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Chapter 33: Elimination, Death

​Zhang Feisheng’s body slowly fell to the ground. The bloody head was spit out by the terrifying Fear Wolf, spilling crimson blood everywhere……

“Try to escape, and your fate will be like his! Humph, you people have already been through multiple selections and have been sentenced to this island. Giving you 10 spots to live is already very charitable of Nightmare Palace!” Cao Yi spoke mercilessly, not even glancing at the dead body.

With a stature of three meters, the Fear Wolf with its piercingly vicious eyes padded around arrogantly, slowly walking from the base exit to beside Cao Yi. Just a mere stare from it would cause the young trainers to tremble with fear!

Feeling the appalled looks of the young trainers, Cao Yi only twitched the edge of his mouth. Rubbing the Fear Wolf’s head and with a hint of pride, he said, “You must be very surprised, right? This is my second main pet- the Fear Wolf, high warrior rank. Even if you added up all of your soul pets, they wouldn’t be able to fight it!”

Chu Mu remained calm and watched the Fear Wolf emit a strong aura.

Both the Fear Wolf and the Hunting Wolf were of the same species, but the Fear Wolf was an entire rank higher than the Hunting Wolf. The Hunting Wolf was of the high servant rank, yet this Fear Wolf was of the high warrior rank.

The fact that Cao Yi could own a warrior rank Fear Wolf showed that he was at least a spirit soldier!

The higher the species rank, the greater the potential. Even from just its size and appearance, it could be seen that Cao Yi’s Fear Wolf had already transformed through many phases. Like he said, even if all the soul pets here were added together, they wouldn’t be able to fight against this Fear Wolf!

“You, get off. Your opponent is dead, so I’ll count it as a victory!” Cao Yi pointed at Ge Qin and said with a commanding voice.

Ge Qin stood on the battlefield with a strange look on his face. Evidently feeling that Cao Yi’s Fear Wolf was a height that he would never reach, he could only lower his head and walk off the field.

“Cao Yi’s Fear Wolf is formidable, no one can beat him right…...” Ting Yu said very quietly to Chu Mu beside her.

Chu Mu only shook his head slightly and said, “He’s just playing king on this isolated island. Even the high warrior rank Fear Wolf isn’t the strongest being…...”

“Oh…...” Ting Yu slightly nodded.

Species rank was an important means of determining whether a soul pet was strong or not. The reason why Chu Mu was so unperturbed and confident was that he had a soul pet that could mutate species. So what about the warrior rank? As long as they constantly became stronger and constantly battled, reaching ranks above Warrior wasn’t a problem!

“You four, continue!” Cao Yi waved his hand, gesturing for the other four people to continue fighting.

Lan Yu and Qi Xin, Huang Ruyi and Chen Zhuo, their four soul pets were respectively Fur Monster, Evil Spider, Snake Tailed Monster, and Sword Stalked Grass Demon. All of them were around the medium rank sixth stage.

The four people’s control and command of their soul pets were nothing outstanding, but their battles were unusually fierce! Both soul pets and soul pet trainers, early on in the battle, were totally bloodied.

Lan Yu, victory, you can get lost and go to your place to rest.”

“Chen Zhuo, victory, leave. Wounded like this, you’ll lose tomorrow for sure!”

Those who won could go rest, and prepare for the next round. Those who lost, like Qi Xin and Huang Ruyi, were directly dragged away by the foremen. Nobody knew where they were brought, but what was known for sure was that the end of the battle would mean the end of their lives.

“Next three matches, Feng Gu and Suo Zi, Ting Yu and Lian Shen, Mao Chang and Ding Chen…...”

Hearing Ting Yu’s name, Chu Mu glanced at her and said, “Against this type of opponent, try to conserve your energy.”

“En.” Ting Yu nodded, slowly walking towards the battlefield.

Ting Yu’s Thorny Precious Flower Demon’s strength spoke for itself. When the youth named Lian Shen found out that his opponent was Ting Yu, his face blanched and he stood foolishly in place, too scared to move forward.

Similarly, Suo Zi’s expression was on par with Lian Shen because his opponent was Feng Gu. Feng Gu had a ninth stage Rock Demon, and ever since Zhou Shengmo and Tang Xian died, no one was his match!

“You’re dawdling, do you want to die?!” Cao Yi saw those two people standing dazed and couldn’t help but scold them.

With this shout, both people jumped. Remembering Zhang Feisheng’s fate, how could they have any other thoughts but obedience?

Lian Shen and Suo Zi’s fighting strength were both average. Feng Gu and Ting Yu’s fighting methods were similar: they both, no matter how hard the enemy fought, would very cooly stand their ground.

The battles had no suspense. Lian Shen, Suo Zi, and Ding Chen were all eliminated, their soul pets dead, who were then dragged away ruthlessly by foremen.

“Next match…...”

“Drag him away!”

“Get lost!”

“Next match…...”

“Drag him away!”

Miserable shrieking, struggling, and begging were useless. The foremen executed their orders apathetically. Even the young trainers looked on with indifference…...

The smell of blood permeated the area. A dozen of soul pet corpses were casually thrown out of the fields, emanating death.

Half a year ago, there were 300 young soul pet trainers. Four months ago, only 100 remained, and the other two hundred were devoured by their own Nightmare because they couldn’t feed it.

Three months ago, in the stamina training, the numbers went down to fifty. Within the fifty, there were accidental deaths, death by soul pets, death by assassination, and death from trying to escape… the end, only 41 people participated in the final battle.

Today, there will be only 21 left…...

“Li Zhi wins, next match, Chu Mu and Hong Dan…...”

When Chu Mu heard his name, without seeing who his opponent was, he simply gazed apathetically at the foremen who were cleaning up the battle field.

Those that Chu Mu worried about had already fought, so Chu Mu had no reason to be afraid of anyone else.

Beside the field, the girl named Hong Dan instead let out a huge sigh of relief, her eyes gleaming with hope.

“Sister Ting Yu, that Chu Mu has a Moonlight Fox as a soul pet right? It seems like I’ve got a chance!” Hong Dan said.

When Ting Yu finished battling, she didn’t leave. Instead, she walked over to the female trainer circle she created.

Only, since the start of the match, of the seven female soul pet trainers, three had already been eliminated…...

And now, Hong Dan was clearly going to be eliminated as well…...

But, Hong Dan had no idea, and while gazing at the apathetic Chu Mu, a gleam of killing intent rose up in her eyes.

“Try your best.” Ting Yu really didn’t know what to say, so she patted Hong Dan’s shoulder.

Hong Dan, as if cheered, walked towards the field with confidence and a hint of menace.

Ting Yu watched Hong Dan’s back and sighed lightly. In reality, Ting Yu herself was restless all along because the person she was afraid of going against the most was definitely not Ge Qin nor Feng Gu. It was Chu Mu, who stayed under the same roof as her!

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