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Chapter 42: Leaving Cyan Nightmare Island

Flame Awn was like an obtrusive flame suddenly flickering gorgeously and magnificently in the night. The color of the flame closely resembled the sunset- a captivating red. The Dark Night Bat that was hit accurately let out a shriek!

“Zizizi...zi!!” The Dark Night Bat’s flimsy wings immediately lit up with a red color, and unexpectedly caught ablaze!!

The Dark Night Bat’s shrieks grew even more miserable. and the ear-piercing noise continued to ring out; it was acute and mournful.

With a burnt wing, the Dark Night Bat completely lost its battle power and transformed into a streak of red light that crashed into the grass. After painfully struggling a few times, its life gradually slipped away.

“Fire is extremely effective against wing type and dark type soul pets!” Chu Mu looked at the Dark Night Bat as he spoke.

Although Mo Xie had just grasped this Flame Awn technique, she was still able to kill this Dark Night Bat with one move. By coincidence, fire techniques were also super effective against the Dark Night Bat.

Dark Night Bats were part of the demon world - wing attribute - bat race. It was very clear that this Dark Night Bat also harbored a dark attribute. Organisms with wings were normally fearful of fire type techniques that could burn their wings. With the addition of the dark attribute, this Dark Night Bat was truly unfortunate. Even while dying, it didn’t think that a Moonlight Fox would unexpectedly perform a fire type technique, its fatal weakness!

With the addition of the fire attribute, Mo Xie currently only possessed the Flame Awn technique. As Mo Xie continued growing, she would gradually master more stronger techniques.

After returning to the wooden hut, Chu Mu was able to sleep while being somewhat at ease. Over the past few days, Chu Mu was constantly agitated, and he rarely had the chance to truly rest.

Right after lying down, Chu Mu entered into a deep sleep.

The vast white brilliance on the sea surface gradually emerged and a slightly warm radiance illuminated the black ocean, giving way to wisps of a gorgeous sunrising red sea.

A thin mist followed the sunlight’s illumination before languidly dissipating. On Cyan Nightmare Island, the sound of a myriad of bird beast chirps welcomed the new day.

At daybreak, a boat appeared outside Cyan Nightmare Island. The flag hoisted by this boat was the Nightmare Palace’s symbol.

The boat wasn’t that large, and seemed like it could only hold about 20 people. All four sides of Cyan Nightmare Island were precipices and there was no place to dock, so the boat could only temporarily stop at the reef.

“Hang on. If you fall, no one can save you. The Hunting Sharks swimming around the reef’s shore enjoy eating stupid things the most.” Cao Yi stood by the precipice and spoke to the ten young soul pet trainers.

Astonishingly, standing next to Cao Yi was an enormous cyan feathered bird that was over three meters tall!

Back then, Chu Mu had encountered a tall Cyan Bird in the inner island. Cyan Birds were wing type soul pets and possessed the ability to control the wind.

That particular Cyan Bird’s build was probably not even half a meter and it was only at stage four. The Cyan Bird in front of everyone had already surpassed that young and feeble form.

Cyan Birds with this build were probably above the fourth form. As for what stage in the fourth form, it was hard to determine.

Mo Xie was currently only at stage one of the second form. Compared to this Cyan Bird, the delta was enormous. However, Chu Mu believed that it wouldn’t be long before Mo Xie would reach this level.

The fourth form Cyan Bird was able to completely sustain the weight of person. This sort of flying soul pet could easily become an extremely effective means of transportation. Moreover, the feeling of freedom from flying high into the sky was presumably something many longed for.

Therefore, when everyone saw Cao Yi’s enormous Cyan Bird, they all revealed revered and jealous expressions.

With the Cyan Bird making round trips escorting them, Chu Mu once again experienced the feeling of soaring above the ocean while facing the ocean spray’s whistle. This was also a feeling of freedom...

There were 15 people in total transported onto the boat. There were the ten new Nightmare Palace members who survived from the cruel competition, and the five foremen including Cao Yi.

Hoisting the sails, they set off. After surviving on a completely isolated island for half a year, they were finally able to leave this island. The ten surviving young soul pet trainers were all emotionally moved. Especially when thinking of the future, where they would become a Nightmare Palace member, which was equivalent to completely breaking away from a life of slavery. As long as they listened to Nightmare Palace’s orders, they wouldn’t have to worry for their lives again. Furthermore, they could use the Nightmare Palace’s resources to slowly increase their strength!

Amidst the boundless blue ocean, the Nightmare Palace’s boat slowly drifted along. The ocean water was not terribly calm and the boat unceasingly rocked about amidst the ocean waves. After experiencing two to three days of rocking, the soul pet trainers on the boat were already dizzy, and simply weren’t in any mood to enjoy the ocean’s charm.

Chu Mu’s condition could still be considered good. The boat rocking didn’t have much of an influence on him and he stood on the deck, facing the wind, gazing attentively at the sea waves ahead being parted by the boat.

“Don’t stand there” A foreman glanced at Chu Mu and icily spoke.

Chu Mu looked at this foreman and a bit of confusion appeared in his gaze.

“The ocean contains many savage soul pets. Weak people like you standing near the edge of the boat is equivalent to suspending a piece of meat on the railings. You will easily attract the starving organisms in the water. They can easily jump up and swallow you in one bite before landing on the other side of the boat and returning back into the ocean…” The foreman said.

“Oh.” Chu Mu expressionlessly nodded his head and immediately retreated a few steps without changing his expression.

A smile appeared on the foreman’s face and a bit of arrogance appeared in his gaze. One reason was because he was looking down on the novice, Chu Mu, the other reason was that he appeared to be very old, older than Chu Mu.


Just at this moment, a violent splash abruptly arose in front of the boat. Suddenly, the entire boat became incomparably rocky!!

From within the ocean spray, lines of sharp hunting teeth were revealed, which was followed by an enormous head!!

The head was a shark’s and the body an enormous python. Such a fierce organism suddenly appeared and proceeded to launch itself at the haughty foreman!

That foreman’s hair was blown back by the Python Shark’s fishy smelling breath. Just before his head was completely bitten off, this foreman barely managed to squat down and perform a roll, dodging this fatal attack. He sat with a pale face on the deck.

“Really….really dangerous… a ten meter Python Shark…” This foreman was perspiring cold sweat while gasping for air.

Chu Mu’s cultivation was fairly similar to this foreman, but his perception was slightly stronger. Just before the Python Shark appeared, Chu Mu had noticed this spatial fluctuation.

“Senior Cao, we have a large problem. It seems like we’ve been targeted by a group of Python Sharks!!” Just at this moment, a foreman somewhat flusteredly yelled towards Cao Yi!

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