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Chapter 44: Cyan Nightmare Main Island

The damage on the sail did not affect the voyage. After another day of travelling, the people on the boat slowly discovered an island gradually appearing on the horizon.As the boat drew closer, the island slowly grew bigger. Flat, lush green and full of life, it looked as if they were nearing the edge of a continent.

“This is the Cyan Nightmare Main Island. In the future, most of your time will be spent here. If you do well, you may get dispatched to even bigger islands or even the mainland.” Zeng Ze pointed at the island and explained to these new members who had just escaped the clutches of death.

Going from an isolated, slaving island to an island with a small town, what they gained the most was liberty.

This emotion was indeed hard to put into words. The ten young trainers’ eyes all started twinkling, regardless of how ruthless, cruel, or selfish they usually were. Now, they all somewhat looked forward to the new environment.

Cyan Nightmare Main Island had a very large harbor. When their boat docked on the bay, there were still many ships bustling with activity, carrying around all sorts of goods.

The distance between the islands were huge, so Chu Mu temporarily didn’t see anyone flying into the island from the far seas with their own soul pet.

The Beast World - Flying Type soul pets were plentiful. However, those with the carrying capacity, flying stamina, size and other aspects that satisfy a soul pet trainer’s transportation needs weren’t common. Cao Yi’s Cyan Bird could only carry someone in flight briefly. If the duration was longer, the Cyan Bird’s modestly strong wings also wouldn’t be able to handle it.

“Look, follow those two, they’ll arrange everything for you!” Once off the boat, Cao Yi shouted at everyone, and he went off in an unknown direction.

Zeng Ze and Gu Lei lead from ahead while the ten new members followed behind closely.

The two foremen didn’t explain anything about the Cyan Nightmare Main Island, and just told everyone to follow them. Glancing around and leaving the group was not permitted.

After entering the dock, a great path could be seen. The first sector of the path was straight, its sides decorated by harbor-styled stores and houses, seemingly not much different from some towns on the mainland.

The straight path  stretched approximately two kilometers before rising, providing passage to a mild hill.

In reality, looking down the path from the docks would enable you to see the patches of granite structures at the apex. One of the buildings, as imposing as a palace, had a special tower shaped roof that could be counted as this island’s symbol.

“This mountain is Cyan Nightmare Palace. There will be many clearly marked places that you are not allowed to enter. This Cyan Nightmare Palace is one of them, because you don’t have the qualifications to enter it yet…...”

Cyan Nightmare Palace’s structures were distinctly more exquisite than those from the town downhill, but Zeng Ze and Gu Lei didn’t bother bringing Chu Mu and the others within the Nightmare Palace’s vicinity, and instead brought them to a circle of normal houses.

“You are now the lowest of servants, without any title. Other than being able to live on this island, if you, who have no power, are disobedient of orders, you will be sentenced to death!”

“In a few days I will bring you into the Nightmare Palace to let you fight against members of other islands. Jobs and responsibilities will be assigned according to your strength.”

“With a job, you will receive corresponding resources. What’s worth mentioning is, according to your Job Battle ranking, you’ll receive certain rewards. Naturally, the better your ranking, the better your rewards. En…… I remember the reward some time ago for the top few was a high potential Warrior Rank soul pet!”

If Zeng Ze’s previous words left everyone despondent, the possibility of getting a Warrior Rank soul pet brightened everyone’s eyes again!

The lowest Species Rank was Servant Rank, which was split to Low, Medium, High.

Warrior rank was clearly beyond High Servant Rank. Soul Pets with a Warrior Rank, even in their infant Phase, were very expensive because, after proper training, at a certain Stage,  both Medium and High Servant ranks wouldn’t be their match at all.

“If only some of you could get a higher rank, and get a decent job…...” Zeng Ze said with a strange tone.

“Now you live here. It won’t be much different from your previous wooden room. These days, you won’t be restricted much. You can walk around town, but what I need to tell you is that your status is of the lowest servant. Don’t go to places you shouldn’t go to and salute to everyone you need to!”

After Zeng Ze finished speaking, he gave everyone one gold to buy necessities in the town.

After receiving the gold, Chu Mu walked back into his own room. Unlike the previous mingled rooming, this time Chu Mu got his own room, and he was separated from Ting Yu by a wooden wall.

Chu Mu also liked this personal space. After all, he had many secrets that he didn’t want others to know.

Chu Mu didn’t stay in his room for long. Right now he really wanted to know what resources were on this island that could quickly increase his strength.

First he naturally went towards the town’s market place. Chu Mu changed his set of clothes and went towards the previous main pathway.

“Chu Mu.” Just as he left, Feng Gu approached him from in front. Feng Gu amiably greeted Chu Mu.

Chu Mu just nodded. Ever since Cao Yi exposed that Chu Mu was the murderer, everyone treated him very nicely, including Feng Gu.

From the previous disregard and underestimation to the current deliberate friendliness, the reason was very evident.

The shops on the main street were generally focused on soul pets and their trainers. Chu Mu walked through roughly until he saw a medicinal shop, which he walked into.

The shop had many special medicinal ingredients on display. These ingredients were all kept in medicinal tubes and other containers to retain their potency.

“What do you need?” The shop assistant walked out from within the shop, and sized up Chu Mu, and said calmly.

“Do you have any Heavenly Blue Grass?” Chu Mu asked.

Chu Mu obtained a Gyokuro Pungen before. Once he obtained some Heavenly Blue Grass, he could concoct the Third Rank medicine, Heavenly Blue Gyokuro Pungen.

This medicine could directly increase Mo Xie’s stage by around two. Right now, Chu Mu didn’t care about anything else, and put all his attention on how to raise his and his soul pet’s strength- how to become stronger!

“One gold per plant” The assistant replied.

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