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Chapter 23: The One Who Died Was Luo Chen

​“Someone who wants your life!” Chu Mu coldly said.

“Who do you think you are? You’re looking to die!” Luo Chen’s expression turned gloomy and he unwaveringly stared at Chu Mu. Just now, Mo Xie’s one claw strike had made his heart palpitate.

“Luo Chen, get rid of him. Don’t let him become a hinderance!” Zhou Shengmo fiercely swept his gaze over Chu Mu and spoke to Luo Chen.

“You don’t need to say that to me!” Luo Chen was clearly angry and quickly jumped onto the Devil Wood Demon’s arm. He directed his soul pet to kill both Chu Mu and Mo Xie!

The Devil Wood Demon was a Plant Kingdom- wood type - Devil Wood Demon species, high ranked species. From an external view, it seemed to have stage seven strength.

The Devil Wood Demon’s stature was close to three meters. It most likely was the largest soul pet of the soul pet trainers on this island. Its long and withered arm that hung down from the treetop could touch the ground.

When the Devil Wood Demon moved, it would completely rely on these two long arms. In terms of speed, the Devil Wood Demon was much slower than even the Rock Demon, but its strength was greater than that of the Rock Demon. It wouldn’t be easy to deal with the Devil Wood Demon.

Moreover, Luo Chen seemed to be an extremely knowledgeable soul pet trainer. He understood how to use a soul pet in the midst of a battle in order to completely protect himself. If it were someone else, Mo Xie’s Dark Assault would definitely have taken his life instantaneously.

“Hmph, I didn’t think you would be able to raise a trash fox to such a level. Nonetheless, what difference does it make? Trash is trash and will still die!” Luo Chen towered above and looked down on Chu Mu and Mo Xie!

“Mo Xie, retreat.” Chu Mu quickly retreated while Mo Xie slowly stepped backwards while baring her fangs. Her two silver eyes unwaveringly stared at the massive Devil Wood Demon.

“You can’t retreat anymore. You sought a path to your own death, so I can only help you with that!” Luo Chen sneered.

As soon as Luo Chen’s voice dissipated, one of the Devil Wood Demon’s arms suddenly extended. Its withered fingers were like four rusty lances as they abruptly thrusted towards Chu Mu and Mo Xie.

Chu Mu’s movements were not slow; in a flash, he had dodged the attack. As for Mo Xie, her movements were even more agile. With a few light hops, she dodged as well!

“Jump up!” Chu Mu said.

Mo Xie’s movements were still much quicker than the Devil Wood Demon, and as it wasn’t able to retract its arm in time, Mo Xie had already climbed onto its arm. She quickly rushed up the arm and proceeded to pounce towwards Luo CHen.

“Wooden Sting!” Luo Chen yelled. Once his voice faded, six javelin like, withered branches abruptly appeared on its torso. The pointed ends all locked onto Mo Xie and suddenly pierced towards her!

Mo Xie’s path in front was closed off and she had no option but to relinquish the attack. She jumped off of the Devil Wood Demon’s arm and leapt onto an adjacent large tree!


A sharp tree branch ferociously followed Mo Xie’s tail and nearly pierced both Mo Xie’s tail and the adjacent tree!

Flames continued to spread, igniting the surrounding plants, turning this forest into a fervent red color of heat.

Tang Xian swept his gaze over Luo Chen, who was in the process of chasing, and said: “Why haven’t you dispatched of him yet?”

“That piece of trash, Luo Chen’s soul pet is too slow. It’s normal for it to take longer to kill that crafty fox. Ultimately, though, that fox will die.” Zhou Shengmo nonchalantly said.

“That fox is probably hiding its strength. Just now, that sneak attack nearly killed Luo Chen.” Tang Xian said.

“Hpmh, there are many people who are hiding their strength, but what difference does that make?” Zhou Shengmo waved his hand and didn’t bother paying attention to the sudden appearance of Chu Mu. He focused his attention on the stage nine Flame Tail and said:

“It already doesn’t have much physical strength left. Let your Steel Teeth continue attacking it.”

Tang Xian glanced at the arrogant and apathetic Zhou Shengmo and the corner of his mouth twitched . Throughout the entire battle with the stage nine Flame Tail, it seemed to have only been his Steel Teeth attacking while Zhou Shengmo’s Hunting Wolf preserved its strength from the beginning.

Although Zhou Shengmo was arrogant, he wasn’t the least bit stupid. He was currently the publicly accepted strongest soul pet trainer. No matter if it was his circle’s people or others, in order to have a better chance at surviving, they wouldn’t hesitate to attack him if they had the chance. Zhou Shengmo was clearly aware of this fact, so during the battle, he continued to preserve his best fighting strength while he let other people’s soul pets use their all in the battle.

“It’s over!” A smile appeared on Zhou Shengmo’s face. He found an opportunity and instructed his Hunting Wolf to launch a Dark Assault!!

A stage eight Hunting Wolf’s pouncing speed was quite terrifying. The Flame Tail was in the midst of confronting the Steel Teeth when the Hunting Wolf quickly and violently launched a sneak attack. The Flame Tail was fundamentally unable to react!

“Boom!!” The Hunting Wolf ferociously struck the Flame Tail’s flank. The Flame Tail let out a miserable shriek and flew a few meters before striking the ground and rolling away. It spat out a captivatingly red color of blood.

The flame on its tail began weakening. Like a light breeze brushing over a candle, it would be extinguished. The stage nine Flame Tail curled its body and its eyes stared at the Hunting Wolf and Steel Teeth in an unreconciled manner…

“Stand beside me and protect me. I’m going to give you another comrade.” Zhou Shengmo laughed, and after patting his Hunting Wolf, he slowly walked in front of the Flame Tail.

Tang Xian called the Steel Teeth in front of him and coldly stared at Zhou Shengmo. He seemed to harbor another intention. However, the moment he saw that the Hunting Wolf was still full of fighting strength, Tang Xian ultimately had no choice but to stifle his intentions.


Suddenly, a wretched cry rang out from the forest. The yell reverberated around the forest and expressed a rather terrified voice!

Zhou Shengmo turned his head and glanced at the forest. He laughed and said to Tang Xian: “Truthfully speaking, I would still much rather watch the death of Chu Mu.”

“You have a grudge with him?” Tang Xian only twitched the corner of his mouth. He didn’t have a good impression of Chu Mu. As a person who arrived to the island as the same time as him, Tang Xian despised his weak and small figure. Truthfully, Tang Xian looked down on everyone, including Zhou Shengmo who he was currently working with. However, Zhou Shengmo’s strength was currently stronger than him and he had no option but to suffer in silence.

“Of course there is. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be here. His Chu Clan is comprised of a bunch of people who should die!” Zhou Shengmo’s expression changed.

“Hmm, once you obtain this Flame Tail, you can go over to his dead body and whip it a few times.” Tang Xian said.

“Obviously… however, it would be best if Little Meng was here.” Zhou Shengmo let out a loud laugh.

“Who is Little Meng?” Tang Xian asked.

“That’s none of your business. Carefully look over Luo Chen; that person isn’t very sincere!” Zhou Shengmo said.

Tang Xian was about to say something when he heard footsteps. Thus, he turned around and looked at where the origin of the shout was.

Tang Xian opened his mouth and said to the approaching person: “Luo Chen, that brat…”

Tang Xian finished half of his sentence when he was suddenly startled. His gaze was incomparably stunned as he stared at the black clothed youth and yelled: “Chu Mu!!!! The one who died was Luo Chen!!!”

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