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Chapter 31: Chu Mu: The Strongest, Hidden The Most Deeply

​Currently, there were approximately forty soul pet trainers on the island. The fighting method was very simple. Each fight would be a one on one fight, leaving behind twenty winners. Of these twenty, another round of one on one fights would leave behind approximately ten people.

Since there was two fights, Chu Mu didn’t believe that he would encounter this fellow. Of course, Chu Mu also hoped not to run into Feng Gu, whose strength wasn’t much lower than that of Zhou Shengmo’s. He had a stage nine Rock Monster whose defensive ability was extremely shocking. With Mo Xie’s situation, if he were to encounter this fellow, his chances of winning were even more uncertain.

Chu Mu was currently very tired and ignored Ge Qing. After disbanding, Chu Mu quickly returned to his hut and planned on sleeping.

Before sleeping, Chu Mu still put the small cyan insect on the headboard. There was a reason for doing so- the small cyan insect’s vigilance was very high, and if any danger were to come close, the small cyan insect would bite Chu Mu, waking him up.

“Chu Mu… You killed the five of them, right?” Ting Yu looked at the tired-looking Chu Mu, but still couldn’t resist asking a question.

Ting Yu wasn’t stupid. Chu Mu’s stage six Moonlight Fox could defeat her seventh stage Thorny Precious Flower Demon. Mo Xie’s strength was definitely not inferior to Tang Xian’s stage eight Steel Teeth. Although she felt that Chu Mu being able to kill Zhou Shengmo was a bit far-fetched, Ting Yu still felt that this event was directly related to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu still shook his head and in a somewhat weary voice, said: “We have to fight tomorrow. You should rest up earlier.”

Seeing that Chu Mu didn’t want to talk to her any longer, Ting Yu was instead even more suspicious. She glanced at the tired-looking Chu Mu before returning to her own bedside.

Ting Yu didn’t leave the wooden hut and slowly waited. It wasn’t until Chu Mu let out a light snoring that Ting Yu’s expression slightly changed.

Ting Yu slowly stood up and carefully walked to Chu Mu’s bedside. Her eyes displayed a bit of nervousness as she meticulously and slowly stretched out her hands...

“Si!!” Suddenly, Chu Mu sucked in a breath of air and abruptly woke up from his deep sleep. His two eyes covered in wisps of blood glared at Ting Yu.

Austere killing intent, a malevolent complexion. It was was like a destitute, fierce and extremely evil empty person suddenly let out its terrifying savage nature!

Ting Yu was scared pale by Chu Mu’s appearance, and she stood blankly in place. Beads of sweat rolled down her head.

“What is it?” Chu Mu’s eyes rigidly stared at the approaching Ting Yu as he used an ice-cold tone to speak!

“I… I wanted to borrow your… your <>... to look at…” Ting Yu’s hand was half clutched onto the book on Chu Mu’s bedside, but she didn’t dare to actually take it.

Chu Mu saw that Ting Yu didn’t have a sharp weapon and didn’t summon her soul pet and his mood gradually calmed. A while later, his expression also eased and after seeing that Ting Yu was extremely frightened, he waved his hand and said: “Take it. I just had a nightmare. I didn’t scare you, right?”

Seeing that Chu Mu had already returned to normal, Ting Yu let out a sigh of relief and grabbed the <> book. She quickly left Chu Mu’s window side and returned to her own bed.

“You were very scary just now…” After getting further away, Ting Yu still had lingering fears as she spoke.

“Of those on the island, which one isn’t scary?” Chu Mu bitterly laughed and shook his head. Having been shocked by Ting Yu, Chu Mu didn’t have any more intentions of sleeping.

Half lying on the bed, Chu Mu closed his eyes and began focusing his mental strength on entering a quiet cultivation state in order to speed up his soul power recovery process.

Yesterday night, Chu Mu’s cultivation increased by one Remembrance and the White Nightmare’s strength also increased by one stage. According to his conjecture, Chu Mu’s increase in soul power should have exceeded the White Nightmare’s increased need for food. If he was able to max out his soul power, perhaps he would be able to perform a crucial soul technique.

After Chu Mu entered his quiet cultivation state, the adjacent TIng Yu cautiously looked at Chu Mu. After awhile, she opened the <> book in her hands.

Zhou Shengmo’s death caused Ting Yu to believe that Chu Mu wasn’t as simple as he seemed. She took the <> to help understand what ability the Moonlight Fox had.

After flipping to the Moonlight Fox page in the <>, the introduction for the Moonlight Fox wasn’t much. It only gave a brief description and outlined a few common abilities.

Skimming through, Ting Yu didn’t discover anything particular from the introduction.

“Weird, there isn’t any special area. Could it be that the deaths of Zhou Shengmo and the others didn’t have anything to do with Chu Mu?” Ting Yu soliloquized softly.

After speaking, Ting Yu’s gaze inadvertently fell onto Mo Xie’s basic abilities: Charm, Pitiful Appearance, Moon Shadow...

“Pitiful Appearance… this skill…” Ting Yu didn’t understand this ability very well and only knew that it could weaken the opponent’s willpower.

In order to make clear of this situation, Ting Yu purposefully sought out the <> book and found information regarding the Pitiful Appearance ability.

“Pitiful Appearance- an ability of some special demons. In its beginning stage, it is able to weaken the battle will of certain low intelligence soul pets. At the middle stage, it can become a method to hide and conceal strength. At the late stage, the pretense will be even stronger. At the final stage, it can disguise the soul pet as a different stage.”

Ting Yu looked at this part and at the beginning, didn’t feel anything was wrong. She only skimmed through it, but gradually, her small mouth began to drop and her expression turned from tranquillity to shock!

“Disguise, conceal strength, a stage six Moonlight Fox able to defeat my stage seven Thorny Precious Flower Demon…” Linking it all together allowed one to see the truth!

TIng Yu closely gripped the book and her gaze fell onto the quietly cultivating Chu Mu. A huge wave suddenly arose in her heart and for a while, it wouldn’t calm down!

Chu Mu finished one round of breathing and felt that he was hungry. He opened his eyes and planned on simply eating some rations to fill his stomach.

However, after opening his eyes, Chu Mu noted Ting Yu’s stare and put on a light smile. He said: “What’s the matter?”

“Ah….ah….nothing…” Ting Yu hastily shifted her gaze, but her heart continued to violently beat.

What strength ranking? What uncontested strongest? What unstoppable Hunting Wolf? At that moment, in Ting Yu’s opinion, this was preposterously laughable because the actual strongest person was on the opposing bed- this calm, proud and shrewd youth- Chu Mu!

Normally insignificant, with one feat he shocked everyone! In one night, he successively killed five people and on the second day he was still able to very calmly receive the foremen’s interrogation!

Ting Yu was scared: if it wasn’t due to her own consciousness, she wouldn’t have been able to discover that this youth who shared a room with her possessed such a deeply hidden and terrifying strength, so strong that it made others tremble!

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