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Chapter 26: Lethal Moonlight

​A violent gust brushed past, stirring countless auburn leaves and caused them to constantly flutter around Mo Xie!

Mo Xie’s silver fur waved frenzily in the wind. A radiance appeared near her fur. As if it was growing, the silver whiskers became even brighter and more beautiful!

After Pitiful Appearance was removed, with a slender body, powerful limbs, noble fur, and a cold glare, not only did Mo Xie become more beautiful, but she also obtained a hint of severity, like that of a royal cold beauty who rejects people from afar, with eyes full of calculated killing intent!

As a stage nine Moonlight Fox, when she released her aura, the Hunting Wolf immediately showed signs of panic, with his eyes fixated on Mo Xie, recognizing her as a major enemy!

“Free the wildness within you!”

Mo Xie arrogantly raised her head, and let loose a frigid cry that penetrated the forest!

“Awoo!!!” The Hunting Wolf immediately retaliated with his own howl.

The Hunting Wolf acted as if he was against an immense enemy, and Zhou Shengmo’s forehead similarly dripped with cold sweat. This Chu Mu seriously hid it too well. If not for today’s constant battling that made him notice the Moonlight Fox’s peculiarities, Zhou Shengmo would never have realized that Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox had always been using Pitiful Appearance. If they had met a few days later in the competition, this disguise would have definitely  been fatal!

“Today, only one of us will leave here alive!” Zhou Shengmo clenched his teeth, knowing that he had to get rid of Chu Mu, especially since Chu Mu was already a spirit soldier. Once his Nightmare could battle, Zhou Shengmo would have no chance winning against Chu Mu!

With her final stage claws, after removing Pitiful Appearance, Mo Xie’s claws were definitely not inferior to that of the Hunting Wolf’s. Even when fighting claw to claw, she wouldn’t fall into a disadvantage!

However, the Hunting Wolf still had a clear advantage in power, so Chu Mu would never let Mo Xie confront the Hunting Wolf head to head. Instead he chose to rely on an advantage in speed to attack the Hunting Wolf!

Once Pitiful Appearance was removed, Mo Xie’s speed could be fully taken advantage of. The stage eight Hunting Wolf couldn’t even catch Mo Xie’s shadow!

“Dark Assault!”


The late stage fur of the Hunting Wolf couldn’t stop Mo Xie’s final stage claws at all. With the speed from Dark Assault, this hit still deeply wounded the Hunting Wolf’s foreleg, even without using Ripping Claw,!

Four gashes had already appeared on the Hunting Wolf’s body. Breathing heavily and with eyes full of anger, he constantly bared his fangs, wanting to break Mo Xie’s neck. Yet, the Hunting Wolf could never find a good opportunity to deliver a fatal hit to Mo Xie.

“Mo Xie, Charm!” Seeing Mo Xie pull away from the Hunting Wolf, Chu Mu immediately ordered.

Mo Xie’s stage nine Charm had a certain effect already. Although it couldn’t stun a Steel Teeth completely like when Chu Mu casted it, it could still momentarily faze the Hunting Wolf.

Mo Xie’s silver pupils swirled again, sending rays of light to pierce the Hunting Wolf’s eyes. The Hunting Wolf immediately covered its eyes with its front paws. Clearly Zhou Shengmo had guessed Chu Mu’s purposes beforehand.

“Heng, don’t think that your soul pet is the only one with special powers. This ability is useless against my soul pet!” Zhou Shengmo twitched the corner of his mouth. Eyeing his own Hunting Wolf, he laughed coldly and said, “I’ll let you see a Hunting Wolf’s true brutality!”

“Hunting Wolf, Blood Yearning!”

Just as Zhou Shengmo finished, the Hunting Wolf abruptly rose its head, emitting a shocking howl into the forest sky!

Both the Steel Teeth and Tang Xian’s corpse were flowing with blood. The Hunting Wolf itself was bleeding as well. The scent of blood had already permeated throughout the forest, and just when the Hunting Wolf howled, the bloody scent started aggregating around the Hunting Wolf as if it was being controlled!

Chu Mu furrowed his brows. Blood Thirst was the most difficult to handle out of a Hunting Wolf’s abilities.

Dark Assault!

After the Hunting Wolf casted Blood Thirst, its speed grew substantially. A blur flew forwards and quickly reached Mo Xie, with claws suddenly swiping towards Mo Xie’s head!

Mo Xie immediately casted Moon Shadow to evade the Hunting Wolf’s ruthless strike, but the Hunting Wolf’s fighting strength suddenly became terrifying. Once Dark Assault was finished, it immediately casted Violent Wolf’s Demonic Strike, swiping six times in quick succession!!

“Shua Shua Shua Shua Shua Shua!!”

Six claws swiped past, hitting Mo Xie at least twice. Two criss-crossing wounds immediately appeared on Mo Xie’s back, drenching her silver fur in crimson blood!

“Now, Ripping Claw !” Zhou Shengmo smiled cruelly, giving no chance for Mo Xie to take a breath.

“Shua Shua!!”

Mo Xie, though wounded, did not slow down. Quickly leaping to a tree and bouncing up, she put some distance between the Hunting Wolf and herself.

“Hide, hide! No matter how you hide, you’ll still die!” Zhou Shengmo laughed, suddenly ordering the Hunting Wolf to pounce at Chu Mu.

Seeing the Hunting Wolf pounce towards Chu Mu, Mo Xie’s eyes immediately became frigid and she dashed towards the Hunting Wolf.

“A death wish?” Zhou Shengmo laughed coldly, as if expecting Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox, he suddenly commanded the Hunting Wolf to turn around and swipe!

Mo Xie didn’t evade in time, and suffered another bloody wound to her body. She lost her balance while moving, staggering to a fall beside Chu Mu.

Seeing Mo Xie deeply wounded, Chu Mu’s heart trembled. Seeing the Hunting Wolf lunge forward, he threw his dagger towards it without the slightest hesitation!

After using Blood Thirst, the Hunting Wolf became very frightening. Facing Chu Mu’s dagger, it let the dagger impale his shoulder and continued to leap towards Chu Mu.

“Sila” (TL note: sound of stuff ripping) Chu Mu put up his hands to defend, but both hands were immediately ripped bloody with gashes. He fell backwards from the Hunting Wolf’s pounce.


“Die!” Zhou Shengmo shouted.

Even when exposed to the Hunting Wolf’s teeth, Chu Mu was still very cool-headed, balling up to stop the Hunting Wolf from tearing his throat apart. He then glanced at Mo Xie.

The cold wind blew past, blowing apart the canopy, along with the clouds. A few rays of ghostly moonlight fell onto the forest, making the bloodied forest seem even more desolate.

“Mo Xie, Moonlight!!!”

“Wuu” Mo Xie lifted her head, and allowed the serene moonlight to splash across her silver fur, the radiance covering her like a luxurious set of armor. The shallower wounds on her body miraculously started to show signs of healing!

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