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Chapter 21: Murder, The Indifferent Fox

​“Ha, if it isn’t Lady Chu! Walking around alone in the forest is dangerous, so go hide back in your hut and groom your little pet!” Ma Zhi saw Chu Mu walk up slowly, but immediately started jeering at him.

News of Chu Mu and Zhang Luo’s battle had been suppressed by Ge Qin, so no one knew the power of Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox. Even if they did, no one would mind Chu Mu. After all, Zhang Luo wasn’t anyone formidable; him losing wasn’t abnormal.

“Stop stop, who let you pass through here? If you don’t wanna die, get your ass over to that side.” The grey-shirted boy beside yelled when he saw Chu Mu walking into the territory they held.

“Bastard, did you not hear what I said? If you don’t get lost, I’ll kill you!!” Seeing Chu Mu ignore him, the boy got even angrier.

Although the foremen forbade soul pet trainers to kill each other before the match, no one would know if someone was killed in the wilderness.

Chu Mu slowly raised his head, glancing coldly at the kid who was making a big fuss. Eyes suddenly sharpening, he said, “I don’t talk to dead people.”

Just as Chu Mu finished, his body slid back strangely, and a silver blur flew past him, leaping over Chu Mu’s shoulder and straight towards the grey shirted boy!

Ripping Claw!

Criss crossing, sharp claws reflected a dangerous light, cutting a few loose falling leaves.

The grey shirted boy stopped talking, eyes widening in disbelief. Gargling frighteningly, he fell down on the ground, splattering thick blood onto the tree nearby.

Ma Zhi’s mind went blank. Chu Mu killed that boy within two seconds, and within these two seconds Ma Zhi couldn’t even see the movements of the Moonlight Fox!

Swift! The Moonlight fox was terrifyingly quick, its attacks vicious, killing with one blow. The boy didn’t even have time to summon his soul pet!

Finally, Ma Zhi recovered from the fear, staggering back and summoned his own soul pet.

Ma Zhi’s soul pet was a Rock Monster, Elemental Kingdom - rock type - Rock Monster species - medium rank. Standing 1.3 meters tall, it was humanoid, with a strong build and particularly bulky arms.

And from its appearance and color, it should be stage 6. The Rock Monster was a Defense and Power type soul pet. After reaching stage 6, the rock skin should be at least advanced stage.

Rock skin itself’s defense was already stronger than most other soul pets’ skins. If little Mo Xie’s claws were also only at the advanced stage, without any abilities, she wouldn’t be able to break through this Rock Monster’s defense.


The Rock Monster was surprisingly heavy, causing the forest ground to shake with each step.

Chu Mu had already left the battlefield and immediately turned his attention onto Ma Zhi’s Rock Monster.

“He-....Here…..”After summoning his soul pet, Ma Zhi immediately tried to call for his comrades.


But just then, a white silk-like web suddenly fell from above and went straight into Ma Zhi’s throat, almost completely blocking off Ma Zhi’s windpipe, rendering him unable to speak and restricted his breathing.

“Mo Xie, kill him!” Chu Mu gave a command.

When fighting, Mo Xie personality revealed an entirely different side- cold, cruel, and ruthless. After killing that boy, Mo Xie started speeding towards Ma Zhi!

Ma Zhi’s throat was blocked, but he could still command the Rock Monster with his thoughts. When Mo Xie dashed towards him, Ma Zhi commanded the Rock Monster to crash into Mo Xie.

Mo Xie approached the Rock Monster head on, running at least three times faster!

The Rock Monster was definitely superior to Mo Xie in both power and defense, but it has no advantage in speed. Mo Xie’s agile body continued to change irregularly, silver fur seemingly creating phantoms.

The Rock Monster took a big stride, jumping suddenly and charged straight at Mo Xie’s tiny body!

Seeing the Rock Monster’s movements, Chu Mu unexpectedly smiled, and stared at little Mo Xie.

The Rock Monster didn’t jump too high. Extending his body, he covered quite a bit of range. If the fragile little Mo Xie got pinned underneath, she would die on the spot. However, just as the Rock Monster’s shadow fell over Mo Xie, she suddenly quickened!!


A silver blur passed by. In the shadows, Mo Xie’s speed increased drastically, passing right under the Rock Monster’s body!

“Dark Assault!” Ma Zhi was immediately startled. This ability to speed up under a shadow was an ambush ability that many beast type soul pets had!

A stage six Moonlight Fox not only casting this ambush ability, but using it in the short instant it was under the Rock Monster, was completely out of his expectations!


The Rock Monster toppled over, splashing dirt and grass everywhere and caused a tremble in the forest floor.

However, this didn’t affect Mo Xie at all. Mo Xie was still speeding up as she ran, dashing straight towards Ma Zhi without any stop.

Ma Zhi stared blankly, not expecting the Moonlight Fox to be this strong. He hurriedly hid behind a tree while grabbing at his throat.

“Heng, how would hiding help?”Chu Mu laughed coldly.

Dark Assault brought Mo Xie’s speed to an extreme, and jumping to cast Ripping Claw now would maximize its power!

“Shua!” A claw flew past!

“Ga Zhi!!”

The ten centimeter wide tree fell with a crash. Behind the tree, Ma Zhi was rigid, his tanned throat revealing a line of blood. When Mo Xie landed, the line started to spray strikingly crimson blood, and his body landed with the tree!

Ma Zhi’s pupils were opened wide, staring at the leaves covering the sky, eyes full of fear and shock!

​The entire killing process took less than a minute. The two boys who were contemplating if they were going to be eliminated would never have thought that, the Chu Mu that seemed to be in the same situation as them had such terrifying power and killed them within a moment.

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