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Chapter 110: Battle of the Silk Covered Skies

“Boss Yang Zheng, in my opinion, if there’s an Ancient soul pet, maybe we should tactically retreat, or else…... ” Yang He said.

“What are you afraid of? Know that even the Soul Palace and the Soul Alliance would fight to the death for Ancient soul pets. Our sighting of one must have been because of the blessing of three lifetimes. We probably won’t even stumble upon such chance in dozens of years, how could we just leave!” Yang Zheng

Ancient bug type soul pets were all very strong. Especially their scary recovery power, they were called the undead soul pets. On a battlefield, they were nigh invincible. If he could get one, becoming the hegemon of Luogang City would be no issue. Even in Tianxia City, he would still be outstanding!

Yang Zheng was only the third son of a big city clan, so his status wasn’t high at all. Though he may have some fame within Gangluo City, at the moment, he was nothing of value if evaluated among a broader region.

Yet, now a chance to become so much more was right in front of his eyes. Even if it were dangerous, Yang Zheng had to try!

Yang He saw that Yang Zheng was determined, so he could only fearfully follow along behind Yang Zheng, silently praying that the powerful ancient bug type soul pet had already left its chrysalis and had left the island.

Yang Zheng held his scroll and, by following the intensity of its light, constantly drew closer to Chu Mu, which was also the central region of the Innards of a God.

“Heavens…...what is that!!”

Yang He and Yang Zheng’s footsteps suddenly stopped as they stared aghast at the huge suspended chrysalis. Just as the predecessors had described, the entire scene looked like the innards of a gigantic organism, and that huge chrysalis was like a heart suspended by countless veins, arteries, and capillaries!!

This shocking sight rendered the two speechless for very long. Anyone who saw this scene would have a shiver that struck them straight to the soul!

“Yang Zheng…...Boss Yang Zheng, lets…...maybe we should leave here…...” Yang He was already shivering with fear.

Living for over thirty years, Yang He had been to many places, but he had never seen such a scary scene!!

“Leaving?! Don’t you see that bug type soul pet’s still in its chrysalis?! Yang Zheng said angrily.

In reality Yang Zheng himself was also barely maintaining his composure. For some unknown reason, when he was in this world of white, he felt cold all over, as if he was already in the stomach of some gargantuan organism!

“Boss…...look over there…… it’s that kid!” Yang He pointed at the silhouette that had climbed up the chrysalis.

Yang Zheng immediately looked over and indeed discovered a black silhouette standing there, head against the chrysalis doing something unknown.

From far away, the chrysalis’s size wasn’t easily estimated, but through that silhouette they could create a striking contrast.

An adult standing against the chrysalis was like a full moon compared closely to the dimmest of stars!

“The ancient bug type soul pet hadn’t broken out of its chrysalis yet, that kid must want him!” Yang Zheng said angrily!

How could Yang Zheng possibly surrender such a rare opportunity readily. Yang Zheng, without a moment of hesitation, rode his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast and charged towards Chu Mu.

Chu Mu was still communicating with the little guy within the chrysalis through soul remembrance.

“Little guy, are you almost coming out, or will it still take a long time?” Chu Mu communicated with the little guy for a long time, but still couldn’t understand what the mental signals sent by it meant.

“Hui hui!!”

The Night Thunder Dream Beast smelled the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast’s thick bloody scent and quickly let out a call to warn Chu Mu of the incoming danger.

Chu Mu terminated the incongruous communication with the little guy and furrowed his brows. “Their speed sure was fast!”

“Mo Xie, you stall his Trioptic Beast!” Chu Mu glanced at the muscular beast with blood-colored flesh wings and immediately said to Mo Xie.

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast was at the middle class commander rank and was already the fifth phase ninth stage, while Mo Xie was fifth phase seventh stage. Their stage difference wasn’t huge. Though Mo Xie was only a high class warrior rank, with the advantage of Demon Fire and Evil Flames, her combat strength wouldn’t fall too behind when compared to the Trioptic Beast. Mo Xie definitely wouldn’t be defeated in a short time.


Just as Chu Mu sent this command, a ray of purple lighting abruptly fell from the clear skies. Purple electrical arcs caused even the nearby air to tremble!!

This ray of thunder was shockingly aimed straight at where Chu Mu was!!


The Night Thunder Dream Beast immediately let out a call, and its horn also started sparking with purple electrical arcs. When the thunderbolt fell, the Night Thunder Dream Beast incredibly redirected the flamboyant lightning snake straight into its horn, completely absorbing the energy within the thunder!

“Well done! Fifth phase sixth stage Thunder Fairy, heng heng.” Chu Mu patted his Night Thunder Dream Beast’s head and looked at the Thunder Fairy that Yang Zheng summoned.

The Thunder Fairy was at the warrior rank. The destructive capabilities of thunder types were incredible. Previously, it was this Thunder Fairy that had continuously attacked Chu Mu, almost bombarding his Ice Air Fairy and Devil Tree Battle Soldier to death.

But, when faced with this fifth phase sixth stage Thunder Fairy, Chu Mu no longer needed to be afraid, because the soul pet that Chu Mu was riding was a master at handling thunder. The Thunder Fairy’s potent thunder type attacks would be greatly weakened.

Night Thunder Dream Beast was already at the fifth phase first stage. With the advantage of being commander rank, it wouldn’t have any issues fighting the fifth phase sixth stage Thunder Fairy, let alone it even had the incomparably unpredictable dark type abilities!

“Little Night, Death Ray!”

Chu Mu knew that the Thunder Fairy had strong resistances against thunder type. His Night Thunder Dream Beast wasn’t just a pure thunder type organism, so using thunder to fight wouldn’t be wise!

The Dream Beast flew forward, carrying Chu Mu while nimbly dodging the frontal assault of Yang Zheng’s Hairy Umbra Monster. It suddenly opened its mouth wide!

A ray of dark light quickly blasted forward from the depths of the Dream Beast’s throat. It was as if the Dream Beast were holding a radiant black pearl in its mouth!!


Whipping its head forward, the Death Ray immediately spewed out like water or light. The weird Death Ray instantaneously penetrated a few white “veins”, accurately striking the Thunder Fairy!

Yang Zheng stared blankly, glanced at Chu Mu, who was riding the arrogant and handsome Night Thunder Dream Beast, and with a sour expression, he started casting an incantation.

“Radiant Shield!”

A golden radiance flickered in Yang Zheng’s hand that swiftly transformed into a Radiant Shield which floated in front of his Thunder Fairy!

Radiant Shield, light type soul technique. It was very resistant to dark type techniques, so the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s Death Ray was immediately blocked without causing much harm to the Thunder Fairy.

Chu Mu swept a glance at Yang Zheng but simply smiled. Radiant Shield was a Spirit Teacher technique, so the amount of soul power it consumed was huge. Trading one Death Ray for this much of his opponent’s soul power was still very well worth it.

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