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Chapter 22: Stage Nine Flametail

Viscous blood splattered onto the grass. The metallic scent was spread by the rampant winds, permeating the dense forest.

Mo Xie extended her claws while watching the two corpses, and simply licked her claws to clean them.

Chu Mu walked out from the surroundings, and gazed attentively at the dazed Rock Monster.

If the soul pet  Trainer died, the soul pact with the soul pet would become null. The Rock Monster was free from Ma Zhi’s control, so the previous commands given to it were naturally voided as well.

“Huo, huo…...”

The Rock Monster stood there blankly, rubbing its head sillily. After some pointless wandering, it finally saw Mo Xie, but the cold stare emanating from her caused the Rock Monster to start panicking. It quickly escaped into the dense forest with large strides.

Soul pets and their trainers were bounded by soul pacts, meaning that soul pet  Trainers could command their soul pet s to do anything. Once this pact was gone, the soul pet could then regain their freedom. Without the telepathic connection with their trainer, they would lose the special consideration that they had for their trainer.

However, usually, once soul pet s have been with their trainers for a long time, some feelings are formed. If the trainer was killed, the trainerless soul pet would very likely take revenge on the killer. The fact that this Rock Monster ran away meant that it didn’t have any emotional attachment with Ma Zhi.

“You didn’t expend too much energy, did you?”Chu Mu walked up to Mo Xie and asked.

“Wuwu~~”Mo Xie’s eyes showed gentleness once again, but she still looked to be full of fighting spirit.

“Go rest in the space for a bit. Once there’s a battle, I’ll summon you again.” Chu Mu said. Mo Xie had only used about 20% of her energy. Though it shouldn’t affect her condition too much, they were fighting against strong enemies, so it was better to be in the best state possible.

Chu Mu then sent Mo Xie back to the soul pet space. Climbing onto the tree, he carried the cyan bug down and fed some rations to it. “You’ve deserved this too.”

“Shashasha” The little cyan bug happily wiggled around, munching down on the rations that Chu Mu gave it.

Bringing the special little bug, Chu Mu kept walking deeper into the forest, where the woods were more dense. Chu Mu remembered that the inner island was past a small patch of deciduous trees.

Now, Chu Mu had already entered the deciduous forest. The crunching sound of fallen leaves was especially sharp in the silent forest.

Chu Mu didn’t dare to walk too quickly. After all, the opponents had soul pet s too. If the opponents had a very perceptive soul pet , he would be easily discovered.

Chu Mu suddenly stopped, and gazed intently towards the deciduous trees further in. “Check ahead, I think I hear some sounds.” He addressed the little bug on his shoulder.

The little bug was very smart, and was able to understand Chu Mu. With a small bounce, it shot itself onto a branch and then disappeared into the leaves.

Chu Mu advanced slowly. After another hundred meters, through the thinning branches, Chu Mu saw Luo Chen in a white outfit.

After a while, Chu Mu’s little scout returned. Signalling with very interesting body language, it told Chu Mu there were three people and four soul pet s ahead. Two people and their soul pet s were fighting another soul pet , while the third person and his soul pet  was just harassing from aside.

“It seems like Zhou Shengmo and another person are fighting the stage nine soul pet. The one that isn’t fighting is probably Luo Chen. I’ll have to get rid of him first.” Chu Mu thought.

Zhou Shengmo had a lot of people. Chu Mu would have a greater chance of success if he struck them one by one.

Chu Mu walked even closer. Just like he imagined, Zhou Shenmo’s Hunting Wolf was fighting the stage nine Flametail.

With Zhou Shengmo was Tang Xian, who had a stage eight Steel Teeth.

“It’s Tang Xian! Seems like this battle will be tough. But that Flametail seems pretty strong...” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

A Flametail was classified as Beast Kingdom - demon type - Flametail species and had a species rank of high. It had a flaming tail, with a body shaped like a fierce hound. One could then deduce the stage of the Flametail from the color and depth of its flame.

The Flametail’s species rank didn’t lose to a Hunting Wolf’s, so if Zhou Shenmo’s Hunting Wolf was only at stage eight, it would be hard for him to win. No wonder he partnered up with Tang Xian and his stage eight Steel Teeth.

The battle was very intense as the stage nine Flametail was very strong. No matter its speed, strength, or defense, it was all better than Zhou Shenmo’s Hunting Wolf and Tang Xian’s Steel Teeth. Coupled with the ability to use fire magic, Zhou Shenmo and Tang Xian were going to take a while to defeat the Flametail.

Luo Chen’s soul pet  was a Devil Wood Demon, so he didn’t battle. The nemesis to most Plant World soul pet s were fire type organisms. If his Devil Wood Demon caught even a spark of the Flametail’s fire, it would lose the ability to fight.

“What’s that sound!!” Zhou Shenmo said. As a seventh remembrance soul pet trainer, he had a distinctly stronger awareness than the others.

“Sounds? You sure it’s not a misperception?” Tang Xian was clearly focused on the troublesome Flametail, not aware of other things.

“I heard footsteps.” Zhou Shenmo said.


The Flametail emitted a roar and swiped its tail to create a brilliant ring of fire. The ring of fire quickly lit up nearby plants, creating a flame wall and separating the Hunting Wolf and Steel Teeth.

“Don’t let it escape!” Zhou Shenmo shouted. He then glanced at Luo Chen and said, “You stay aware of the surroundings, there’s something abnormal nearby.”


Graceful footsteps sounded on the dry leaves, darting quickly from the branches!

Mo Xie appeared beside Luo Chen in a split second, her claws gleaming with danger!

“Humph, you want to sneak attack me?” Luo Chen laughed coldly, but closed his eyes.

The moment Luo Chen closed his eyes, the Devil Wood Demon extended its old hand-like branch,and protected Luo Chen.


Mo Xie’s claws swiped past, leaving a deep gouge mark in the branch, nearly snapping it in half!

Luo Chen stared blankly at the deep mark and began to sweat profusely! If the claws had penetrated just a bit deeper, then they would’ve sliced his throat!

“Who is it!!” Luo Chen shouted angrily. Though he had already expected a sneak attack, he didn’t expect that a slight underestimation of the enemy almost cost him his life!

Chu Mu stopped hiding and walked out of the trees, his eyes staring coldly at the furious Luo Chen.

Mo Xie has already returned to Chu Mu’s side. Man and fox. They stood quietly in the shadows of a tree, painting a strange and almost demonic image.

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