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Chapter 47: Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen

​​Chu Mu decisively retrieved one gold coin and six silver coins, and gave them to the old trader while saying: “I’ll take it immediately.”

The old trader nodded his head and walked to the back of the completely vacant store. A successive series of disorderly sounds arose, like he was rummaging through a pile of various goods.

A moment later, the old man’s beard had a bit more dust on it as he walked out. He passed over two extremely poor quality bottles of Heavenly Grass.

Chu Mu’s gaze was a bit strange as he looked at the two Heavenly Grass.

The old trader looked at Chu Mu and seemed to sense something. He laughed and said, “Don’t worry, the quality of these Heavenly Grass is much better than the Medicine Shop’s. The reason why I sold it to you for such a cheap price was because I am investing in you. The initial period for peons is always extremely challenging. Cyan Nightmare Palace will definitely not supply you with very many resources so purchasing goods in the marketplace is a necessity.

“Currently, the exchange between us is negligible to me, so much so that these two Heavenly Grass are like trash to me. Just giving them to you would also be fine, but I’m a merchant…”

“In the future your strength will only grow stronger. When you obtain any nice items, you can sell any of them to me. As for anything you need, even if I don’t have it, I can always use different ways to obtain it. Regarding the price, it’s naturally will not be a problem.

Chu Mu looked a few more times at the old man and suddenly found that this lifeless old man truly had the brains for business. He unexpectedly understood what it meant to fasten himself to someone new who had a good chance of becoming a large client in the future.

It was actually as the old man said. Right now Chu Mu would have to work very hard for these few gold coins, but before long they wouldn’t mean much to him. Instead, traded goods would be even more valuable.

“How about it?” The old man said.

“Ok.” Chu Mu nodded his head and proceeded to say: “Do you have soul techniques here?”

“Yes, my soul disciple soul techniques number many and I have a few soul soldier soul techniques, but their prices are definitely above what you can bear.” The old trader said.

“Which ones are they?” Chu Mu said.

“Soul disciple soul techniques: Natural Affability, Remembrance Search, Demonic Beast Language… these are all two gold coins.”

“Blood-sucking Technique, Heart of Water, Transforming Skin into Rock, Conceal, Rapid Freeze… five gold coins.”

“Soul Soldier Techniques: Adhering Flame, Ice Ray Shield… fifty gold coins.” The old trader said.

After listening to the prices, Chu Mu’s eyebrows creased. It was clear that for even the cheapest two gold coin soul techniques that weren’t very useful, Chu Mu still didn’t have enough money to buy them.

The soul techniques introduced by the old trader still had use though. The one that Chu Mu was most interested in was the soul soldier technique- Adhering Flame.

Adhering Flame was a strong fire energy conjured through soul power by soul pet trainers that adhered to soul pet bodies. This soul pet’s control over the fire attribute would obtain a definite increase, and the might of its flame would become much stronger. By possessing this soul technique and using it on Mo Xie, she would definitely be able to challenge a peon level soul pet that was three levels above her.

After remembering the old trader’s position, Chu Mu wasn’t too reluctant to leave those few Soul Techniques that interested him and found another medicine store on the street.

First rank medicines had energy that could be extracted through Chu Mu’s soul power. However, the configuration for second grade medicines was extremely complicated. Chu Mu wasn’t a pharmacist and even if he knew the recipe, there was still a chance of failing due to a lack of skill. From a safer perspective, Chu Mu would naturally have to find a pharmacist to make the medicine for him.

“Five silver coins…” The young pharmacist bluntly gave Chu Mu a price.

“...” Chu Mu only had four silver coins on hand, but he was supplying the medicine ingredients. Furthermore, making a Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen would only took a few minutes for a normal pharmacist. Five silver coins for a few minutes of brewing made more money than hunting soul pets!

“I only have four silver coins…” Chu Mu was embarrassed due to his lack of money and suddenly found that there were barriers for everything if one didn’t have money.

“Four is fine, just give me the medicine ingredients.” The young pharmacist let out an expression of patience and after receiving the medicine ingredients, walked over to the medicine table. Skillfully, he took the two different medicine ingredients and chopped them. He then extracted their liquid, purified them, blended...

Five minutes later, the young pharmacist handed over the bottle of blue medicine and insipidly said: “Immediately give it to a second phase soul pet to drink and after convalescing for one day to half a day, it will be fine.”

The young pharmacist finished speaking and turned around, ignoring Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t mind this pharmacist’s arrogant indifference. In reality, this sort of occupation was largely composed of bigots.

From the very beginning, Chu Mu had spent time researching pharmacy. Later, he felt that investing time in this area was inferior to putting it all in increasing his strength. He believed that after his strength was enough, he would have enough resources to make those pharmacists make any medicines he wanted for free.

After receiving the Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen. Chu Mu returned to his room, which was one of the many surrounding Nightmare Palace.

“Chu Mu, why didn’t I see you at all today?” Ting Yu’s voice came from an adjacent room.

“I walked around everywhere.” Chu Mu replied.

“Today other Cyan Nightmare Island people came to challenge you. Those fellows were truly loathsome.” Ting Yu said.

“Oh, they were probably here to probe.” Chu Mu replied.

In a few days there would be peon fights. The higher one’s rank was, the higher their position would be, and the rewards would be more generous. In order to obtain more resources and power, any peon with brains would definitely try and understand the strength of others on the island.

“Mhm, but they are truly very strong. I heard that they also harbored second phase soul pets. Moreover, there are some people who have three soul pets. No wonder the foreman Zeng Ze gave a sigh, it seems like he knew that we didn’t have the chance of obtaining a rank…” Ting Yu said.

Mo Xie entering the second phase was something others didn’t know. Ting Yu also believed that Mo Xie was still at stage nine. There existed an enormous gap between the first phase, even if one was at stage nine, and the second phase, thus causing Ting Yu to feel dispirited.

Chu Mu only let out a casual grunt in reply and didn’t talk any longer with Ting Yu. Instead, he let the tired Mo Xie drink the Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen.

After Mo Xie’s nose smelled the Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen, she opened her mouth and drank it all in one gulp.

Not long after drinking it, Mo Xie’s eyes half-closed as she entered an extremely tired state. Chu Mu didn’t even have enough time to call her back to her soul pet space before Mo Xie lay down on Chu Mu’s bed and slept.

“Have a good sleep. Once you awaken you should be able to progress to second phase stage three.” Chu Mu stroked Mo Xie’s supple fur as he spoke.


When the small cyan bug saw Mo Xie, it immediately lept from the headboard onto Mo Xie’s body. The small cyan bug had an extreme fondness for the grandeur fur on Mo Xie’s neck. When Mo Xie appeared, the small cyan bug was like a small parasite that crawled on top of her head and fell into a deep sleep.

However, just as the small cyan bug lept into the air, Chu Mu returned Mo Xie to her soul pet space. The small cyan bug’s plan failed as it fell onto Chu Mu’s bed, its eyes rolling around in a dizzy state.

“Little fellow, why don’t you sleep as well.” Chu Mu put the small cyan bug behind the headboard while he leaned against the bedside and began using his soul power to feed the White Nightmare.

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