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Chapter 43: Water Sprite

Python Sharks, Beast World - water type - shark species, a species rank of high servant rank, were different from Hunting Sharks. These Python Sharks dwelled in distant oceans, and typically traveled in large numbers in order to prey on larger organisms or fleets for assorted types of food.

The Python Sharks who attacked fleets were generally grown to a certain degree, so the Python Sharks that were attacking were mostly second form and above. No first form infant sharks appeared.

Soul pets of second form and above, and also High rank, were simply not something the young soul pet trainers could handle.

Cao Yi still needed to rely on the new members such as Chu Mu in order to gain benefits from Nightmare Palace, so naturally he couldn’t let anything happen to them.

“Get your asses down into the ship cabins!” Cao Yi yelled at everyone!

“Hualala!!” (TL: Water splashing sound)

Just as Cao Yi finished, a more than ten meter high wave suddenly rose up. Within the frothing wave, a massive ten meter long organism unbelievably lept out and flipped straight over the boat’s center,  crazily splashing water all the crew members’ faces crazily!


A frightening water snake tail swept past. Immediately, the tree-like flag pole snapped, falling over and crushing the deck!

“Damned beast!” Cao Yi was clearly furious. When the more than ten meter long Python Shark flew past, he unexpectedly grabbed ahold of the Python Shark’s tail, and fell into the water with it!

When they fell into the water, water splashed up onto the dock again, splashing everyone on the boat!

“Long long long long”

The ocean water rolled unceasingly. All the young soul pet trainers went to hide in the cabin, slightly shocked from watching Cao Yi jump into the ocean area.

“Gu lu lu~”

The ocean water was bubbling. Suddenly a huge rumbling sound could be heard and the water abruptly exploded, revealing an upwards sucking whirlpool, spinning up the waters…...

Within the spinning whirlpool, a deep blue water-formed creature slowly floated into sight. This creature had a dark blue liquid torso, a somewhat humanoid head composed of water, a snake-like water whip for arms, and a semi-void, fog like lower body.

“Water Sprite!!” When the soul pet trainers observing from the hidden cabins saw this extraordinary soul pet, they were amazed!

Water Sprite is of Elemental World - water type - sprite species - high servant rank.

Water Sprites could be said to be the most typical elemental world organism. Many trainers who came into contact with water frequently ranked Water Sprites as their first choice for a water type soul pet!

The Water Sprite displayed in front of everyone was dark blue, clearly free of the initial transparent infant form. It was a third form soul pet. According to Chu Mu’s knowledge of Water Sprites, the Water Sprite Cao Yi summoned should be of third form eighth stage.

“Cao Yi’s soul pets are almost all above the third form, I won’t be his match in the short term…...” Chu Mu thought.

Mo Xie had just reached second form, and her species rank was still lower than the soul pets of Cao Yi. Without mutating, even if Mo Xie reached the fourth form, she still wouldn’t be Cao Yi’s soul pets’ match.

But thinking about it, Cao Yi was already a middle-aged man well into his forties, and Chu Mu was only fifteen. The gap of twenty something years wasn’t easy to close within a short time.

“Heng, reckless scum, how dare you destroy my ship!” Cao Yi stood beside his Water Sprite. Underneath his feet emerged a special water whirlpool that kept him from sinking into the water.

“Kill it!” Cao Yi commanded his Water Sprite.

The Water Sprite showed no emotion. It raised its whip-like water arm and violently slapped the ocean water. Immediately, a major subsidence appeared exactly where the Python Shark was swimming!

“You want to escape?” Cao Yi’s eyes went cold. Suddenly chanting an incantation, a snow white glow appeared around him, quickly forming into a ray of light and shooting into the ocean!

The Python Shark realized the power of the Water Sprite so he wanted to swim into deeper waters, but the water under him suddenly started to freeze, quickly turning into a sturdy ice wall!

“Peng!!!” the Python Shark rammed into the incomparably sturdy ice wall, distinctly shaking…...

Seeing Cao Yi cast another soul technique, Chu Mu’s creased his brows.

The Soul Technique Cao Yi casted was obviously of the ice type. Most trainers had their soul pets as their main attacking method. Of course, if some trainer could master a technique even better than their soul pet, they could become very dangerous too.

For example, Chu Mu’s soul technique - Chong Mei. Chong Mei is an ability where the trainer, through his/her mental bond with their soul pet, mimics a soul pet’s ability and casts it with their own soul power.

Chu Mu used the soul technique Chong Mei to mimic Mo Xie’s Charm. As a spirit soldier, the effects of Chu Mu’s cast were a lot stronger than the ninth stage Mo Xie. Not only could it completely daze a soul pet, it even affected Tang Xian, who was standing quite far away.

Charm doesn’t count as a very dangerous ability, especially since it was only the Moonlight Fox’s basic ability. If Chu Mu owned a stronger pet with even more terrifying abilities, and Chu Mu casted them with his own soul power, then the resulting strength would be quite formidable. At least Chu Mu had the confidence that if he used Flame Awn through Chong Mei, it would be three or more times stronger than if Mo Xie casted it!

Soul pet trainers made their soul pets fight continuously, causing them to constantly grow and evolve. Soul pet trainers were the same, constantly increasing their remembrance soul and making themselves stronger.

Cao Yi’s Water Sprite was clearly stronger than the Python Shark, which only had a massive body. The battle didn’t last long before a captivating red spread within the waters.

The Python Shark Cao Yi killed was clearly the leader. Once it was dead, the other lower Stage sharks naturally lacked courage to trouble the ship further.

“Boss Cao is sure powerful, your Water Sprite is just getting stronger and stronger, worthy of its level six Water Talent.” The foremen, seeing Cao Yi bring his powerful Water Sprite back onto the boat, immediately welcomed him with flattering praise!

A smile floated onto Cao Yi’s face. Though his Water Sprite was only at the high servant rank, its ability to control water wasn’t any worse than even the higher ranked soul pets. It was one of the soul pets Cao Yi was quite proud of.

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