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Chapter 111: Dream Shatter: Nightmare Descends

“What sort of luck does this kid have, actually meeting a rare commander rank like this Dream Beast, not to mention the fact that it’s the dark and lightning dual type!” Yang He, who had just sluggishly got there, said angrily.

The Dream Beast was a rather rare species of the demon Type- mysterious, strong, and elegant. Dream Beasts with the dark type were even called “Elegant Midnight Phantoms”.

Commander rank Dream Beasts with a single type had starting prices of around one hundred thousand gold. Dual type ones could definitely start at a price of at least three hundred thousand gold.  Specifically, if there was the combination of dark and lightning, then it would increase the starting price even further. If put in an auction, the dual type would definitely sell for at least five hundred thousand gold. If its talents in demon, dark, and lightning types were decent, its price would spike even further.

Yang Zheng’s Blood Winged Trioptic Beast only cost three hundred thousand gold. Even if Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast had mediocre talent, it would cost the same!

To date, Yang He didn’t even have a single commander rank soul pet. The opposition was only an eighteen year old, but he already had terrifyingly strong soul pets like the Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox and the Night Thunder Dream Beast. How could Yang He, a thirty year old spirit master, endure this?

Chu Mu was very lucky indeed, but it wasn’t through pure luck that he obtained the Night Thunder Dream Beast. Chu Mu hadn’t signed a soul pact with a single soul pet for two years after he attained his Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

Over the past two years, Chu Mu had almost walked through the entire Prison Island, including the unknown areas, before finally capturing a commander rank soul pet that met his high standards.

Furthermore, starting from his meeting with the Night Thunder Dream Beast, to tracking its steps, and then to provoking its desire to win, before finally sending Mo Xie to duel it one on one, was a process that required a lot of time and effort. The danger and complications within it, only Chu Mu knew.

“What are you waiting for, why don’t you summon your soul pet? Let's finish this quickly!” Yang Zheng had long ago become flushed with anger. He thought that catching a Thousand Legged Poison Centipede was already a great fortune, but he didn’t anticipate that Chu Mu’s luck was even better!

After Yang He was angrily rebuked, he also quickly chanted his soul pact incantation, and he summoned his other two soul pets.

Seeing Yang He also enter the battle, Chu Mu decisively rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast into the criss-crossed silky forest, taking cover within the “veins” that seemed to stretch into the skies.

Mo Xie had been with Chu Mu for the longest time, so without needing for Chu Mu to give a command, she already knew what Chu Mu was thinking. Seeing Chu Mu distance himself from the battlefront while riding Little Night, Mo Xie very decisively gave up her fight with the Blood Winged Trioptic Beast. Waving her glamorous six tails, she quickly jumped, almost as if on air,  between the huge branch-like silk threads and followed Chu Mu into hiding in the white, silk-filled world.

“Catch up!” Yang Zheng saw Chu Mu running away and immediately casted Wind Riding. He floated onto the body of the Trioptic Beast, and rode this wing typed soul pet to chase closely after Chu Mu.

Chu Mu turned around and glanced at both Yang Zheng and Yang He. He simply smiled while saying secretly, “You think you can win simply because you have more soul pets? I’ll show you the Dream Beast’s consummate skill!”

The Blood Winged Trioptic Beast and the Duoptic Beast both had the capability to fly, but in this space, where silk invaded every space of the area, these two wing type soul pets were clearly obstructed, becoming no match for the soul pets who were nimbly jumping between the silk mid-air.

“Boss Yang Zheng, why do I feel as if something nearby is moving?” Yang He said slightly cowardly.

“What can there be?!” Yang Zheng let out a cold humph, and he completely didn’t pay attention to Yang He’s paranoia, focusing on continuing his pursuit of Chu Mu.

Yang He still couldn’t calm down. His eyes constantly swept the nearby area, and the strange atmosphere was causing him to grow less and less calm!!

“Ahh!! Boss Yang Zheng, bug, bug swarm!!”

Suddenly, Yang He started screaming weirdly, his pupils dilating with terror as he watched, shocked, at the huge white battle bugs wriggling into vision nearby!

The Silver Huge Battle Bug was a high class servant rank, a level that couldn’t meet the standards of a spirit master.

Yet, what Yang He saw was a huge swarm of such soul pets! They were densely packed, almost blotting out his entire vision!

With their white bug juice oozing out, their shiny silver exoskeletons, and their glinting razor pincers, the bugs looked so terrifying!

Yang He’s greatest fear was that this ancient bug type soul pet had a huge group of protector bug type soul pets, but he didn’t think that such a scary thing would really happen. Instantly, he felt the terror of a nightmare that had suddenly become true!!

“Idiot, what bug swarm?!”

Yang Zheng glanced around but didn’t see even half a Huge Battle Bug. Seeing Yang He scared shitless, he was even more angry.

“Groups upon groups, we’re totally surrounded!!” Yang He’s face was pale to the extreme, and he didn’t dare to move an inch.

Affected by the emotions of their master, Yang He and his soul pets didn’t dare to go forward either, cowering around Yang He’s side.

“Damn it!” Seeing Yang He like this, the more experienced Yang Zheng suddenly realized that Yang He and his soul pets must have been struck by the Dream Beast’s iconic technique - Dream Shatter: Nightmare Descends!

Special demons such as the Dream Beast had the special ability to create dreamlands that caused their opponents to enter hallucinations. With dark type Dream Beasts, they could even create more realistic and terrifying dreamlands. This was why dark type Dream Beasts were even more valuable.

Nightmare Descends was one of the species abilities within the Dream Shatter category. Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast could still create other hallucinations, but utilizing the landscape within the Innards of a God, the nightmare formed within Yang He’s heart would become even more realistic!

Facing such a mental attack, unless their soul remembrance was strong or they had the ability to remove hallucinations, the hallucination would continue for a while!

Yang Zheng was already purple with anger. If Yang He wasn’t as cowardly, with his remembrance, Dream Beast’s technique would definitely not have succeeded. Even if it did succeed, it wouldn’t have lasted long. But from the looks of it now, Yang He was completely under its influence. Even his soul pets were in a dream state, totally void of combatting strength.

Not far away, Chu Mu’s pupils recovered its usual void-like black. Just now, he casted Chong Mei along with the Night Thunder Dream Beast to cast Nightmare Ascends in order to totally restrict Yang He and his soul pets.

Chu Mu glanced at the enraged Yang Zheng but simply raised his last scroll and laughed. “Anyways, I have time, I’ll waste a couple more years with you.”

After finishing speaking, Chu Mu didn’t even turn around as he rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast to higher skies, slowly leaving Yang Zheng’s field of vision.

Yang Zheng gnashed his teeth. No matter what, he couldn’t let Chu Mu get away this time, or else once the people of Nightmare Palace came, he ,as an intruder, would undoubtedly be dead.

Glancing at Yang He, Yang Zheng screamed a curse at the disappointing man, and stopped paying attention to the guy who was being mentally traumatized. He immediately rode his Blood Winged Trioptic Beast, retracted his slow Shadow Umbra Monster and Thunder Fairy, and swore to take Chu Mu down.

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