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Chapter 32: Fear Wolf, The Foremen's Ruthlessness

When night fell, Chu Mu didn’t sleep at all, and remained in a state of silent cultivation.Many soul pets had limited mental strength and mana. The regeneration of the two relied on both rest and certain special medicine.

A soul pet trainer’s soul power could be said to be the combination of mana and mental strength. Its method of regeneration was based on resting, meditating, and silently cultivating. However, the increase in a soul pet trainer’s own cultivation absolutely could not be achieved by depending on such meditative cultivation methods.

“One more remembrance before reaching mid remembrance. Then I can get another soul pet.” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

He slowly opened his eyes. A radiant ray of sunlight spilled across his bedside, dazzling him slightly.

A soul pet trainer’s cultivation refined the soul, also known as the soul remembrance by soul pet trainers. The reason why it was named that was because in the process of cultivation, remembrances and souls defined the stages of cultivation.

Every increase in remembrance would increase soul power, and every three remembrances would allow the trainer to control an additional soul pet.

Under normal circumstances, low remembrance trainers had one soul pet.

Mid remembrance trainers had two soul pets.

High remembrance trainers had three soul pets.

On Cyan Nightmare Island, the majority of young trainers were fifth remembrance spirit disciples, the result of Nightmare Palace authorities’ selection. The more talented, higher cultivation soul pet trainers were mostly distributed to bigger islands.

Chu Mu’s appearance on this Nightmare Island was in itself an accident. It’s just that Boss Xia underestimated Chu Mu’s strength, so he threw Chu Mu, a fifth remembrance spirit soldier, along with a group of third remembrance spirit disciples.

Of course, though Chu Mu’s cultivation was higher than everyone else, he was suppressed to the same level as the spirit disciples by his White Nightmare, so their starting line could be considered the same in this battle of life and death.

Soul pet trainers’ souls had special pacts with their soul pets. The only way for a soul pet trainer to refine their soul and increase their cultivation was to let their bonded soul pets battle. soul pet battles were what refined a trainers’ remembrance soul. The increase from second remembrance to third remembrance last night was, in the same way, the result of Mo Xie’s continuous battling!

“How is your recovery going?” Ting Yu, seeing Chu Mu waking, asked.

“Not bad. When does the battle start?” Chu Mu glanced at Ting Yu. He suddenly felt something changed in the way Ting Yu was looking at him, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on what it was.

“Noon.” Ting Yu, while speaking, brought out a fragrant piece of food wrapped in banana leaf and passed it to Chu Mu.

“You must be hungry. Have this, it's a plump rabbit I hunted yesterday…...”

The smell of meat floated up towards Chu Mu. Chu Mu hadn’t eaten meat for a long time, so after seeing this delicious, barbecued rabbit meat, his eyes shined.

“Shashasha~~” The gluttonous little cyan bug moved even quicker than Chu Mu. Without considering why Ting Yu would suddenly deliver such a big delicacy, it quickly ripped a piece of meat off and happily started chewing, getting itself all greasy.

“Haha, what an interesting little guy.” Ting Yu, watching the little cyan bug, couldn’t help but be amused.

Chu Mu too didn’t act polite with Ting Yu. Using a silver dagger to cut a piece of meat off, he quickly checked the color of the dagger and then started gobbling down the meat.

Only after finished enjoying the delicacy did Chu Mu notice the change in Ting Yu’s attitude. Clearly, Ting Yu has become more cordial. Though she was very nice before, it was never as straightforward.

At noon, the foremen started to gather all the soul pet trainers towards the original stamina training base camp.

The campground was split into three areas, each with a battling field set up. Every field was separated by wooden pikes facing inwards.

There were 41 soul pet trainers  grouped by the battling fields in total. The foremen still apathetically stood near the edge of the camp. They didn’t summon any of their soul pets, but if anyone showed signs of disobedience, their soul pets would definitely appear instantly, ripping apart the disobedient person!

The battle of life and death had finally come. It could be seen that everyone was very nervous, especially those who weren’t as powerful. After all, this battle could be the last battle of their lives.

“The weak will be eliminated, and elimination means death!” Cao Yi eyes swept across everyone coldly, saying unhurriedly.

“You think we’re cruel and cold hearted! But we gave you many opportunities, opportunities to make yourself stronger.”

“When you’re eliminated, the target for complaint shouldn’t be us, but you. It is your weakness and cowardness that guided you onto the road of death!”

“Now, this is your last chance. Whether or not you survive will depend on if you can rip your opponent to shreds!”

Cao Yi’s speech quickly stimulated the young trainers from a mood of fear and anxiety to one of animosity and cold bloodedness. Indeed, whether or not they would survive was solely dependent on their own strength!

“Ok, lets begin!”

“Ge Qin and Zhang Feisheng!”

“Lan Yu and Qi Xin!”

“Huang Ruyi and Chen Zhuo”

“Start at my command. Those who defy my commands, DIE!” Cao Yi said coldly.

Hearing Ge Qin’s name, Chu Mu’s brows furrowed together, his eyes naturally falling upon the guy walking into one of the battle fields.

Ge Qin’s opponent wasn’t at all familiar to Chu Mu, so he was presumably a person of no significance.

When the youth named Zhang Feisheng knew that his opponent was Ge Qin, his face became incomparably pale, with his body shaking before he even entered the battlefield.

Death! Inevitable death! It could be seen from other people’s eyes that the person named Zhang Feisheng was destined to be eliminated!

“Stop dawdling!” Gu Lei roared at the terrified Zhang Feisheng!

Knowing that his opponent was Ge Qin, Zhang Feisheng had already given up all hope. This despair also caused him to lose all reason!

“I…...I don’t want to die! DON’T WANT TO DIE!”

Suddenly, Zhang Feisheng stood up and leapt off the fields, running frantically towards the base’s exit!

“Escape?” Cao Yi seemed to have already expected that under desperate circumstances, someone would be driven into desperate action. Shouting an incantation, he almost instantly summoned a huge wolf-like beast!

“Awooo!!!” Piercing killing intent immediately permeated the entire base, raising a gale that recklessly buffeted everyone’s face!!

The three meter long Fear Wolf dashed forwards murderously, almost instantly pouncing onto the escaping Zhang Feisheng. It’s gaping maw unexpectedly bit off the escaping Zhang Feisheng’s head whole!

Blood spurted out from Zhang Feisheng’s severed neck, painting a ghastly image!

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