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Chapter 46: Second Phase Soul Pet Battle

After being provoked by Mo Xie, the Fur Monster let out a raspy roar, waved its muscular arms around, and leapt straight towards Mo Xie!

“Use Flame Awn, attack its legs!”

Mo Xie first leaped backwards, creating distance between her and the Second Phase Second Stage Fur Monster. After landing, Mo Xie’s silver eyes immediately flashed with a bewitching red light.

A smear of captivating red quickly flashed past, shooting towards the Fur Monster’s legs. The Fur Monster had a pair of strong legs, so as the Flame Awn swept past, the monster jumped upwards, dodging the Flame Awn. Jumping five meters away, his arm muscles suddenly swelled up!

Barbaric Strength!

Numerous attack type soul pets had the ability to concentrate power into a certain body part in order to exponentially increase its attack power!


The Fur Monster’s swelled arms violently smashed towards Mo Xie, who skillfully casted Moon Shadow to dodge it, creating three fuzzy shadows around her.

“Complete stage Moon Shadow, very good!” When Chu Mu discovered Mo Xie’s Moon Shadow created three shadows, the edge of his mouth crept up as well.

The Fur Monster’s power was very strong. If not for the Moon Shadow being cast at an opportune time, Mo Xie would’ve had to escape to outside of five meters to avoid damage. The Moon Shadow’s evasion was almost right next the Fur Monster, so once the Fur Monster finished the hit, Mo Xie would be able to immediately retaliate!

“Attack its legs directly!” Chu Mu immediately ordered and seized ahold of this opportunity when the Fur Monster slightly took a breather.

Without a dash to back it up, Mo Xie’s Ripping Claw’s power couldn’t fully be released, so Chu Mu simply let Mo Xie claw normally.


Mo Xie’s attacks were swift and efficient, her Second Rank sharp claws easily ripping through the Fur Monster’s leg muscles, tearing open a deep bloody gouge!

“Huhu!!” The Fur Monster instantly let out a pained roar, smashing his muscled arms straight towards Mo Xie’s body.

At such a close distance, it was hard even for Mo Xie to dodge. Her flank immediately suffered a heavy blow from the Fur Monster, causing her to fly a few meters away before rolling to a stop.

Seeing Mo Xie hurt, Chu Mu immediately started mustering his soul power to cast Chong Mei. However, Mo Xie also immediately stood up, while “Wu”ing towards Chu Mu, pridefully telling Chu Mu that she was capable of taking on this thug!

Chu Mu stopped his soul technique mid cast and nodded towards Mo Xie, “Continue attacking its legs!”

Mo Xie backed off a distance and when the Fur Monster approached, she suddenly accelerated, meeting the charging Fur Monster head on!

Mo Xie’s Dark Assault was still late stage, but her own speed had increased, making this Dark Assault’s speed even faster!

Springing upwards, a silver low arch gorgeously flit across the bush


The blood red razor was matchlessly eye-catching. The short shrubs were almost instantly sheared, as if a bloody sword had cut through them!

“Blood Splitting Claw!” Seeing this, Chu Mu showed an expression of amazement!

Blood Splitting Claw!

An ability even stronger than Ripping Claw! As the claw swept past, unless one had a very strong defensive skin layer, they would certainly suffer a bloody wound!

Chu Mu didn’t think that after Mo Xie transformed into second phase, she would grasp an advanced ability like Blood Splitting Claw that only Beast Type soul pets with higher species ranks and stages could own!

Blood started oozing out as the Fur Monster bent over. The wound on its leg previously was even scarier than before, as even its bones could be seen!

With its legs hurt, the Fur Monster’s fighting power was almost zero, making even escape hard to accomplish. Following, Chu Mu basically didn’t even need to command Mo Xie. Mo Xie only needed to swipe at the Fur Monster’s vitals to end the Fur Monster’s life!

“Seems like the soul crystal’s effects are quite profound. Not only did you gain the power to control flames, but you also learned a new battle technique - Blood Splitting Claw. Very well, very well, this way, as long as it's not a warrior rank soul pet, anything under second phase, third rank shouldn’t be your match!” Chu Mu rubbed Mo Xie’s soft fur and said.

“Wuwuwu~~” Mo Xie loved Chu Mu’s petting, and she closed her beautiful eyes and let out a pleasant murmur.

“This Fur Monster’s beast type soul core is probably worth two silvers…...” Chu Mu retrieved the Fur Monster’s soul core and started calculating his profit.

Afterwards, Chu Mu brought Mo Xie to walk around in the nearby forest to look specifically for soul pets above the first phase eighth stage and below the second phase third phase to hunt.

Of course, Mo Xie’s stamina wasn’t infinite. After killing six first phase soul pets and three second phase soul pets, Mo Xie was quite tired, possibly needing to rest for a day before being able to recover fully.

Chu Mu didn’t linger within the forest, and immediately brought Mo Xie back into his soul pet space and returned to the city.

“Rank two beast type soul core, two silver, rank two wood type soul core, 1.5 silver, rank two bug type soul core, three silver, the other six I’ll just count as 3.5 silvers. Just enough to get one gold…...” The old trader was still listless as usual.

Chu Mu nodded and gave his soul cores to the old fellow, finally receiving another gold.

The old trader glanced at Chu Mu, and seeing that Chu Mu was so happy for a gold coin, he let out a rare expression of strangeness and said, “Just saying, I rarely do such small deals. Next time come with ten gold's worth of soul cores before you come to me…...”

Chu Mu looked at the old man and said, “In such a short time even I couldn’t gather that many soul cores, and I just arrived at this island, so I have very little knowledge of this place…...”

The old trader raised an eyebrow and asked, “You’re a new peon?”

Chu Mu nodded.

Those living on the island weren’t all members of the Nightmare Palace. It was only the controller of the island that was from the Nightmare Palace.

Receiving Chu Mu’s definitive answer, the old trader revealed a slightly surprised expression, and looked over Chu Mu again before speaking, “The soul cores you sold to me today were all hunted today?”

Chu Mu nodded, “Any issues?”

“There are no problems. It’s just that I didn’t think that a Cyan Nightmare Palace peon could collect this many soul cores within such a short amount of time. Looks like you must be one of the best of those who arrived.” the old trader said.

“Hehe, I love those with potential, as doing business with people with potential is like an investment. Any soul cores you get in the future you can still sell to me, I’ll give you a higher price for it. Also, other than the soul core market, I delve in most other realms too, so if you have any needs, you can come here to ask me first. I may even be able to give you a good price.” The trader kept saying.

“Oh? Do you have Heavenly Blue Grass?” Chu Mu immediately asked.

“Yes. Heavenly Blue Grass is eight silver a plant.” The trader replied.

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