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Chapter 109: Bug Kingdom, The Innards of a God

“Hui Hui”

The Night Thunder Dream Beast didn’t quite seem to enjoy the strange odor expunged by the white silk. It unceasingly snorted, expressing its dislike.

As Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream Beast went deeper, Chu Mu discovered that the white colored bug thread became more and more dense. At last, it even became a bit harder to walk.

“Mo Xie, dispose of the obstacles here.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie, who was lying on the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Mo Xie languidly yawned before slowly opening her mouth and spewing out a column of Demon Fire Devil Flame, which quickly set the incomparably concentrated natural silk aflame!

After the white natural silk was rapidly set aflame, a relatively large hole was quickly burned through. Chu Mu immediately urged the NIght Thunder Dream Beast to pass through this hole in the white natural silk forest.

“Too terrifying. I’m afraid that this has already surpassed the category of a normal soul pet!”

Standing in the veiled white silk kingdom, Chu Mu’s eyes glanced upwards while a large wave billowed in his heart!

Five hundred meters in front of Chu Mu, a relatively enormous white cocoon had appeared. From a distance, it looked like a scorching sun suspended in the air.

Surrounding this humongous cocoon was a natural silk that wantonly proliferated. It criss-crossed together to form a hovering white silk forest amidst this vast jungle.

Unprecedented shock!

He remembered that a year ago, the surrounding jungle had only been covered by the white silk, and it looked merely like a white insect’s home. However, in a year's time, the insect cocoon had become eminently large, and the vicinity was now occupied by this exceptionally hegemonic insect cocoon. Incomparably complicated strings of white chaotically interweaved, folded together, and linked together to form this grid of white that covered the heavens and the earth!!

Chu Mu had never seen such a shocking spectacle. Even in the books, he had never read about a soul pet with such a terrifying metamorphosis method.

The astonishment in his heart was hard to pacify. Back then, when he had inadvertently fed the small thing out of kindness, he had actually ended up encountering such an extraordinary soul pet.

Carrying this shock, Chu Mu continued to walk forwards. The Night Thunder Dream Beast had already jumped onto the enormous tree branch like silk threads and was agilely jumping about on these ostensibly sticky objects. Quickly, he approached the enormous insect cocoon’s location.

Looking at it from a distance, the enormous insect cocoon was incomparably large. As he looked at it from below, Chu Mu felt as if he was being oppressed in the face of a humongous mountain; unexpectedly, he was feeling a bit stifled!!

As it continued to approach, the Night Thunder Dream Beast become cautious. After all, as a commander rank creature, it had never seen something like this before.

“It’s been three years. You still haven’t finished transforming?” Chu Mu looked at the enormous insect cocoon and muttered to himself.

Chu Mu jumped off the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body and used his hands to feel the sticky silk. He attempted to pour his soul remembrance into it, and he searched for the small cyan bug’s aura.


Suddenly, something from the enormous insect cocoon transmitted an extremely familiar sound to Chu Mu. It was the small cyan bug’s voice. Even though it had become ostensibly deeper, this feeling of familiarity was not wrong.

“Small fellow, have you finished your metamorphosis yet?” Chu Mu promptly used Beast Language and transmitted his voice into the insect cocoon.


The small fellow responded with a series of mental messages. However, Chu Mu helplessly discovered that his middle stage Beast Language was ostensibly unable to completely communicate with the small fellow.

“I’m about to leave this island very soon. If you don’t finish your metamorphosis, I have no choice but to temporarily leave this place and wait for a while before coming back to bring you away.” said Chu Mu.


Outside Ice Falcon Jungle.

“Senior Yang Zheng, look, it’s a white jungle.” Yang He pointed towards the Ice Falcon Jungle as he spoke.

“The last scroll should be here. It’s strange how this jungle has become like this.” Yang Zhen creased his eyebrows as he watched this jungle.

“Fly down. This jungle is extremely strange.” said Yang He.

The two of them had a bit of experience, so when they normally entered dangerous places, the best option was for them not to fly. This was because while flying in the air, if they flitted through a strong soul pet’s territory, it would be easy to get mistaken by this soul pet as an intruder, and thus suffer from its wrath.

When Yang Zheng and Yang he descended onto the ground, they discovered the wildly proliferating white colored silk in the forest. Their faces turned very grave because they didn’t expect the island to have such a strange terrifying jungle.

“Senior Yang Zheng, look…” Yang Zheng timidly surveyed the surroundings. Strange settings like this normally were the habits of exceptionally strong soul pets. Thus Yang He was a bit more careful.

“I seem to remember hearing the family patriarch mention this before…” Yang Zheng slowly spoke.

“Could this truly be the territory of a powerful soul pet?” Yang He was rather apprehensive.

“Yang Zheng shook his head: “It should be the metamorphosis of some ancient insect type soul pet. I’ve heard people in the family call it “Innards of a God”.”

“Innards of a god?” Yang He clearly had never heard this phrase before.

“Innards of a God is an extremely ancient adjective. It was formerly used to express the chrysalis metamorphosis stage of an ancient insect type soul pet. The entire forest is turned into an ostensibly enormous world of flesh from a creature. The tangled and complicated threads are like the blood vessels of the body. The ubiquitous proliferation is similar to the heart of an enormous cocoon expanding.”

“Senior Yang Zheng… your meaning is that we are currently inside an “Innards of a God”?” The more Yang He heard, the more scared he was.

“I shouldn’t be wrong. The first people who saw an “Innards of a God” entered a blood red world. It looked like the innard blood and flesh of an enormous creature’s body. Therefore, it was coined as the “Innards of a God”. Since this place is white, it means that this ancient bug type creature spits white threads…” said Yang Zheng.

In truth, when he saw this spectacle, Yang Zheng’s face was equivalently full of shock. However, his shock turned into excitement because what he had heard in analogous legends was completely similar to this scene. Thus, it meant that there truly was an ancient soul pet undergoing chrysalis metamorphosis!!

It was extremely difficult to determine the species rank of ancient soul pets because the number of people in this world who possessed ancient soul pets were incredibly few. Moreover, who was actually able to accurately determine the rank of an ancient soul pet?

Nonetheless, one could be sure that practically all ancient soul pets were exceptionally strong. Merely by looking at this tyrannical metamorphosis scene one could see that this bug type soul pet seemed to possess terrifying ability!

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