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Chapter 24: Soul Technique, Chong Mei

Tang Xian’s face changed.  Zhou Shengmo also turned around and displayed an extremely monstrous expression as he stared at Chu Mu!!

Chu Mu stood silently with a dagger covered in red blood in his hand. His gaze was cold as he stared at the other two people. Standing beside him was Mo Xie. Her eyes held the same coldness as Chu Mu and the blood on her claws had yet to dry. It fell onto the green grass drip by drip.

“Luo Chen is truly careless. He clearly knew that it was a life and death battle, but believed that you would only use soul pet attacks.” Seeing the bloody dagger in Chu Mu’s hand, a smile gradually emerged on Zhou Shengmo’s face.

“However, the death of such a piece of trash is also fine. This way I don’t have to be vigilant of him.”

Tang Xian’s expression turned even more gloomy. In order to dispose of Luo Chen who was ranked in the top ten in terms of strength in such a short period of time, Chu Mu, who had always been low key, was definitely hiding his strength.

Moreover, up until now, Ma Zhi and the other one who were both standing guard on the outside hadn’t appeared. One didn’t even need to make a guess to know that Chu Mu had already disposed of them.

A continuous slaughter of three people! Among them was also Luo Chen with strength in the top ten! This sort of strength and ferociousness exhibited by Chu Mu truly made one shiver!

“Tang Xian, get rid of him.” Zhou Shengmo ordered!

“My Steel Teeth no longer has much fighting strength left…” Tang Xian’s eyebrows creased as he spoke. It was pretty much only him who had fought the last battle, so his current Steel Teeth didn’t even have one half of its fighting strength.

“His trash fox also doesn’t have much fighting strength. Kill him and when you reach the seventh remembrance, I will help you obtain a third soul pet.” Zhou Shengmo still didn’t want to fight himself.

Tang Xian ground his teeth and coldly glared at Chu Mu. He stepped forwards towards Chu Mu and the Steel Teeth adjacent to him displayed an extremely ferocious appearance as it bared its fangs and exposed its sharp hunting teeth. It seemed to be able to rip apart the prey in front of it at any time.

Chu Mu calmly watched Tang Xian and his Steel Teeth as he slowly hid the dagger in his sleeve.

Mo Xie adopted a half-crouching position and her claws had already sunk into the muddy ground. She was like a fully nocked bow, ready to release at any moment!!

Tang Xian was aware that his own soul pet’s battle strength was already attenuated and didn’t dare to treat Chu Mu with any sort of contempt. He very meticulously made his Steel Teeth slowly creep closer.

Chu Mu didn’t have much patience and pre-emptively brandished his hand. Mo Xie was like an arrow flying out of a bow and quickly leapt forward violently. The weeds in the ground were suddenly like ripples in water as they flew up into the air on both sides.

The Steel Teeth was also classified as an agile type beast, and after Mo Xie suddenly charged at it, the Steel Teeth reacted extremely quickly. Its long teeth abruptly headed towards Mo Xie’s neck as it threw itself forwards in an attempt to bite her.

“Moon Shadow!”

Whilst in battle, Chu Mu and Mo Xie’s thoughts seemed to be interconnected- Chu Mu’s thoughts were Mo Xie’s exact thoughts!

As Mo Xie was rushed forward, a few blurry images arose around her alacritous silhouette. The Steel Teeth’s hunting teeth abruptly bit down, but only managed to bite off a piece of Mo Xie’s fur as Mo Xie’s claws streaked across the side of the Steel Teeth’s body. A bloody gash was left on the Steel Teeth’s slightly scorched body!

“Moon Shadow while moving, it’s already at the late stage!” Tang Xian’s face immediately darkened. After the first confrontation, his Steel Teeth was already at the disadvantage.

Zhou Shengmo unhurriedly released his soul pact and proceeded to calmly spectate from the side. He fully adopted the attitude of a winner.

Chu Mu knew that his greatest opponent was Zhou Shengmo, and that if he expended too much physical power during his fight with Tang Xian, it would be extremely hard for Mo Xie to defeat the eighth stage savage Hunting Wolf.

“Mo Xie, Charm!” Chu Mu said.

Mo Xie fought with the Steel Teeth for a few bouts before immediately jumping backwards. Her two cold, silver eyes suddenly released a magnificent luster like it was projecting the image of stars- it was aesthetic to the max!

When the adjacent Zhou Shengmo saw Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox unexpectedly release its Charm ability, he couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh.

Zhou Shengmo laughing was quite normal. Charm was a mental ability that was quite common. This sort of an ability was not able to directly injure the opponent during a battle, and could only barely restrict the opponent for the briefest of moments.

More importantly, the Charm ability wasn’t something that could be used on all soul pets. Low level soul pets were unable to charm high level soul pets.

Although Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox was uncommon, from its external appearance and aura, one could guess that it was approximately at stage six. At the very most, it didn’t surpass stage seven.

As for Tang Xian’s Steel Teeth, it was at stage eight. Tang Xian himself was a sixth remembrance spirit apprentice. Therefore, even if his battle strength was somewhat exhausted, his willpower was definitely not weak enough to be charmed by a stage six Moonlight Fox.

The instant Mo Xie released Charm, a strange silver and white colored luster appeared in Chu Mu’s eyes. Then it blossomed!!

Chu Mu’s mental ability was stronger than every person on the island. Mo Xie’s Charm ability not only stemmed from her own mind, but was also supplemented with Chu Mu’s mental strength!

The silver eyes were even more bewitching and both Tang Xian and the Steel Teeth were completely attracted by it. Unexpectedly, they were unable to break their gaze and their eyes were filled with inconceivable fear and desolation!

The moment an identical change appeared in Chu Mu’s eyes, Zhou Shengmo’s smile immediately froze and he suddenly swept his gaze over Tang Xian and the Steel Teeth who had seemed to lose their souls.

“What happened!! Tang Xian!!! Hurry and wake up!!” Zhou Shengmo angrily yelled.

With Zhou Shengmo’s loud shout, Tang Xian abruptly shook his head and his eyes immediately returned to normal.

“It’s too late- die!” Chu Mu’s bewitching pupils slowly condensed into a cold sword that shot towards Tang Xian’s Steel Teeth.

Tang Xian had returned to normal, but his Steel Teeth was still in a desolate and despondent state.

“Sou sou sou!!!” Mo Xie abruptly charged forward the moment Chu Mu’s eye beams condensed.

Ripping Claw!!!

Two streaks of cold light seemed to interweave with Chu Mu’s silver light eye beams- a graceful display of both light and shadow, with blood droplets flying everywhere!

Deep and bloody wounds astonishingly appeared on the Steel Teeth’s vital areas, causing the already injured Steel Teeth’s body to completely split open!

The Steel Teeth’s body suddenly began twitching, but its eyes still remained desolate and despondent. Ultimately, it slowly collapsed into a pool of blood!

The bloody scene occurred right in front of Tang Xian. Having just recently recovered from his despondent state, he immediately changed into a stiff and rigid statue. His two eyes that gradually changed red were full of appallation!!

“ did this happen...your soul power…” Tang Xian pointed at Chu Mu. His voice had already started trembling.

Chu Mu demonically and charmingly gave a smile. His two silver eyes gradually returned to their normal state. His entire being was incomparably nefarious.

“Soul technique, Chong Mei!” Zhou Shengmo’s expression instantly darkened and the veins in his forehead were bulging!

“You… you’re not a spirit apprentice, you’re a spirit soldier!” Tang Xian retreated in a fright, but pathetically tripped over the tree roots!

Soul technique!! The ability only soul pet trainers were able to use!

As for the soul technique-Chong Mei, it was the Chu Clan’s most outstanding ability! Soul pet tasters could consume their own soul power in order to perform soul pet techniques!

In order to truly control Chong Mei, at the very least, one had to reach the spirit soldier level! In other words, one had to step past the spirit apprentice realm’s nine remembrances!

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