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Chapter 20: A Crisis Appears

​Gyokuro Pungens were relatively expensive; when Chu Mu dug it out, he had to be extremely cautious. If the stem was damaged at all, its value would completely diminish and today's hard work would be wasted.

​Little Mo Xie’s movements were rather quick and her claws slashed across a few times until she found the location of the Hundred Eyed Palm’s flower bud and retrieved its soul core.

The plant world’s soul cores were similar to the amber- sparkling and translucent ones. Its size was only as big as an adult’s thumb. A majority of soul pet’s soul cores were extremely small, but the energy inside was exceptionally large.

Currently, Chu Mu had only allowed Mo Xie to eat beast type soul cores and demon type soul cores. The other soul cores would not be eaten if possible.

In reality, soul pets eating soul cores that didn’t belong to its attribute didn’t have that large of an impact. However, if it only ate soul cores that belonged to its attribute, there definitely would be a few beneficial changes.

Little Mo Xie obediently stood to the side with the Hundred Eyed Palm’s Soul Core hanging between its teeth. She waited for Chu Mu to dig out the Gyokuro Pungen.

“Okay, okay, don’t put on that pitiful face. This item is definitely for you to eat, but you have to wait until I find the Heavenly Blue Grass and combine them together before you eat it. It will be extremely beneficial for you.” Chu Mu caressed Mo Xie’s small head.

Mo Xie squinted her eyes. She enjoyed Chu Mu stroking her like this and let out a few whimpers...

“Let’s go. You should be hungry, so let’s go find a beast type soul pet  for your meal.” Chu Mu put away the Gyokuro Pungen, stood up and looked into the depths of Mao Forest.

Mo Xie nodded her head and affectionately jumped into Chu Mu’s bosom in an attempt to make Chu Mu carry her.

Chu Mu was overcome by helplessness and said: “Right now you are only in the first evolution, so I have no problems carrying you. However, when you get to the higher evolutions…”

“Sha sha sha”

Chu Mu was in the midst of speaking when the cyan bug on his shoulder suddenly let out a soft noise.

“What, is there something?” Chu Mu immediately put down Mo Xie and asked in a soft voice.

“Sha sha sha” The small cyan bug only used an extremely soft noise to reply; it’s gaze fell on the area in front of Chu Mu.

“Learning Natural Heart would be the best. At the very least, I would be able to understand you.” Chu Mu said.

The information the small cyan bug gave Chu Mu wasn’t about danger, but instead a warning. The cyan bug was only trying to tell Chu Mu that there was something in front.

Chu Mu originally wanted to keep walking forward, so he brought Mo Xie and walked into the depths of Mao Forest.

After walking a few minutes, Chu Mu understood why the small cyan bug let out the noise. Approximately one hundred meters in front of Chu Mu, he had encountered one of those three people from before, Ma Zhi.

To Ma Zhi’s side was another youth. This youth didn’t make a large impression on Chu Mu and he didn’t know his name.

“Truly excessive. He unexpectedly wanted us to stay here and defend. He told us that he was afraid of other soul pet s and other groups obstructing his task, but he’s clearly more afraid of us suddenly attacking him!” Ma Zhi indignantly said.

“Then what are we to do? Who let his Hunting Wolf be so strong? Even if a few of our soul pet s combined forces, we still wouldn’t be his opponent. All the benefits will naturally fall to him alone.” The adjacent youth said.

“Aih, it’s not like you don’t know… in five days time, it will be the time of our deaths. Unless what Zhou Mo Sheng said was true, where he would help us inflict heavy losses to the other groups and thereby give us one of the 10 spots, we will definitely die.” Ma Zhi said.

“What are you insinuating?” The adjacent youth quickly caught on and lowered his voice.

“I haven’t said anything so don’t go arbitrarily thinking. I would much rather test my luck in the competition than to work with Zhou Mo Sheng. He’s even more ferocious than those foremen!” Ma Zhi immediately said.

“That’s right, that fellow will kill if he says he will kill. If it wasn’t for my strength being insignificant and that I didn’t had a chance of surviving on my own, there’s no way that I would’ve entered his group.”

Not far away, the hiding Chu Mu heard their discussion and rubbed his chin.

On the island, the matter of life and death was very crucial. At the very beginning, a majority of people would choose to act alone and search for high ranking soul pets. However, in the end, there were some with inferior luck and strength, causing them to have obtained unsatisfactory soul pets. After going through the training stage, they would be even more inferior to others.

In this way, even if the Life and Death Contest had yet to arrive, many people knew that they were definitely going to die.Therefore, these people would have naturally choose to join and depend on a particularly strong soul pet master. By doing this, they may still have a sliver of an opportunity to live

“After this time, there will no longer be anyone capable of being Zhou Mo Sheng’s opponent. He has already reached the seventh remembrance and obtained three soul pets…” Ma Zhi soliloquized.

“Indeed, he is actually too strong. There are definitely a plethora of people who still don’t know that he has three soul pets. Moreover, this is a ninth stage soul pet . If it’s actually subdued by him…”

Hearing this, Chu Mu’s eyebrows immediately creased and his expression turned gloomy.

On the island, everyone’s first soul pet  was the Cyan Nightmare. The second soul pet  was the one going to be used in the upcoming fight. As for those who managed to obtain a third soul pet , there simply wasn’t one. After all, the requirements for a soul pet trainer’s soul power had to have reached the high remembrance level.

A soul pet  trainer’s cultivation was divided into nine remembrances. The first three remembrances were low remembrance, the middle three were mid remembrances and the last three were high remembrances.

Low remembrance could only sustain one soul pact, a mid remembrance could have two soul pacts and a high remembrance could have three soul pacts.

On the island, all soul pet trainers were situated around the fifth remembrance and those with relatively high talent had reached the sixth remembrance. As for Zhou Mo Sheng, he had currently reached the seventh remembrance and his soul power was enough to sustain three soul pets!

An additional battle soul pet  wasn’t a small matter, even if they couldn’t be simultaneously summoned!

“His current attack should definitely be at the high stage. If Zhou Mo Sheng is to obtain that ninth stage soul pet …” Chu Mu quickly realized the crisis’ existence.

Chu Mu could be certain that if Zhou Mo Sheng were to encounter him in battle, he would kill him. The current Zhou Mo Seng was about to obtain three soul pets, so even if Chu Mu’s control of the battle was strong, he was definitely still not his fellow’s opponent!

“I definitely have to stop him.” Chu Mu’s face turned dark.

“I’ll start by attacking these two.”

Ma Zhi and that youth’s soul pets were by their sides, so sneak attacking them was extremely difficult. However, since they said they were guarding the exterior, Zhou Mo Sheng was most likely situated a ways away. Even if a fight were to break out, he probably wouldn’t notice it, or wouldn’t have the inclination to pay attention to it. After all, a ninth stage soul pet  wasn’t easy to deal with.

Chu Mu proceeded to walk out. He brought Mo Xie towards the two people with an apathetic look in his eyes.

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