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Chapter 48: Killing A Stage Two Gila Monster​​

​​After feeding the White Nightmare, Chu Mu didn’t sleep at all during the night. Instead he continued to silently cultivate and recover in order to speed up his soul power’s restoration.

It wasn’t until the advent of dawn that Chu Mu lay down on his bed and took a short nap. However, even before the sky had completely lit up, Chu Mu had already sat up. After eating his shoddy breakfast, he left early and headed towards the jungle from yesterday.

Chu Mu currently needed to earn money for Mo Xie’s food. Additionally, Chu Mu was relatively interested in the old trader’s soul disciple soul technique.

Rapid Freeze was an ice type soul technique. According to Chu Mu’s estimates, the Rapid Freeze Technique only consumed one tenth of Chu Mu’s soul power. Therefore, this sort of soul technique was something that Chu Mu could still use.

The Rapid Freeze Technique required 5 gold coins, while 10 days of food to feed Mo Xie’s dual attributed soul core needed one gold coin. In other words, Chu Mu had to earn 6 gold coins.

Chu Mu didn’t rush into the jungle; after all, Mo Xie hadn’t fully awaken yet.

After randomly walking around the town’s surroundings, when the sun had approximately fully risen, the sleeping Mo Xie in the soul pet space finally slowly opened her eyes.

Chu Mu somewhat urgently summoned Mo Xie in front of him in order to see what changes the Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen brought her after taking it.

While sleeping, Mo Xie had grown two stages; thus, Mo Xie had advanced to the second phase stage three!

“Wuwu.” Mo Xie faced the multi-colored sunlight as she stood in front of Chu Mu, causing her silver fur to display a gorgeous and captivating red. The fur on her neck was graceful, making her appear even more noble and grand.

“You have transformed into the second stage, Flexible Fur. Very good, very good!” Chu Mu caressed Mo Xie’s fur as a smile appeared on his face.

The second stage of defensive fur, Flexible Fur, would maintain a supple state when not fighting or when rapidly running, which would help to decrease air resistance and sudden air fluctuations. While defending, the Flexible Fur would turn incomparably tough to mitigate sure injuries!

The two areas of Mo Xie’s body she could fight with were her fur and claws. Since Chu Mu placed particular emphasis on Mo Xie’s attacks, it wasn’t until she reached the second phase stage three that her defensive fur was upgraded to the initial second stage.

“The claws have also entered the second stage’s Fierce Claw’s middle stage. By the looks of things it will soon enter the late stage!” Chu Mu examined Mo Xie’s claws before nodding his head in satisfaction.

Aside from mastering battle techniques, a soul pet’s aptitude could also be discerned through the body parts that it used to fight. If it was simply a normal Moonlight Fox, the growth speed of its fur and claws would be extremely slow. Perhaps even if it was at the third phase, its claws would still be at the first stage’s Young Claws.

Mo Xie, as a Moonlight Fox who possessed a mutated bloodline, had a much higher innate talent than that of a normal Moonlight Fox. Coupled with Chu Mu’s meticulous nurturing, the growth and transformation of her body parts wasn’t slow at all.

“It shouldn’t be too strenuous to deal with those under the second phase fourth stage now. Let’s go and continue to fight!” Chu Mu was currently full of confidence.

Mo Xie looked very gentle on the outside, but she was haughty and warlike on the inside. She was like Chu Mu who loved ceaselessly fighting, ceaselessly practicing, and ceaselessly growing in strength.

Two days later.

At the south side of the jungle.


A captivating, red-colored awn of a blade magnificently streaked across the green jungle. In response, two trees standing abreast snapped apart!

“Luo!!” After a few seconds, a painful howl immediately reverberated around the jungle. The ear-piercing noise gave people a feeling of one’s blood running cold.

“Mo Xie, retreat, maintain a distance!”

The Blood Rending Claw swipe caused Mo Xie to leave a deep bloody scar on the Glia Monster’s body. Subsequently, she immediately lept far away.

Just as Mo Xie lept away, a striking flame abruptly flew out of the Gila Monster’s mouth. The streak of fire spread across the air causing the temperature of the slightly clammy jungle to instantly increase.


Mo Xie maintained a distance of 15 meters with the Gila monster. A bewitching silver glint flashed through Mo Xie’s eyes, and a silver eye beam rapidly shot into the Gila Monster’s thoroughly red eyes.

The Gila Monster was in a state of indignant anger. However, it was a soul pet with weak intelligence. After being struck by Mo Xie’s charm, its two red eyes immediately began to revolve around, turning a yellow color. Finally, it slowly turned lifeless...

“You can dispose of it now!”

Seeing the Gila Monster lose its consciousness, Chu Mu immediately ordered Mo Xie to attack.

Half of Mo Xie’s body crouched down and in the next second, she suddenly launched into the air, passing through that streak of raging flames!

Dark Assault! Charm’s duration was extremely short and Mo Xie had to perform Dark Assault immediately in order to close the distance of 15 meters before Charm expired.

Blood Rending Claw!!

The blood red terrifying battle technique was performed once more. Blood Rending Claws ripped apart the wound on the Gila Monster’s neck again. The late second stage of defensive skin was already completely lacerated.

A blood clot was exposed, and a red liquid spilled out dying the ground filled with overgrown weeds in red.

Mo Xie slowly approached the Gila Monster’s corpse. After ensuring that the Gila Monster was already completely dead, she extended her claws and ripped apart its thick skin. She retrieved the Gila Monster’s dual attribute soul crystal and proceeded to eat it as the meal for the day.

“Thank goodness for Blood Rending Claw, otherwise it would be extremely difficult for middle second stage claws to rip apart that soul pet’s late second stage defensive skin.” Chu Mu said.

A second phase stage three Gila Monster with identical strength was something that Chu Mu had originally encountered on Cyan Nightmare Island. At that time, the Gila Monster’s terrifying aura rendered Chu Mu unable to even move the smallest bit.

Three months later, Chu Mu and Mo Xie had killed a monster that surpassed the ninth stage and was at the second stage. This feeling of steady growth couldn’t help but put a smile on Chu Mu’s face.

“We’ve stayed here for two days, it’s time for us to return. We also have to treat the wounds on your body.” said Chu Mu.

“Wuwuw~~” Mo Xie nodded her head.

After leaving the jungle, Chu Mu put Mo Xie back in the soul pet space in order to let Mo Xie’s battle strength recover quickly.

“30 first grade soul cores, two gold coins. 10 second grade soul cores, four gold coins. Two dual attribute second grade soul cores, one gold coin. This brings you to  a total of seven gold coins.”

“You are the first peon I’ve seen in the past many years that is able to earn seven gold coins from me using only two days.” The old trader looked at Chu Mu and spoke.

The old trader was already no longer spiritless like before. Although Chu Mu was still conducting a small transaction, it caused the old trader to be more certain of Chu Mu’s potential.

“Soul technique- Rapid Freeze, sell it to me.” Chu Mu said.

“No problem.” The old trader nodded his head and climbed into the miscellaneous pile at the back. He began searching for the soul technique book.

Soul technique- Chong Mei would consume an excessive amount of Chu Mu’s soul power. Unless it was a crucial moment, Chu Mu wouldn’t use it.

As for soul technique - Rapid Freeze, its consumption was a bit smaller. Chu Mu was unlikely to only direct Mo Xie’s fights; moreover, after possessing the Rapid Freeze soul technique, even if it was a second phase fifth stage soul pet, they could deal with it!

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