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Chapter 50: Cao Yi’s Conspiracy

When dawn arrived, Foreman Zeng Ze and  Foreman Gu Lei came early into the courtyard, summoning all ten of the peons.

“I will now bring you into Nightmare Palace. Follow me and don’t say a single extra sentence.” Zeng Ze said to the ten.

The ten peons followed Gu Lei and Zeng Ze, the two foremen, and slowly ascended the slope towards the Nightmare Palace.

“Chu Mu, you come over.” While Gu Lei was leading ahead, foreman Zeng Ze suddenly called Chu Mu to his side.

Chu Mu was a bit suspicious, but still walked up beside Zeng Ze and asked, “Boss Foremen, what do you need?”

Zeng Ze slowed down his steps. Only until the others had walked ahead for a while did he say to Chu Mu in an abnormally low tone, “You have to be careful.”

“I don’t understand what dp you mean, Boss Foreman?” Chu Mu looked puzzlingly at Zeng Ze, who only recently had a change in attitude.

“Cao Yi wants you dead, but he doesn’t dare to openly disobey Boss Xia’s orders, so I think he may introduce some trickery to the battle.”

Chu Mu furrowed his brows. On one hand, he didn’t understand why Zeng Ze would tell him all this, but on the other hand, he didn’t think that Cao Yi would actually rig the team battles.

“He won’t directly kill you, but he may plug an extremely strong opponent into the team battles with the goal of killing your sole soul pet.” Zeng Ze said.

“Mo Xie was now Chu Mu’s only soul pet. If Mo Xie died, Chu Mu could find a new soul pet, but his soul power would definitely improve at an excruciatingly slow rate, meaning that the White Nightmare will inevitably eat his soul!

“Why are you telling me this?” Chu Mu asked.

A smile emerged from Zeng Ze and he said, “I sure don’t want to stay on some island forever, and the only person that can promote me is Boss Xia.”

Chu Mu eyed Zeng Ze and thought quietly, “This Zeng Ze’s brain sure is better than that barbaric Cao Yi. Presumably if Cao Yi didn’t detect Zeng Ze’s ambition, he would sooner or later be replaced by Zeng Ze.”

However, this way was also good. Each person had their own agenda. Once he dealt with Cao Yi, Chu Mu could also be a little more at ease.

“If you have any issues in the future you can tell me, I’ll help you to the best of my abilities.” Zeng Ze said.

Chu Mu nodded, very willing to make this simple and pure transaction of benefits with Zeng Ze. Of course, Chu Mu also knew that all of this was built on power. If he hadn’t display the power to kill five people consecutively, Zeng Ze would never guard him like that. The old trader was the same; what he cared about was also Chu Mu’s strength!

“Team battles have many variables, so you can only rely on yourself to avoid this calamity.” Finished speaking, Zeng Ze quickened his pace and caught up to Gu Lei who was walking ahead.

Chu Mu nodded as well and caught up to the team, finally entering into the vicinity of the Cyan Nightmare Palace.

Zeng Ze and Gu Lei brought everyone into a great colloseum-like structure named “Devil Fighting Palace”. The inside of the structure was very spacey, with gravel and sand covering the battlefield in the center.

When they walked into the Devil Fighting Palace, there were many Nightmare Palace members on the high seats. They were dressed glamorously, arrogantly overlooking the peons selected from each island.

Not sure if it was because every person in Nightmare Palace had to sign a contract with a Nightmare or because the members themselves just looked weird, when Chu Mu’s eyes swept the room, he noticed all the members of Nightmare Palace looked conspicuously gloomy. When they sat there unmoving, it almost felt as if they were shrouded by a murky ghost.

“Don’t randomly raise your head. You are peons, and they are the upper class of this island. Any disrespect from your gaze may attract lethal disasters!” Gu Lei snorted coldly, reminding those who were looking around everywhere.

Once those people realized that the luxuriously dressed ones sitting on the high seats were the real owners of Cyan Nightmare Palace, they withdrew cowardly and didn’t dare to say anything.

On the high seats.

“Cao Yi, I heard the peons you brought this year are a bunch of useless people?” The island master sitting on the main seat gradually spoke.

The island master was a borderline old man with a luxurious robe. His entire build was slightly bloated, but he still had an imposing manner. Especially his eyes, which seem apathetic but are were piercingly keen.

Cao Yi was on the lower seat. Cao Yi was also an island master, but he was only the island master of a subsidiary island. The Cyan Nightmare main island had a total of 12 such island masters, and the Cyan Nightmare Island that Cao Yi governed didn’t count as an important branch.

“A little accident happened so a few stronger ones died. Boss Island Master, I, Cao Yi, do not hope for anything anymore…...” Cao Yi laughed dryly.

“Others have all reported decently strong individuals, like Zi Shen, Chang Xing, Hong Ji, Wang Keluo…...Either they have a phase two soul pet or they have three soul pets. Your island only reported a Feng Gu, who has a ninth rank rock demon, and Chu Mu, who has a ninth rank Moonlight Fox…...” The island master slowly spoke.

Scolded openly by the island master, Cao Yi’s expression was far from good, but all he could do was bow his body, afraid to meet the island master’s gaze.

“Cao Yi, I never knew you were this “interesting”. Let’s not mention the Rock Demon, at least it has some combat strength. What the hell is there a Moonlight Fox? Many places even list the Moonlight Fox as low servant rank. Even if this soul pet reaches the ninth stage, what can it possibly do? Viewing this type of person as a elite peon, Cao Yi, you sure are getting greater and greater!” Guo Meng, a similar ranking island master, jibed sarcastically.

Cao Yi’s face was already bright red with rage, but under this situation, he didn’t dare to randomly vent his anger out!

Cao Yi breathed in deeply and restrained his anger back into his stomach again. His real goal this time was to get rid of Chu Mu. And if the peons he brought could win a rank, he didn’t care anymore. After all, even if Zhou Shengmo and company were still alive, they still wouldn’t be the match of the other peons.

“Liu Zheng, does your peon have a good chance of beating that kid?” Cao Yi ignored Guo Meng’s mocking and quietly asked the bony man beside him.

The island master named Liu Zhen laughed and said, “Don’t worry, Wang Keluo’s strength is definitely top tier within the peons. To get rid of your Ninth Stage Moonlight Fox would be a piece of cake. However, Cao Yi, the other peons you’ve brought will probably end last again.”

Cao Yi’s eyes turned. In reality, he received good news a few days ago. With the help of his uncle, he had a great chance of leaving this Cyan Nightmare Island and move into the mainland. He barely cared about the tiny benefits on this lousy island. The urgent task at hand was to get rid of the hidden hazard of Chu Mu. After all, Boss Xia’s rank was too high.

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