtyard, indignantly talking about something.

Ting Yu was one of them as well, so when she saw Chu Mu, she immediately walked up to him.

“What’s up?” Chu Mu asked.

“Yesterday a few foremen came and distributed a few decent quality soul cores to us in preparation for the competition the day after tomorrow. Yet, today, many people from other islands came to mingle with us, trading soul cores based on different types. There was one group of people who were very impudent. As soon as we declined to trade, they started fighting……” Ting Yu said anxiously.

Chu Mu glanced at everyone and discovered that, other than two girls, everyone had a few obvious wounds. Even the strongest, Feng Gu, was ragged and filthy with blood.

The nine who survived Cyan Nightmare Island all had very keen self protection awareness. If they were wounded, then their soul pets were definitely defeated.

“Chu Mu, where have you been these days, don’t tell me you don’t know that the competition will be held in the form of teams? Now that we’ve been bullied like this, with our soul pets hurt, how are we going to compete with people from the other islands!” With wounds all over his face, Cheng Zhuo said somewhat angrily.

The opposing side also had ten people, all of which were very strong.  But on their side, Chu Mu operated alone, rendering him unavailable for days on end. With a difference in both power and numbers, they were destined to fail.

“Team Mode?” Chu Mu furrowed his brows.

Ting Yu saw Chu Mu’s puzzlement and immediately explained, “The battle is fought with each island as a team, and people with prominent performances in the team battles are picked out and ranked.”

“Is it tag team or Ten v.s. Ten?” Chu Mu asked again.

“Strictly speaking, it’s ten soul pets V.S. ten soul pets. Trainers do not participate.” Feng Gu answered with relative calmness.

Since they reached Cyan Nightmare Island, Feng Gu was named the leader of the ten people. This team battle would also be led and commanded by him. Because Chu Mu couldn’t be seen these days, Feng Gu could only gather the other nine people to practice synergizing their soul pets.

“With a team victory, every one of us will be able to go into the soul technique book pavilion to select a soul technique. Personal ability will be decided by the foremen and both rewards and jobs will then be distributed accordingly.” Ting Yu added.

Chu Mu nodded and, without caring about anyone’s grumbling, went straight back to his room to learn his new soul technique - Rapid Freeze.

“This guy is too self-centered, completely not putting us in his eyes!” Cheng Zhuo said angrily when he saw Chu Mu leave.

“Whatever, let him be. You best not irritate him. Don’t forget that five people were killed by him in one night.” Li Zhi said.

Cheng Zhuo grinded his teeth, but didn’t really dare to do anything to Chu Mu.

Though the ten were led by Feng Gu, everyone knew that the strongest was really the always missing Chu Mu.

Returning to his living space, Chu Mu fed 80% of his soul power to his White Nightmare and used the rest to activate the soul technique book - Rapid Freeze.

Chu Mu was now a Third Remembrance Spirit Soldier, so learning the abilities of a Soul Disciple wasn’t too hard. Throughout the entire night, Chu Mu remained awake, spending all his efforts on repeatedly practicing Rapid Freeze.

Deep into the night, Ting Yu tossed and turned, struggling to fall asleep. For some unknown reason, she always felt like her room’s temperature had fallen a lot. No matter how much she wrapped herself in blankets, there would still be coldness seeping into her body.

What caused the neighboring Ting Yu to be sleepless was naturally Chu Mu’s masterpiece. After an entire night of practicing, Chu Mu finally grasped the incantation of Rapid Freeze and could properly cast this spell.

Of course, though he grasped it, Chu Mu could probably only succeed once every two tries, and if his casting failed, his soul power would still be depleted by around 10%. To master the ability and cast it 100% of the time, he still needed a period of consistent practicing and daily usage.

Mo Xie needed a day of rest to completely recover her fighting strength, so Chu Mu spent the second day practicing the incantation some more, as well as becoming more proficient in chanting the convoluted charm. This way, he won’t encounter any problems when casting the spell.

“Chu Mu, are you in there?” The voice of a downcast teen sounded from outside the door.

“En, what?” Chu Mu asked. Chu Mu recognized the sound as Feng Gu’s.

“Every Cyan Nightmare Island owner will compare their respective teams. If we suffer defeat in this team battle, Cao Yi will unleash his wrath on us, so even if you plan on forfeiting the Soul Technique selection, you should still participate in the fight.” Feng Gu said.

“I will attend.” Chu Mu said. A simple victory was enough to guarantee a chance to choose a soul technique, and the soul technique books treasured in the soul technique book pavilion was definitely more plentiful than the selection of the old trader. Chu Mu wouldn’t give this opportunity away for nothing.

“That’s good. Then, do you want to join our tactic discussions?” Feng Gu asked.

“You guys can talk, I have to feed my Nightmare.” Chu Mu carelessly picked an excuse.

“En, I hope that you will try your best tomorrow. Our opponents have two Second Form First Stage soul pets, so they’re really strong. If you can distract and control one, we still have hope for victory.” Feng Gu added.

Chu Mu simply agreed listlessly and continued practicing his incantation, unconcerned about the other people in the courtyard practicing battle tactics.

In Chu Mu’s eyes, Mo Xie’s strength was leagues above everyone else, so joining battle practice had minimal meaning. As for the two second form first stage soul pets that Feng Gu mentioned, Chu Mu didn’t have to take them seriously. The amount of second form soul pets Mo Xie has killed in the past two days wasn’t just a few.

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