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Chapter 25: Pitiful Appearance, Mo Xie's Disguise

Zhou Shengmo’s expression became worse and worse. Glaring viciously at Chu Mu, he grudgingly said, “No wonder you can withstand the torture of a White Nightmare, you’re already a spirit soldier!”

Chu Mu glanced at him apathetically, slowly extracting a dagger hidden in his hand and flicked it carelessly. The dagger morphed into a streak of silver and accurately pierced Tang Xian’s forehead, impaling itself deeply in his skull.

A line of blood slowly oozed out of Tang Xian’s forehead. Tang Xian had just propped himself up, but slowly fell down again, eyes completely white, facing upwards…...

Upon Tang Xian’s death, Zhou Shengmo did not display any emotion and as before, said, “But, so what? The White Nightmare is completely restricting your soul power. Casting one soul technique is your limit. You’ll be useless in battle now!”

“For you, my Mo Xie is enough.” Chu Mu walked to Tang Xian’s corpse and pulled his dagger out of Tang Xian’s forehead, staring at Zhou Shengmo’s vicious Hunting Wolf.

“Enough? A stage six, trash soul pet, even with good ability usage, is still just a piece of trash!” Zhou Shengmo said with somewhat mockery.

Zhou Shengmo waved his arm and immediately his stage eight Hunting Wolf rushed forward straight at Chu Mu!

Chu Mu backed up slightly and Mo Xie immediately dashed forward, figure graceful, moving forward erratically with elegant steps.

“Awoo!!!” The Hunting Wolf approached Mo Xie, and its long claws viciously slashed forward, twinkling with cold light while uprooting vegetation!

Little Mo Xie’s defense was very weak, so she was unable to take any attack from the Hunting Wolf. As a result, she had to twist her body mid-sprint to avoid the Hunting Wolf’s attack, flanking the Hunting Wolf.

The Hunting Wolf was very quick as well. When it landed, it forcefully turned its body, opened up its maw, and lunged towards Mo Xie’s neck.

Without a choice, Mo Xie had to cast Moon Shadow and quickly duck under a tree shadow while jumping consecutively to evade the imminent Hunting Wolf.

“Violent Wolf’s Demonic Strike!!”

Zhou Shengmo was good at seizing opportunities. Just as Mo Xie was midair from a leap, he suddenly ordered his Hunting Wolf to use the ability.

The Hunting Wolf spun around, its blue eyes locked onto Mo Xie, and it pounced forward with its meter long body, striking in fast succession!

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua!!!”

Six strikes!!! The foremen’s Hunting Wolves could only use a four strike Violent Wolf’s Demonic Strike, yet Zhou Shengmo’s stage eight Hunting Wolf could already use six!!

Mo Xie backed up and cast Moon Shadow again at the cost of exhausting her stamina. However, the six strikes were not easily avoided, and the last strike slashed a bloody wound on Mo Xie which immediately oozed blood!

“Heng, you asked for your own death!” Zhou Shengmo stared coldly at the fight between Mo Xie and his Hunting Wolf. His Hunting Wolf’s claws and teeth were already final stage. If he hit the fragile fox directly, it would be fatal. If not for a tree blocking the hit, the Moonlight Fox would be dead already!

“Your garbage fox is at most late stage, and my Hunting Wolf’s fur is already late stage. Even with abilities, you can at most leave a scratch. Chu Mu, you’ll definitely lose, haha! Why not try using a soul technique, maybe you still have a chance!” Zhou Shengmo guffawed and said.

Chu Mu stayed calm. He couldn’t use Chong Mei anymore, or his soul would be eaten by the Nightmare like Zhang Luo.

“Can’t break its defense? Let’s see about that!” a smile emerged on Chu Mu’s face. Seizing the opportunity of Zhou Shengmo’s carelessness, he immediately ordered for Mo Xie to attack!

Mo Xie’s petite body, though wounded, jumped easily through two trees and suddenly appeared behind the Hunting Wolf! She flipped over and clawed upside down!

“Shua!!” Mo Xie didn’t use any ability. Her claws swept past and immediately left a wound on the Hunting Wolf’s rear, deep enough to see muscle!!

Blood oozed out of the Hunting Wolf and it let out a furious roar and turned around to pounce at Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s jump, attack, landing, and evasion were all done fluidly. When the Hunting Wolf finally turned around to pounce using Shadow Assault, Mo Xie had already dashed into a bush. The Hunting Wolf’s attack only broke a tree.

Seeing his Hunting Wolf get hurt, Zhou Shengmo’s brows furrowed. The Moonlight Wolf was only at stage six with late stage claws. Even with its speed, there was no way it could contend against his Hunting Wolf. But now, the outcome of the fight was no longer clear!

Chu Mu was still very confident, properly using Mo Xie’s slim body to constantly hide in brushes, backing off after attacking once, and incessantly circling the Hunting Wolf.

Zhou Shengmo’s expression got even gloomier, as he realized that something was off about Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox!

“Shadow Assault, Ripping Claw!”

Chu Mu ordered. Mo Xie unpredictable dashed out of the shadows, fast as lightning, and her claws ripped into the Hunting Wolf’s waist!!

The Hunting Wolf already reacted, but Mo Xie’s attack range was very wide. Her claws instantly tore a long gash along the Hunting Wolf’s skin!

“Awoo!” The Hunting wolf let out a grieving howl and furiously spun around to headbutt Mo Xie away.

After Mo Xie was headbutted away, she spun around in mid air and landed with ease, sliding a distance.

“Damned Pitiful Appearance! How could I have forgotten that this garbage fox had this ability!!” Zhou Shengmo suddenly shouted, staring furiously at Chu Mu!

“Truly incurably stupid, realizing only now.” Chu Mu smiled with disdain.

Pitiful Appearance. It was the Moonlight Fox’s special disguise ability that utilized its pretty and delicate appearance to confuse foes.

It was a status displaying ability. No matter how strong the Moonlight Fox was, as long as it kept its Pitiful Appearance, it would always look weak and delicate to others.

Zhou Shengmo didn’t know Mo Xie’s real power. Even Ding Yu, whom Chu Mu always interacted with, didn’t notice.

Chu Mu’s Mo Xie, under the effects of Pitiful Appearance, kept the appearance and the aura of a stage six all along. However, Mo Xie has already reached the pinnacle of its level, stage nine!

The reason Ding Yu could never win against Chu Mu was not simply because of a matter of counters. Her Thorny Precious Flower Demon and Chu Mu’s Mo Xie were not even on the same level!

“Mo Xie, get rid of Pitiful Appearance and let them see our real strength!” Chu Mu smiled. Now that it had been discovered, there was no point in disguising it. What was needed more was the strength of a stage higher than eight!

Standing within the mottled tree shadows, Mo Xie rose her head and let out a cry that echoed through the forest above!

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