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Chapter 41: New Battle Technique: Flaming Awn

After returning to his wooden hut, Chu Mu could finally go to sleep.

Nightmare Palace’s rules meant that as long as one could survive this sort of competition while simultaneously not being devoured by the Nightmare, he would then have the qualifications to become a Nightmare Palace member.

Currently, Chu Mu could already be said to be a Nightmare Palace member. Three days later he would go to a few islands with towns on them and then he would no longer have to live like a slave.

The only thing that Chu Mu was worried about was Cao Yi, whose temperament was hard to judge. Previously, if Senior hadn’t been mentioned, Cao Yi may have killed him right then and there.

“If I have the opportunity, I must get rid of this Cao Yi!” Chu Mu was able to discern the killing intent that Cao Yi harbored towards him. This sort of hidden danger could bring him a lot of trouble.

Upon returning to his wooden hut, Chu Mu didn’t sleep immediately. His training had expended around thirty to forty percent of his soul power. Taking advantage of the fact that the White Nightmare hadn’t eaten yet, Chu Mu needed to recover his soul power as soon as possible.

He silently cultivated from daybreak until approximately dusk when the White Nightmare finally awakened. It asked Chu Mu for food for the first time after entering stage nine.

Chu Mu’s expended soul power had already been completely recovered by then, and he used it to feed the White Nightmare. In Chu Mu’s consciousness, the White Nightmare let out a shout indicating that it had eaten enough and once again entered a deep sleep.

“Eighty percent. I still have twenty percent left, so I’m still fine.” A smile finally appeared on Chu Mu’s face.

After his strength reached a soul soldier’s third remembrance, he should have drawn apart a definite gap with the stage nine White Nightmare. Chu Mu was now able to have twenty percent of his soul power at his disposal.

The soul technique - Chong Mei expended approximately forty percent of Chu Mu’s soul power. In a crucial moment, Chu Mu could still use it. Furthermore, once he left the Cyan Nightmare Island and became a Nightmare Palace member, Chu Mu would be able to access other soul techniques. The depletion of those soul techniques shouldn’t be as large.

The remaining soul power left by the White Nightmare could be considered to have unhinged some of the locks restraining Chu Mu. After fights, Chu Mu no longer had to hide.

When night arrived, Chu Mu began training Mo Xie once again.

He continued to follow the same sequence of training- using twenty percent of the beast soul crystal crown energy to baptise Mo Xie, and ten percent of the fire type soul crystal crown energy to increase her attribute.

“A transformation happened?” When Chu Mu finished today’s training, he immediately discovered a few changes with Mo Xie’s body.

The most evident was that the claws hidden in her pads were no longer simply becoming sharper, but instead these Young Claws fell off and now new claws grew from her pads!

“Second stage claws, Punishing Claws!” Upon discovering Mo Xie’s change, Chu Mu immediately revealed an expression of extreme excitement.

Evolving from the first stage’s Young Claws to the second stage’s Punishing Claws generally required a long period of time with ceaseless practice. The transformation this time allowed Mo Xie’s claws to directly increase by a stage!

The sharpness of second stage Punishing Claws was an entire one times more than the final stage of Young Claws. Even if one continuously fought the whole night, abrasion would not occur like before!

Transforming from the first stage’s Young Claws to the second stage’s Punishing Claws caused Mo Xie’s attack power to increase by a large margin. Perhaps her techniques would also transform as well!

During the third training session, Chu Mu’s changed the attribute proportion and only allowed Mo Xie to use the fire attribute. At the last training session, Chu Mu once again drew out twenty percent of the fire attribute energy for Mo Xie before pouring in ten percent of the beast type attribute energy for Mo Xie.

Chu Mu did this to allow Mo Xie’s transformation into the Moonlight Fox second stage to possess the fire attribute. However, what really surprised Chu Mu was that Mo Xie’s silver colored fur had unexpectedly changed. The silver luster turned even more sparkly and fascinating, surprisingly entering the final evolution of the first stage of fur.

Chu Mu had continuously used beast type soul cores to feed Mo Xie throughout the duration of their training. When Mo Xie reached the ninth stage of the first form, her main attacking and defensive fur was still stuck at the late stage.

However, this time after training, Mo Xie’s defensive fur finally entered the final stage of the first stage of fur. Furthermore, from a growth perspective, it wouldn’t be long before she could enter the second stage’s annealed woolen fur state!

The second stage’s annealed wooden fur was an extremely unique fighting fur of soul pets. While chasing something, the fur would turn extremely soft, forming a fluent line and reducing air resistance.

On the other hand, while defending, the second stage’s annealed wooden fur would become tenacious and its resistance capabilities would reach a terrifying state.

If Mo Xie was able to reach the second stage’s annealed woolen fur, even if she encountered a stage nine Hunting Wolf’s Demonic Wolf’s Violent Attack, she would perhaps only sustain a light injury.

“Although the defensive fur has yet to reach the second stage, it’s not a big deal. Take your time!” Chu Mu was extremely satisfied with the results of this training session.

With Mo Xie’s current state, even if four of Zhou Shengmo’s Hunting Wolves appeared, they definitely would not be Mo Xie’s opponent. Moreover, what Chu Mu was looking forward to more was whether the addition of the fire attribute would give Mo Xie any new abilities!

Mo Xie’s transformation was relatively obvious during the third training session. However, during the subsequent fourth and fifth training sessions, Mo Xie didn’t undergo anymore distinct changes. This was because Mo Xie was currently at the first stage of the second form and her body had a limit, so her claws and fur could not excessively grow.

Another reason was because the quality of this soul crystal could no longer satisfy Mo Xie’s current stage. Any superfluous energy would pretty much become digested food .

It would be time to leave the island tomorrow. When night arrived, Chu Mu intentionally brought Mo Xie outside of the camp in order to see her abilities after the addition of the new attribute.

“Mo Xie!” Chu Mu chanted his incantation and summoned Mo Xie in front of him. A light blue radiance slowly condensed in front of him before slowly receding. In the middle of the soul pact design, the beautiful and grand Mo Xie appeared, with her wild nature.

“Wuwu” Mo Xie raised her head and let out a howl. The sound of the fox howl instantly echoed throughout the forest and startled a plethora of small birds into flying off!


From within a dilapidated tree inside the forest suddenly rang out an ear piercing shriek. Subsequently, a black flying soul pet abruptly circled around in the air as if it was complaining about Mo Xie making a ruckus in its territory.

“An approximately first form stage five Dark Night Bat? How perfect for practice.” When Chu Mu saw the noisy soul pet, a smile appeared on his face.

Mo Xie raised her head, her silver pupils attentively watching the bat. Suddenly, a trace of enchanting fire flashed across her pupils!

“Flame Awn!” In the first instant, Chu Mu grasped Mo Xie’s change in this regard.

Flame Awn was a fire type battle technique and was the most direct way to cause a burn injury. Although its burning effect wasn’t as effective as Conflagrate, its discharge speed held an absolute advantage.

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