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Chapter 45: Not Enough Funds, Hunting Time

One gold per plant. Chu Mu immediately got a headache. He only obtained one gold in total from the foreman, and this gold was supposed to be used to buy living necessities.

The Gyokuro Pungen and Heavenly Blue Grass’s mixture ratio was 3:2. Therefore, making the Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen required at least two Heavenly Blue Grass, which mean Chu Mu had to pay two gold. Chu Mu had a total of one gold on him currently……

“You’re a peon, aren’t you?” The shop assistant saw Chu Mu’s awkward expression and smiled strangely.

Chu Mu nodded, glancing at the assistant.

“Every year at around this time there’s a big batch of people who enter the island. Before they receive a job, they’re almost all penniless. In reality, even with a job, your salary isn’t much and you need to rely on yourself to earn more.” The assistant, looking like he knew a lot, said to Chu Mu.

“Is there anywhere that trades in Soul Cores, Soul Crystals, or other soul pet materials?” Chu Mu asked.

“Exit the door and turn right. In a hundred meters, you’ll see an old man with strange looks.” The assistant replied.

Chu Mu nodded. He knew he didn’t have the economy to buy the two Heavenly Blue Grass, so he could only rely on selling other items in order to earn two gold.

Walking out of the shop, he quickly found the strange old man mentioned by the assistant.

The strange old man’s hair was pure white. He was just sitting by himself in the little shop. The room was very spacey, devoid of anything.

“Do you buy soul cores here?” Chu Mu walked in and asked, while staring at the old man.

“Yeah, how many do you have?” The old trader asked Chu Mu with a half-dead and dispirited tone.

A soul pet’s food is very key. Many times soul pet trainers would all have to go to marketplaces to buy soul cores for their soul pets’ food. This type of thing was very circulated on the market, almost similar to cash.

“No, I don’t have any. I just wanted to ask where you can hunt for some, as well as how much you are willing to pay for one.” Chu Mu said.

The soul cores Chu Mu had were virtually worthless. Relying on them to get a gold was impossible.

And, in order to let Mo Xie develop towards a stronger direction, Chu Mu had to deeply consider the problem of feeding. He couldn’t simply feed Mo Xie purely Beast Type soul cores like before. Even feeding Mo Xie with two Beast Type soul cores and one Fire Type soul core seemed inadequate, so he now needed to try his best to buy duo type soul cores for Mo Xie’s food.

Since duo type soul cores’ prices were definitely higher, Chu Mu had to think about his income so he could sustain his future food purchases. Therefore, becoming a hunter to earn some money was necessary.

“For single type soul cores, other than pure elemental types and soul types, level one soul cores will be bought with bronze, level two soul cores will be bought with silver, and level three will be bought with gold…...” The old trader said.

Ten bronze was one silver, and ten silver was one gold.

This old trader’s explanation of “bought with bronze” meant that for a single type level one soul cores, the price ranged from one bronze to ten bronze.

First Stage soul pets’ soul cores were all level one, meaning that Chu Mu’s previous beast type soul cores were only worth a pitiful amount of bronze……

“Which places are fit for hunting soul pets?” Chu Mu asked.

“Exit the town from the south, you’ll find some everywhere. The further inland you walk, the stronger the soul pets you meet will be.” The old seller said listlessly, as if whether Chu Mu traded with him or not, he would still look spiritless.

Chu Mu nodded and didn’t go to any other place for idle shopping, instead going straight to the south of the city like the old trader said, hoping to quickly gain enough money to feed the second phase Mo Xie, and earn enough for the two Heavenly Blue Grass as well, to let Mo Xie quickly increase her power.

When walking out of the south gate, Chu Mu saw a few trainers riding strong-legged soul pets into the city. The feeling of being able to ride a soul pet and roam freely made Chu Mu have a few thoughts for himself…...

After leaving the city, he saw a somewhat flat tropical meadow. Past the 100 meters of empty space was the island’s jungle.

“Come out, Mo Xie.” Chu Mu knew that when he entered the jungle zone, he might encounter some actively aggressive beings, so he must stay vigilant.

Since her second phase evolution, Mo Xie hadn’t truly battled yet, so Chu Mu could also gauge Mo Xie’s current fighting strength through battle.

“Bug Type Four Bladed Great Mantis, about eighth stage- shouldn’t be a problem to deal with.” Chu Mu quickly found his first prey within the jungle.

The battle thirsty Mo Xie, after entering second phase, had also become restless. Seeing the Mantis, without Chu Mu even purposefully commanding her, she strided forward swiftly and appeared in front of the Four Bladed Great Mantis!!

The Mantis only realized that danger was near when Mo Xie was already within five meters of it. Turning around sluggishly, it was too late, for Mo Xie has already pounced at it, her sharp claws fiercely swiping past!


The Mantis had a hard flesh armor, but this armor was only level one, so how could it withstand Mo Xie’s level two claws? A long wound immediately appeared on the Mantis’ body, oozing out a green liquid.

“Er!!” The Mantis became furious, its four arms became like four incomparably sharp scythes, directly casting Blade Slash towards Mo Xie!

Four hits swept down, whirling leaves everywhere and even cutting down a massive tree, but this Blade Slash didn’t even touch Mo Xie’s fur!

The Mantis’s Blade Slash was completely not inferior to that of a Hunting Wolf’s Violent Wolf’s Demonic Strike. At the time, Mo Xie needed to use Moon Shadow to dodge that spell, but what Mo Xie needed now was merely a few simple movements and jumps to avoid it!

The eighth stage Mantis was no match for Mo Xie.

Mo Xie didn’t even need to waste any strength in using an ability and effortlessly killed the Four Bladed Great Mantis.

“This Four Bladed Great Mantis’ soul core is probably worth only five bronze. Seems like earning at least three gold in a short time will be quite difficult.” Chu Mu extracted the Mantis’ soul crystal and threw it into his bag.

“Huahua~” Just as he straightened up, Chu Mu immediately heard the leaves shaking. Looking for the source of the sound, Chu Mu locked his Soul Remembrance onto an organism on the treetop.

The jungle leaves are very dense, so through the leaves, Chu Mu could only see some greyish white fur.

“Wuwuwu” Mo Xie sensed the aura of another soul pet and immediately fox called towards the grey white furred creature to demonstrate her dominance!


A slightly irritated sound came from that direction, as if provoked. The grey haired creature suddenly jumped down from the leaves, its big feet stepping on the ground, sending leaves and branches radially away from him!

“Fur Monster, high servant rank. From its appearance it seems to be under second phase third stage…...”

“Mo Xie, this is perfect for your first real enemy post evolution!” The edge of Chu Mu’s mouth rose and his eyes gazed at the bad-tempered soul pet.

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